December 27, 2013

is it too early for a glass of wine?

I just had the most frustrating phone screen interview of my life just 2 minutes ago.

Twenty Five Minutes of pure torture!

At this point, I don't even want to go on the interview (if they even offer, which I'm sure they won't because I couldn't even answer some easy ass questions!)

Besides being mildly unprepared (like having a list of my current duties, short/long term goals), I'd like to mention that the recruiter was a complete bitch.  She was so snippy, fast-talking, SO NOT ENCOURAGING bitch.  I've done phone interviews before.  I know what to expect. She was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.

She probably was pissed I didn't answer her phone call the first time.  Ok, it showed up like this on my iphone: "Uknown 312915415010" Really? What the hell kind of number is that?  I thought it was an international number calling me because Mike recently got a phone call from TAIWAN. WHAT? (Yes that really did happen). Anyway, thank god she left her phone number in the voicemail. I called back IMMEDIATELY and said my name, and really fast paced she replied "WHO DIS? OH. The Phone Screen. K." and then we moved on our merrily way (or not).

I've been on phone screen interview calls before...we all get flustered, it's only natural.  And it's only natural to be ENCOURAGING and soft-voiced and nice to the person who's obviously flustered as hell, instead of being all like "you whack bitch you talkin bout movin to 'notha company so tell me wut your short-term GOALS ARE BIOTCH!"  Ok, so she didn't call me a bitch but the way I typed out that statement is exactly how she sounded.

So anyway, she wrapped up the phone call with a "Good luck and Happy Holidays! mmmbye" and that was that.

Thank god that shit is OVER.  At this point she's ruined it for me and I don't even want to be offered an interview.  But I'm betting you all one penny that I don't get one anyway.

Where's the riesling?

December 22, 2013

Never underestimate the power of a bath

...and Celine Dion on a Sunday night to get your mind wandering.

Because I'm feeling extra sensitive (thanks pms?) tonight, I'm going to air out some of my grievances.

- I've reached the point in my life where I'm questioning everything.  Why am I 28 years old - where did the time go, more specifically, the past 7 years? Have I really been out of college that long?  And what do I have to show for it? An administrative assistant position. Four years of college and that's where I'm at? Why don't I have some glamorous job that I can rave about. More importantly, why do I feel the NEED to rave about my job? To make people jealous or envious? That's disgusting.

- I complain about my job everyday, yet I do nothing to change it.  I had a few spurts of optimistic behavior when I applied to a couple different jobs and went on interviews, but didn't get the job.  It all comes down to three words: Not Enough Experience. Where am I supposed to get that experience?

- Although I am not very Godly, I do (secretly) thank the Lord every single day for my former boss, Carmen.  If it weren't for her, where would I be right now? Still taking asshole customer service phone calls at a shitty VoIP company? I remember when I interviewed with her.  I was scared shitless because she seemed like such a tough woman, but it was that woman who saw something in me, and knew that I could excel.  Thank you Carmen, although I know she'll never see this.

- I sometimes miss my cats more than my husband when I am away from them during the week.  Probably because my cats show more love to me than he does.  Is that too much, too soon to let everyone know? My life isn't perfect...nobody's is.

- I like things that I can't afford and it pains me.  Whenever I go shopping, if I see something I like, I immediately look at the price tag, wondering if I can afford to buy said-item. Or what could I sacrifice that week in order to have it?  I've come to the conclusion that I am a borderline shop-aholic. Today I returned three items that I bought just for the hell of it because it temporarily made me happy.  Honestly, did I need that gold nailpolish? No. I bought two sweaters yesterday at NY&C just because they were only $15.00 each. Did I need them? And for work? No. I have SO many work clothes. I have to learn to say no to these objects.  I am starting to believe the quote: "Money can't buy happiness".

- I have a constant battle with myself on why I am not happy.  I should be happy that I have a job, even if it sucks. I should be happy I have a nice home, and a husband who loves me. And two cats that I can take care of. Love is all you need, right? But yet, I find myself struggling to see the positive in things. I really am a "glass is half empty person". In 2014, I will work on becoming "the glass is half full" person that I know I can be.

- I am 28 and still have no desire to have kids, nor do I see that changing in the future.  I feel like I am letting so many people down. My husband, my family, his family.  I feel like they are all looking at me wondering what is wrong with me.  Personally, there are some other reasons I don't care to share on a big part on why I don't want kids.  Something that I will never reveal.  But another part is that I have a fear of becoming pregnant and growing.  I can't even deal with PMS cramps, how am I going to carry a child?  I know that parents say things like "it will change when you have your own" but no, I honestly don't believe it.  I just don't like children.  They are annoying and I live paycheck to paycheck.  How could I put myself through the misery of having to spend on another human being that is going to DEPEND on ME to take care of? That's not fair to the child either...because I would want to be able to give, give, give and I know I wouldn't be able to do that. And as selfish as this sounds, I would have to give up A LOT and well, become selfless. (I'm sorry if that sounds really awful and you don't like it)

- Why am I living paycheck to paycheck? My husband and I both have very well paid jobs yet we find ourselves struggling every month.  If it's not our refrigerator breaking, it's the washing machine. Or the garage door.  My macbook crashing. Or the new door handles we've been needing since we moved in...or having the walls painted because I'm literally incapable of doing it myself because the ceilings are so high.  It's always something! (And yes I know I just re-did my 2nd bedroom, and we are getting a new mantle and TV mounted in the living room, but I see these as necessary improvements to my home).

