September 26, 2014


It has been WAY too long that I've linked up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

I haven't had many "favorites" lately, but I'm in a particularly good mood today so let's see what I have lined up here.

Current Favorite Song: Walk The Moon "Shut Up and Dance"

Favorite Recipe:

Easy Oven Fajitas via Budget Bytes

Favorite Workout

Ha, does shopping count??? How about carrying my huge ass purse in and out of the van? Or maybe eating sour cream and onion potato chips on the couch watching Beverly Hills, 90210?

Favorite Purchase: This H&M Shirt and Jeans

Favorite Funnies:

Because every time I go to the food store, there is always THAT PERSON that just hangs in the middle of the aisle and leaves their cart...and they are nowhere to be found.  Or that person that doesn't know what they want and they stand and hmm and haw over the eleventy billion tomato sauce options. We need these. 

September 25, 2014

Home Office Tour (2nd Time)

Well last fall I welcomed you in via vlog to my home office and my personal touches that I added to the room besides painting it from ugly tan to beautiful grey and a striped accent wall.  You all know by now that I love change and I got the itch when I started seeing all these fun makeup tutorials pop up on my pinterest feed.  I thought to myself, I have no place to do my make up! I have a small master bath that was somewhat remodeled when we moved in (new vanity and toilet) and of course I chose a vanity based on looks and not functionality. Well I'm surely paying for that one now.  I have no countertop space besides the area to the left/right of the sink and that just allows my toothbrush holder and some soap. That's about it.  With that said, you can probably imagine how awfully messy it is (come on, I'm messy to begin with) and with make up products, hair products, and tools all over the place, it really is just not nice.  I said, that's IT.  I'm going to figure out somehow to make my home office into a more functionable area so I can do my hair, and make up.

First and foremost I have to give a major shout out to these nifty pieces of foam and plastic that were invented. The EZ Sliders were seriously a life saver when I had to move my heavy ass bedroom furniture around the weekend before.  I used them again this past weekend when I swapped things around in the formerly cat room-turned-office room. P.S. if you are kind of turned off by the price tag, $16.99 and $19.99 do not doubt yourselves. If you are moving any kind of furniture in a carpeted room, you want these. Just get two $5.00 off coupons and go to Bed Bath! (P.S. I really liked these products and wanted to share.... I wish I was promoting them because I got them for free! ha, yea right).

Ok, so moving along. Here are some pics!

I'm really so happy with how it turned out.  If you didn't tune back to last years post with the vlog, basically I had everything set up opposite.  Moving the mirror wasn't an option as I drilled incredulously large holes in the walls to place anchors so it was staying (and partially because I was super lazy to fill the holes in and paint over it). I picked up the small* vanity mirror for $19.99, the little bowl that I place bobby pins, hair ties and clips in for $6.99 and the perfume/hair product tray for $12.99 all from HomeGoods.  I do so well there!  I already owned the 5 tray organizer so I moved it from my closet to here, thank goodness it's not TOO ugly, and I "made" the make up brush holder (trip to the dollar store to buy the cup and beads). OH, I lucked out finding the nailpolish tray in Marshalls, and that was $4.99.  I'm really digging my new space.  At first I thought it was not going to work with inadequate lighting, but it actually is just about right. So far, I've been able to do my make up 3/4 days (I was home "sick" on Tuesday) prior to leaving to get to the van. Success!

*I say small because it fits on my desk, but it's actually quite large! So perfect for doing makeup and my hair.

And because it wouldn't be fair not to share, my favorite furry friends were helping me as I rearranged the room around:

September 24, 2014

Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin'

I have created, yet another "Fall Wish List". This time I actually do not own any of the items that I'm "wishing" for. We have a few holidays coming up (Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving), who would like to send me a care package?? :)

Fall Wish List Part 2

Ever since Amanda and Biana posted about this bag, well what can I say, it's fully on my radar now and really, I could use a taupe bag to match the taupe booties I have. It's only right, right? Happy Halloween to Lauren? How can I sneak this purse into my collection??

