June 04, 2015

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June 01, 2015




I'm back! i'm so so excited to start blogging again. But of COURSE there's a catch. I'm blogging at my new website. . .

It's going to be all things about Raleigh, our move, our new HOME, and just life in general.  I hope to see you all there <3

I miss you!

December 12, 2014

Disney recap day 2!

 We made it to Epcot!!! I personally think Epcot is underrated, maybe it isn't. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I didn't think Epcot would be fun.... but it was so much! We were there almost 5 hours that day! As you can see, it started out overcast, but still warm enough to wear shorts. By the end of the night (we went to Hollywood Studios in the pm) we were drenched! Of COURSE we didn't bring our ponchos and I was too stubborn to take an hour and a half out of our precious time to go back and get the ponchos....and even more stubborn to not buy them, knowing they were back at the hotel. It was awful. I was running (okay maybe super briskly walking) to the Rock N Roller Coaster, and I stepped in what I *thought* was a shallow puddle. Oh no, it went up to my ankles.  My feet looked like wrinkled prunes that night. It was disgusting. Also, it got SO cold. We couldn't even enjoy the Osbourne Lights to their fullest potential, but it was still a sight to see. Sadly, we didn't make it on Toy Story Midway Mania... NEXT time!

I wish I knew how to photoshop all of the people out of this photo but us!!!

If you like Fish and Chips --- eat here!!! It was "quick service" and so so good! I think it's counter-part to the left was the sit down restaurant which we didn't have reservations for.

Please tell me you notice every single person in ponchos, right?? Everyone but us. Can I tell you, this 2nd day was the first time we had the "fresh" popped popcorn. O H M Y G O S H it was HEAVENLY. Like, the best freshest popped popcorn I've ever tasted. We had about 5 of them for the remainder of our trip from the different parks.

December 04, 2014

Day 1 WDW Recap, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Without a doubt, our Walt Disney World vacation was the best one we've been on. (And this beats out our Honeymoon!). Okay, so maybe its TIED with our honeymoon, but it was just so fabulous! I have SO SO many pictures that I really need to break down these recaps into 3 or 4 posts. I'm sorry, I hope you aren't sick of me and Disney World after spending four days reading them! Moving on....

I have been dreaming of going to Walt Disney World since Michael and I started dating. I thought, this would be such a fun vacation for the two of us to do! But then I quickly managed to explore the idea of an All-Inclusive vacation and how affordable they are in the Caribbean and Disney was history from there. Time went by and we kept finding good Carribbean deals and Disney just kept slipping from our radar of vacation spots.  Fast forward to this year, when I've been asked to be a Maid of Honor, and a Bridesmaid in the next two years. AKA $$$$$. Also throw in a child (MAYBE) and where does that leave Disneyworld for me and Michael while we are still just "us" ?? So yes I sound like a brat when I tell you this is our third vacation this year. But there is no time like the present. YOLO people! So I started looking up prices for Disney and honestly, it was still really expensive but I knew I so badly wanted to go (and ASAP). My best friend's Aunt (who I've known since I've been a baby) works for WDW (corporate) and can get discounts on tickets and hotels.  For some reason, the weekend we chose she could not get a discount on the hotel (wahhh) but the tickets, yes! She totally helped us out. It wasn't a HUGE savings but it was something! (15% off the price).  And that 15% savings gave me my budget money for Disney shirts! SCORE.

Our flight had us arriving in Orlando around 2pm. I was toying with the idea of a 4-day park hopper but Sunday was practically wasted since we really wouldn't be able to get to the park until about 3pm or so. I saw an ad for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party and thought it looked good, but the reviews weren't all that stellar. I talked with Aunt Cathy and decided it would be our best option There were so many positives about going this route (getting a ticket to the MVMCP and a 3day hopper). A) it was cheaper for 3-day hopper. B) the ticket for the xmas party lets you in starting at FOUR PM and the park was open till MIDNIGHT!! This was so totally a win and PERFECT for our plans.  I'd get to see the Castle lit up with the most amazing lights (you'll see too very shortly) and see the Disney Christmas parade!   I'm so excited I wish I was still there!

The Magical Express that took us to our Disney Hotel!

Us in our Mickey shirt's "Aww!" Really though, could I be cheesing any harder??
Day One: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, highlight of the day, seeing Cinderella's castle lit up and the amazing fireworks show (which by the way I own the CD that they use for when they show the firework and it just is amazing). (P.S, just deal with the word "amazing" as I'll be using it SO MANY times throughout this post). Also, what was really nice about the MVMCP was the fact that they were making non-ticket holders leave promptly at 7pm. They had cast members in various parts of the parks just double checking bands and anyone who didn't have one was escorted out. Disney, you rock! The lines were NON-EXISTENT. If you EVER have a chance to attend a special ticketed event (Xmas party, Not So Scary Party for Halloween), I highly recommend this. We got on every single ride and that made our last day (in the Magic Kingdom) stress free because we had already gone on the rides and were just repeating ourselves the last day. Let's move onto the pictures:

magic kingdom

cinderella castle

We're here!!! OR this is at our hotel, I can't remember! 
Big Thunder, amazing shot!
One of my FAVORITE rides! We went on about 5 times!

Floating Lanterns in Rapunzel's village!

Fun ride, but a little overrated in my opinion!!! 

So sad this Minnie and Mickey photo is blurry! I do NOT know how to take pictures at night.
And of course, saving the most magical and BEST photo for LAST:
 holiday wishes fireworks