- I sometimes want to take my blog public, but have a huge fear of my parents finding it and coming down hard on me about sharing "so much information".  I personally don't think I'm sharing that much information but they are so extremely old-school when it comes to the internet, and facebook...and "anyone can just look you up and find out what you did last weekend" or whatever else they come up with.

- I often am in a rotten mood...wait for it...because of acne. I am a 28 year old female living with acne and it is so frustrating.  Thank goodness it's not really on my face (knock on wood) but I have it so bad on my chest and back shoulders. I'm very sensitive about it and I've tried all kinds of ailments yet nothing works.  I read somewhere that your skin changes every 7 years so maybe that's what I am going through.

So, there you have it.  That's what's been on my mind lately.  If you made it through, thanks for reading along.  If you dropped off along the way, then I'll see you next time around.

And in the words of Celine Dion: "Don't surrender, cause you can win, in this thing called love life"

December 20, 2013

things that make me happy

Today you are going to get a list.  I had a few white wine spritzers and I wake up with a headache this morning. #gettingoldsucks. And white wine spritzer? What am I, 80 years old? Well they were actually fabulous and you can find the REALLY easy recipe: here.

  • My cookie exchange was a HUGE success.  I freaked for about the first 30 minutes because extra guests arrived (and I didn't have place cards for their cookies!), but Coll reassured me that things would turn out fine, and well they did! There were so many cookies and plenty of extra but everyone got a bucket full to bring home! It was so festive with all the different trays (and trays) of cookies. We decided we were going to make it an annual thing. I'm so excited.
  • A nice, easy ride into work (aka no traffic).  Turns out the Friday before Christmas everyone is choosing to work at home.  Unfortunately in my job role, I do not have that option. And I used all of my vacation time so I'm stuck coming in! I can't wait for will be and Miss Bossypants. Oh joy :)
  • 2nd day hair that still looks good from the previous day
  • My iphone. God I do NOT miss my galaxy!
  • The way that ponds have half ice and half water, and the cute ducks sit on top of the ice, while their friends or mates are swimming :)
  • I get to see my precious furballs later
  • When Michael takes such great care of those furballs when previously he was a diehard dog lover. 
  • Puppies... I've got puppy fever! 
  • Blog designs.  Do you even have to ask if you are going to see a new one soon? Don't. Just expect it. I change my blog design very often...what can I say, I like change! I also change my room set up about every 5 months in case you were wondering.
  • Cream colored sweaters with sparkley threads in them.
  • A clean desk
  • Baths.  I really prefer those over showers.
  • Freshly vacuumed carpets.
  • Two girls that go by the names of COLLEEN AND RACHEL.
  • Bath and Body Works candles (they really are the bomb and SO much better than yankee!)
  • And lastly, it's FRIDAY. Since I haven't watched any but 3 Christmas movies this season (Home Alone, The Santa Clause and Snowed in at Mickey's) I am sitting my ass down on the couch tonight and watching a marathon of Christmas Movies! First up: Christmas Vacation.  But honestly, that's a year round favorite of mine...that's okay right?
I can't believe it's the Friday before Christmas.  I'm honestly not ready for it.  I have a couple more gifts to get (nothing major but I still have to go to the store) and I'm not looking forward to it. Will have to make sure to get up extra early to avoid the ridiculous crowds.  Do you remember the days in HS when you LIVED for this time of year because the mall stayed open till 11pm? Oh to have that carefree life again ;)

I'm making homemade stuffed shells for Christmas Eve dinner with my family.  For Christmas day, I believe I'm going to make bite-sized quiches and meatballs in the crock pot, we will be having Christmas brunch (and appetizers) with Michael's family. I have to remember to pick up bacon and ham (p.s. I hate ham but chopped up really small it adds good flavor to the quiches) this weekend! 

I truly have the best friends a girl could ask for.
It's time to get to work....(ha okay) so have a great weekend!

December 18, 2013

Best Songs of 2013

I'm so excited to participate in this link up, because my life wouldn't be the same without music. Thanks Helene for the link up! This was actually a really hard list to come up with.  There have been so many great hits this year but I like what I've come up with. I think some of my choices however might surprise a few of you as I haven't eluded to the fact of what music I'm really into other than the occasional post which is pretty much filled up with electronic music.  Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I'm proofing this post prior to publishing and I'd have to also include that I believe these songs aren't in any particular order.  I wouldn't say that my #4 is actually #4 on the list. They kind of just popped into my head as I was making the list :)

Helene in Between

10. Phillip Phillips "Gone Gone Gone"

I just love this song. His first really big hit, "Home" always made me tear up everytime ABC played it as background music for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This one is just plain catchy. 
Best Lyric: "I'll shut down the city lights, I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe to make you well".  Well if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us"