I've really been wanting a black watch for the fall and winter, since last year. I really enjoy this Kate Spade one, however a more affordable option would be the Instant Splash Chronograph Watch ($25!) from Charming Charlie's. Oh, I wouldn't mind this one too. #crazycatlady

Plaid scarves are all the rage this fall. Or was it last fall? Well, I started googling "plaid scarf" and found that Zara had these last year. Forgive me blogger for I have sinned but what the hell is Zara? Is it an online only store, or can I actually go to one in person.  Regardless, Zara's "Plaid Tartan Scarf" is sold out but the one available on Amazon is only $24 plus shipping.  Someone in the comments said it reminded them of the Zara one, and "blogger" is in the title of the item so I guess this is a blogger staple item. Whatever, I want! P.S. I just re-googled "plaid scarf" and the glitter guide popped up from Nov. 2013. Last years trend still going strong this year! I got this scarf two weekends ago with a coupon for $10. Who knew MK and Ashley still had a fashion line? P.S. it looks way cuter in person.

A plaid skirt and camel colored blazer. I've been a blazer freak lately, wearing at least 1x a week. I have navy, black, pink and now it's only fitting to throw in a camel colored one!  I prefer to wear dresses and skirts to work, because I LOATHE dress pants. Like give me freezing legs or dress pants and I'll take the freezing legs anytime.  I have a few pencil skirts, grey, black and a navy-ish but I like the idea of the plaid once again.

The clarisonic Mia has been on my mind for quite some time as well. I've heard mixed reviews about them that either people love them or hate them. Do you have a Clarisonic Mia and how do you feel about it?  I've really been amping up my skincare routine and hope to share that next month to see if I have gotten results from what I've been doing. I was thinking that this would be a great addition to my routine to really clean out my pores

Who knew that you would need to transition statement necklaces? I didn't think so. But looking at my hot pink, turquoise and coral collection, I'm thinking they need to be placed away and taken out for Spring 2015.  One piece I'm lacking in my collection is a rhinestone/crystal statement necklace. Who can find me some affordable pieces (under $20). 

As  you've read in past posts, I'm really not a makeup queen.  I was browsing pinterest and saw this cute Bobbi Brown palette and I was just suckered into the colors.  I've had the Naked Palette and I actually gave it away to a friend because I never used it.  That killed me really because of how much money it cost.  I'm a little disappointed that this Bobbi Brown seems to be on the super pricey end, but I really enjoy her cream eyeliner and wouldn't mind having this.

For shits and giggles, a Tory Burch fitbit. I never use my polar FT4 watch anymore. I can't be bothered with the band around my chest honestly.  It's just too much.  Mainly because it's too big for me on the smallest setting, so I had my mom sew in extra loops to make it tighter. But still, the band around my chest really pisses me off.  In comes the fitbit.  On the Tory Burch website this neckace looks really cute (obviously couldn't wear to gym) but I'm wondering how large this is in person. Does anyone use a fitbit and how does it compare to other fitness trackers?

Lastly, the iPhone 6. I currently have the 5 and what can I say, I like to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest gadgets.  I had contemplated doing the "AT&T Next" program, where you can purchase the phone and pay in monthly installments but no joke, it ends up being almost $700 dollars (aka full retail price).  I knew it would be, but when you think to yourself "oh, 30 bucks a month! not bad! i'm saving that on gas taking the van now!" and okay, yeah, no big deal. But when it adds up, who the hell am I? CRAZY!?! YES.  For now, I will have to have googoo-gaga eyes at Rachel's phone because she will be getting it soon (she had an iPhone 4...oh my lanta!). Seriously though, who wouldn't want this adorable case???

September 22, 2014

something i thought would never happen...

...after I deleted my Facebook Account.

I have been feeling lonely lately.

Oh the woes of Facebook.

Empty. Sad. But not depressed. Like I am happy but I feel  like I'm missing something from my life. I'd say the last 2 months or so?  I don't know what it is.  I have my husband, I have my kitties, family, friends. What is it?

At first I thought it was the fact that I am on the van pool now, and I don't see my mom and dad that often anymore.  But honestly, I didn't see them that much when I slept over their house for the work week.  I'd be out at the park exercising (going shopping), meeting up with so-and-so, reading in my bedroom. There wasn't much interaction with them besides eating a quick dinner (15 minutes) and we'd all be doing our own thing.

Then I thought maybe I had withdrawal from my Summer TV Shows.  Around blogger, it seems like people really HATE summer tv programs. But I'm quite the opposite. I LOVE it.  All summer, I was dedicated to Mistresses (Mondays), Pretty Little Liars (Tuesdays), Rookie Blue (Thursdays) and then it was practically the weekend at that point and I had better things to do like binge-watch Drop Dead Diva and Hart of Dixie on Netflix. Who has time for commercials on the weekend? Not me. But really, who gets sad over TV seasons ending? 

I still have the same number of friends I have always had.  I see them the same.  I did think at one point things would change with Rachel, but I'm so glad they haven't.  In fact, I love every minute I get to spend with her (and Anthony) and Isabella! She's seriously the darn-cutest baby I've ever laid my eyes on.  She is my test-run for when I have my own kid (someday). It's so cool to see her grow week-by-week, something I have never experienced (and please note I have 3 nieces, soon to be 4). I see Coll about 1x a month because she has a crazy busy schedule. This girl, I'm so proud of her, a former hater of school is now a full time Nurse and furthering her schooling to become Nurse Practitioner! 

What the heck is it then? Why am I so lonely?

I deleted my facebook just a little over a month ago. Is that what this is all about?? It surely can't be. I can't stand facebook. People annoy the hell out of me with what they post. The internet creepily tells me what I should be buying in between said posts on my newsfeed.  It's nothing but all crap and shared articles, or people fishing for comments.  I really have barely used it this past year, but finally in mid-August I decided I was getting off for good*.  Honestly it was the best decision I have made in awhile.  I found myself getting so freaking irritated over the dumbest shit, that it would ruin my day. Nothing particularly directed at me, but just in general. Sometimes I could tell little jabs being sent my way but it just pissed me off to high heavens.  I knew I had to delete it. I really had no choice for my well being!

But all those pointless interaction with people I'm not really friends with.  Was that really filling up a void that is missing from me now? I refuse to believe it. Why do I feel like it was though? It used to be me saying to my mom, "Oh, I knew that already. Saw it on Facebook 2 days ago" and now the tables have turned and mom says to me, "I saw this cute picture of X on Facebook yesterday," and then I kind of frown, because I'm sad I'm missing out on things!

What happened to people uploading their pictures on Snapfish and creating albums and emailing everyone? I could take that statement even further and say "what happened to people making REAL photo albums" but that is a little extreme, I know.  So I guess what I'm saying is, as much as Facebook irritated the shit out of me, I kinda miss it.

*And just like that I'm actually back on it, not because of this reason though. Rachel notified me that she found an online group for selling things (like used baby toys and other various items) and was perusing and found none other than my crazy ass S-I-L selling my BRIDESMAID DRESS that she wore to MY WEDDING.  Ok. I know that we all tell our bridesmaids "you can wear it again!!" but really, YOU COULD WEAR THIS DRESS AGAIN.  And she's selling it. For $100!! Now I know that SHE paid for it, but it's custom fit, don't you think that's a little extreme of a price?  So once again, I have joined facebook, and it's going to piss me off but I can't help but stalk the listing to see what other items she ends up putting for sale.

P,S. we found another one.... it was their Christmas present I got them 2 years ago. SMH.

September 19, 2014

Things I am Not:

Copying VAL today, my FORMER friend. She told everyone she wasn't a cat person. Like really? How could you not like them. Okay, so a lot of people don't like cats, but how could you not like THESE TWO FREAKING CUTE BALLS OF FUR:

You can't not like them. It's as simple as that. Oh my gosh, let's talk about #Throwbackthursday (editor's note: I started this on Thursday and it is now Friday) in that picture up there. They are so tiny, and that rug? Ew. That's when I had a "red and brown" theme throughout the house because it was gender neutral decor. Now I threw the "neutral" out the door and while it may be a tad on the feminine side, Mike isn't complaining, so yeah.

Anyway, moving on to things I'm NOT:

Organized: Oh I sure like to fool everyone with cute instagram photos of my desk, home office, and bedroom decor. I wish you could see it now, live. Ha. Not a pretty site. Although I will say since getting a real dresser, my clothes have been more organized than they usually are.
Left: Very cute desk accessories that just scream "Cute! Use me!" and on the Right: a bag of empty potato chips, scattered papers and pens all over my desk. Yup. 100% of the time my desk looks like this.

A Saver*: Need I rehash what went down the month of August and September? Crazy ass shopping hauls, that's what. *Although I feel inclined to tell you that I have a bi-weekly savings plan in place though. 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Lover: I swear if you ever mention anything PSL-related on this blog, you will be banned.

Football Fanatic, seriously give me Women's Olympic Gymnastic and Figure Skating and let's call it a day.

A  Hater of Dancing With The Stars from here on out referred to as DWTS.  Could "Mona", Janel Parrish be any cuter?

A Morning Person: I missed the van today. Ok, but I had a reason to, I'm going to a Yankee Game tonight. But I was late to work. AKA I'm not a morning person. I need this shirt:
source, only 23.99!
"Not grossed out" (which means I am) by my 6 layer deep cut on my finger. I can see the rings. Because my skin is dried out and all nasty.

Patient. I ordered my Macbook Air  on the 16th and it won't be ready for pick up till the 25th. A week and 2 days is WAY too long to make me wait. Another reason I am not patient. I am about to book my next vacation for NEXT SUMMER (in JUNE) right now.


Good at makeup. Can someone come be my makeup artist? I'll pay you. :)

Calm: My road rage was out of control yesterday driving into the city for the Yankee game (remember, it's Friday) and I wasn't even the driver!

Content: I love change. If I could, I would put together a collage of my hair over the last two years. I think it has changed about 10 times. But honestly, just scroll through my instagram because I am way too lazy.  My home decor has changed at least 3 times in the past couple of years.

And I think I'll end it there for now.  I really have to get around to linking up with Amanda and favorites, but I haven't gotten anything good lately!!!


I'm crossing my fingers that there will be sunshine on Saturday morning so I can take bedroom pictures! I need help with decor (so strange). 

September 17, 2014

finger wraps

It's been a loooong time since I've linked up for confessions. I just haven't had anything good to confess.  Life has been pretty bland lately (and I'm okay with that!). I have a couple things to confess, although they aren't the juiciest, it feels good to get it off of my chest.


-My finger has been healing really good. But it's a freaking bitch typing at work. I wrap my finger up with a bandaid, and this cute (pink) self-adhesive wrap.  It gets pretty grimey by mid-day so I end up taking it off and regretting every minute of it.  I've even dug in the garbage to put it back on. #Gross

-My coworker and her missing snake. Read the story on Tracey's WTF Wednesday post here. (It really is still missing. My guess is its hard as a rock curled up in the back of some closet, or maybe it slithered out of the house).

-Missing the van on Monday. My morning routine SUCKS SO BAD.  I'm in this funk where I have to make sure I have make up on before I leave the house because I'm going on the van.  I don't want to show them my hideousness prior to makeup. I don't even know the van people that long yet! It's only normal to make sure I look decent for complete strangers, right? Putting on make up takes SO MUCH TIME OUT OF MY MORNING ROUTINE. UGHHH. (P.S. prior to the van I would just bring my small makeup bag and do it at work 5 minutes before I'd start working. That 5 minutes in the morning now is a matter of me missing/making the van)

-My ex-boyfriend texted me last night at 2:30am. This requires a story.
So the story is: we met when we were 15 while I was working at a pizzeria and he was a cart boy for the food store in the same complex.  He would always come to the pizzeria for his lunch.  I stalked AOL profiles for "cart boy" and "shop rite" in the occupation section, obviously the town as well, and had two results. I imed this person (LeSsThAnJaKe16) and asked if he knew any cartboys that worked at shoprite and he said "I am one, haha" lol and the rest is history. So basically we've been friends since we've been 15 and dated on and off throughout highschool, had a short stint during college and after. It just didn't work (obviously I'm married to Michael now!). But anyway, we kind of fell apart in terms of friends after I started dating Michael but kept in touch every so often via Facebook and Text.  The other day he uploaded a song album cover on Instagram and it threw back SOOOO many memories of HS that I couldn't NOT text him. So I did and basically a couple exchanges just seeing how our families were doing (were close with both families) and that was the end of it.
had to post a picture of AOL profiles, i mean because really. look at our life from the 90's and early 00's!
So there's the back story, and honestly I don't really want to share the text he sent me (it was along the lines of him missing me) but I half wondered if he even meant to send it to me, or his girlfriend? Or what? Obviously he was drunk texting because it made NO sense, and at 2:30am, hello who does that when we are 29 years old on a work night?!?!  I don't know. I'm just like "WTF" about that one that it needed to be included in this confession. 

My macbook crashed (it's from 2009) and now I have no computer to use at home. I ordered a Macbook Air.  There went the shopping freeze out the window.


+I need to get some serious claps for my cooking skills lately (and the fact I've actually cooked dinners for the most part on a daily basis! except that time we had to have subs...). These two are my favorites (images from individual websites in links btw)  and will absolutely be put in my "rotation" of meals.  I was getting SO sick of Chicken Quesidillas and Beef Tacos!

     +This Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup made in the crockpot. Holy Deliciousness!!

     +This Korean Beef Bowl recipe.  I'm currently waiting to heat up left overs for lunch!!

+The van pool.  I know, I know how many times can I talk about this stupid van pool.  It has changed my lifffeeeee.  It's so amazing not driving to work.  And I totally don't feel guilty at all that there is no spot for a woman who just started (who was rehired/ and used to be on my old van) and there is a van that is coming from my hometown, but I chose this one instead. Sorry, but not sorry!! P.S. there are no other vans coming from that area. Ha ha. suckerrrr

+Being approached by a project manager to apply for a Clinical Development Scientist position in work.  A) that's good because she things I can handle the work B) i really need to not be an admin anymore.

+This really didn't turn out to be a confessions post so I will let Kathy be the judge if she allows me to link up :)

Happy Wednesday.

Vodka and Soda

September 10, 2014

Mandolin Slicers

I remember the day I got my first mandolin slicer. Very vividly actually.  It was about two months ago, after I had a hibachi dinner and decided that I needed one so I could get mushrooms sliced thing like they come in the Miso Soup. Luckily, my coworker had two in her house that were not used, they were brand new. So she gave me one. I was SO freaking ecstatic I got one for free and started using it immediately. 

It came with all these contraptions and I was too lazy to read the instructions.  I just wanted thinly sliced mushrooms and onions (for homemade pizza, not miso soup). So I found the piece that I thought would be the most common (without any holes in it) popped it into the actual slicer and got to work. I was thrilled with the results and it quickly became my go-to kitchen gadget.

That was until last night that is.

Last night I was supposed to make meatloaf for dinner, but I decided taking a bath and relaxing was more important than prepping a loaf of meat and cut up potatoes.  Mike called me and I told him I wasn't really up to making dinner (wife of the year I am) and he offered to get the makings for subs (or hoagies for you strange people that call them hoagies). I agreed happily!

He stopped at our favorite produce store, Top Tomato, and got honey smoked turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, a red onion and some other things. I was freaking starving. This trip took forever and we had his mom and sister coming over between 7-7:30 to pick up our full bed. I don't know about you but I hate being interrupted during dinner time. So it was pushing 6:30 and he still wasn't home. You can imagine at this point I'm getting pretty hangry.  He finally pulled in and I got to work getting the lettuce and onions prepped.

So if I was too lazy to make a (simple) meatloaf, do you think that I used the little hand protector for the onion? No, why would I do that? It just would create yet another thing for me to clean after we were done eating.  So I cut off a very small edge of the onion and started slicing away that onion on the mandolin.  Until my middle finger got sliced right through it!

Insert the loudest scream imaginable and me crying hysterically, two frantic cats and a husband who doesn't know what the hell is going on. I screamed because I knew my finger sliced through the mandolin. I wasn't in pain.  Then 30 seconds later, the pain and GUSHING, SQUIRTING blood came.  Oh my GOD,  What the hell did I do? It was awful. I couldn't stop crying. It really hurt so bad!

Two hours later it was still bleeding and I really didn't know if I should go to the ER or not. I called my nurse friend and she was surprised at how calm I sounded.  I told her, Coll, last year I slowly ripped off my toenail under my front door, this is cake compared to that! (If you've been around these parts for awhile you remember this story) So basically she suggested cleaning it out, and wrapping it up, also, getting a tetanus shot,  A SHOT? AKA A NEEDLE? HELL NO,

Well, long story short, I got it cleaned up, and my doctor's office isn't open on Wednesdays (?) so I went to Health Services at work and they gave me the shot for free. Hell yeah. And I didn't even cry :)

Mandolin slicers, they are pretty serious. ALWAYS USE THE GUARD!

P.S. the pictures are gross. But if you are interested....

September 09, 2014

dedicated to Peanut & Linus

I don't know how to start up this blog post with anything besides what is going on in my mind so I'm just going to jump right in. 

I was browsing through my instagram feed the other day when I came across a picture of two adorable kitties sitting together, by a friend who posted the picture.  The caption with the picture read, 

"** LOVING HOME NEEDED** It is great sadness that we need to find a new home from Stella and Lola due to Ella's severe allergies. They are the most loving, affectionate, dog-like cats and ideally I'd like them to stay together.  Both are declawed and would do best in a home without other animals. All items needed to take care of them will be provided. Please feel free to share this with friends. Thank you. #HomeNeeded #adoption #PleaseHelp #Devastated #sadday"

I couldn't help but feel a little terrible and saddened for these two cats. Before Ella (her baby), these cats were on her instagram feed 24/7 (you think I upload a lot of cat pics, you should see hers). They were her life.  Everyday there would be a picture of one of them, sitting like a human, because that's just what they would do. Or what toys would be dragged to the waterbowl as her prey. Most of all, you could tell that she really cared for the two of them. 

Then the baby came along. She's allergic, so she has to get rid of them.That is just the answer, right? Me, personally I don't believe this to be true. But then again, I don't have a child who has allergies and a few of you may feel differently who do have kids. I think the whole thing that got me the most upset was how quickly she decided that her only option was to just get rid of them. Mind you, I know that she just found out the baby was allergic about 2 days prior to this instagram post.  I mean, it took you only TWO days to think about the cats' lives, and the best option you could think of is to get rid of them.  Isn't that a little harsh?

I started googling things like "what to do when your baby is allergic to your cats" and came across this article on Huffington Post. A direct quote from the article: ". throwing away an animal due to allergies is like saying you would toss away or divorce a spouse if they smoked. Smoking is just as detrimental to the respiratory system as a pet's dander, yet many parents don't give up the habit."

How true is that statement though? Does your spouse smoke, what about the child's lungs? Oh, they smoke outside so that's not a problem, right? What about keeping your cats outside of the nursery? The pics you've uploaded of the cats snuggling in Ella's bed aren't so cute anymore are they? Did you in fact contribute to her allergic reaction by letting them hang in the nursery? Seems like you did to me. 

I honestly don't know what I would ever do if I was put in this situation. Peanut and Linus are my life. They came first, and while they are only animals, they will always have a home in my house. I would never ever get rid of them. There have got to be other things that this person can do than to just open up her instagram to complete strangers to take over caring for her cats, who used to be her "babies" before her real one came.

To Peanut & Linus: You are my babies forever!


I know this because we just bought this for them.

September 08, 2014

H&M Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul?  What?  I thought I was on a spending freeze? You are probably shaking your head at this very moment muttering the words "Ok, this girl is totally ridiculous, how many times is she going to show us what she bought and keep saying she's done spending?" Yes, I know, because I'm muttering those same words in my head. But I promise you, I really only spent $15 of my own money, and the rest was covered by none other than Ms. Bossypants!

Remember I told you all she got me a gift card for Christmas last year? And it was to the mall that was completely out of my way, that I would have to pay a toll for?  Well, I still didn't want to travel up north to go shopping in a snooty mall - - you literally have to DRESS UP to go shopping there, I don't have time for that.

So anyway, here is my haul, I'm so excited!

H&M Shopping Trip

NINE pieces for a grand total of: $215.00, and I only paid $15 out of pocket! WOO-HOO!!!

I finally bought clothes for hanging out versus for work. Well, actually I can wear all to work but the basic cottons in the middle.  Mike is always yelling at me saying that I buy for work way too often and I always complain how I don't have "hanging out clothes". Well, now, I have them! I have a cute pair of Target Booties (or these) from last year that I got for just under $10 when the season was over, so I'm really going to be sporting that California Style from now on! I was SO CLOSE to buying a black leather jacket but of course, I am not supposed to shop so I put it back! Yay!

HOWEVER, I did wander into DSW and found these adorable Tahari Carly Ballet Flats. I REALLY need new black flats (my other Ninewest ones, thesoles unattached from the shoe! So it had a mouth my my toes!).

Retail: $98.00, DSW: $50;00 Actual Paid: $13.88.

THIRTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY EIGHT CENTS PEOPLE.  They were in the clearance section, for 80% off!!!! Really, how could I not get them.  They were there for me to buy! Haha, oh my god, I really feel like I need to go to Shopaholics Anonymous. 

We got our last piece of our bedroom set Sunday afternoon! I'm so thrilled that we finally have so much storage space, and our closet will not look so cluttered anymore!  My bedroom will be a post soon. My hopes are to take photos this upcoming weekend, with the natural light so you all can see the coloring as I see it, and it gives me time to get some things organized. 

So here's my dilemma.  Regardless of my shopping freeze, I need to purchase a pair of brown (cognac) boots.  Two winters ago, I bought these really cute Call It Spring riding boots from JCPenney's for a good deal, but after the winters we've had, they haven't held up.  They also were not "real" leather, so the material didn't exactly mesh well with my feet (if you know what I mean. ew). I actually did toss these after this past winter was over.  I have a pair of dark brown riding boots from Target, that I got on clearance the same time I bought the ones I linked up to above.  I've gone to the stores and for some reason I am just not seeing a major selection of cognac riding boots, AT ALL. To me it's looking like dark brown, and black (obviously) are this season's new thing.  So, where can I get some boots? I have already checked Target, Nordstroms, and DSW as well as Marshall's.  My second issue that a lot of these boots are VERY loose near my ankles.  I'm not thinking that I have an exceptionally small ankle, but I think these boots are just exceptionally larger than normal. Frustrating.

So, do I keep the (dark) brown riding boots, and get cognac booties (more of a selection). Or wait it out and see if any more are released in the stores?  Also, fashionistas, do people wear booties in the winter or is this more of a Fall thing only?

Happy FIVE day work week! 
Is this too much to ask?!?!
Oh, P.S. I'm boycotting Old Navy. I'm so sick of their stupid shenanigans.  Remember the cute blush pink infinity scarf I shared in my collage the other day? Seriously online it is ten dollars. In the store, (i returned that gray plaid shirt) I went to get it and they wanted $16.94. HELL NO.  This is not the first or second item that I've seen online, went to the store to get and it was higher priced either! Stupid Old Navy!