Anyone who says they don't like this song is LYING. Okay, everytime this comes on the radio, or in my itunes shuffle list I jam out like nobody's business.  I've tried to learn the lyrics and rap to it, but it's just impossible! I can't even spell INDEPENDENT right when spelling it out.  
Best Lyric: Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me If I fall, they got me. 
Learn from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves

8. Icona Pop "All Night"

The beat is the best part of this song.  I feel like strutting down my hallway like the model in the video when this comes on. I kinda like how Icona Pop sounds like they are yelling/screaming the lyrics but in a fun (and talented) way!
Best Lyric: With a love this deep, we don't need no sleep And it feels like we could do this all night

7. Bastille "Pompeii"

I've included the Kat Krazy Remix because the beat to this song is PHENOMENAL and personally I think it's better than the original. However they do have an acoustic version that they sing in Paris that's pretty great too.  This is one of those songs I will never get sick of blasting on my sound bar in the living room. About 1:15minutes in is when it gets intense. I JUST LOVE IT. And his British accent is pretty lovely too :)  What's cool about this is that lyrically, the song is inspired by the Roman town known by the same name, which met its fate with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. (source: article interviewing Bastille)
Best Lyric: But if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before? 

6. Lana Del Rey (vs Cedric Gervais) "Young and Beautiful"

The only reason I know this song is because The Great Gatsby made it popular (in my opinion). Well, I guess what I'm saying is I never heard of Lana Del Rey until this song! I had a tough time debating between this song and Summertime Sadness, but obviously went with this one.  I just think of Jay Gatsby (Leo's beautiful face) every time I hear this song.  When I'm feeling in a funky mood, I'll switch to the original song which is more powerful as a ballad.
Best Lyric: He's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds

5. Krewella "Alive"

I know this was technically published in December 2012, but I feel like this song made it big in for that reason, it is on my top 10 list.  This song does exactly what the lyrics says, it makes me feel "alive" when I'm listening to it.  I just envision myself dancing in the rain to this song and it just makes me happy. 
Best Lyric: Every second here makes my heart beat faster - Finally think I found what I'm chasing after.

4. Gavin DeGraw "Best I Ever Had"

I will always have a spot in my heart for Gavin DeGraw since One Tree Hill. This song makes me want to bust out a banjo and drums and sing.  That is all.
Best Lyric: You said, “Take me home, I can’t stand this place ‘Cause there’s too many hipsters and I just can’t relate.”  Just because again, for lack of better words, it's catchy.

3. Luke Bryan "That's My Kinda Night"
This song makes me want to buy an authentic pair of cowgirl boots, and hop a ride to the nearest country joint in New Jersey to line dance.... it happens to be about an hour and a half from where I live. And plain and simple: I would eat a catfish dinner just to see this man in person. Love you Luke Bryan!
Best Lyric: Waiting on you to look my way and scoot your little hot self over here, girl hand me another beer!  Luke, I will gladly put on a denim skirt and boots and hand you another beer!
2. Avicii "Wake Me Up"

Hop over to Helene's page because I second everything she captioned with this song!
Best Lyric: Wish that I could stay forever this young 
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is the prize

1. Zedd ft. Foxes "Clarity"

I feel like Zedd has taken over the radio (Clarity, Spectrum, Follow You Down, Stay the Night)!! There are so many great songs on the album "Clarity". You should check it out if you haven't already.

Honorable mentions: 
Beyonce "XO"
Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball"
Alesso vs One Republic "If I Lose Myself"

So, what did you think? Stop over at Helene's blog and link up!

December 17, 2013

It's Tuesday.

It's Tuesday...that's pretty wild. All day yesterday since I was off, I felt like it was Sunday. And this morning and all day today, I've felt as if it was Wednesday.

Don't you hate days like that?

Why don't you sit right down and I'll begin where I left off yesterday....

I was off to make my cookies. Without parchment paper.  No big deal, I have these fancy schmancy cookie baking sheets so I'll be fine.  Right? Right!

I gathered all of my ingredients and tools.  I did the trusty trick with a butter* knife to get the flour measured., over the bag of flour where you pat it down to press it in, and then "shave" it off as you swipe the straight edge part of the butter knife across the cup to make an even line of the flour. Putting my home-ec skills from HS to good use!  I would say about 95% of the excess flour made it to my counter top and floor*.  Same thing happened with the powdered sugar.  It was time for me to take a shortcut with softening my butter now.  Recently I saw a really exciting pinterest trick about "grating butter"with a cheese grater. Well i don't know who the HELL came up with that idea but it's a completely bogus MESS...So I popped it in the microwave and it ended up basically becoming liquid butter EVEN ON HALF POWER.  You know when you dump liquid butter into the mix, the cookies don't turn out right.  Whatever, moving forward.  I get my KitchenAid hand mixer and start mixing away.  This recipe called for the powdered sugar and butter to get light and fluffy after about 5 minutes of mixing.  Well, let me tell you my arm was getting tired and that shit wasn't getting fluffy.  By the way. My idiotic kitchenaid hand mixer was made for RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE.  Now don't get me wrong, I am a right-handed woman however being right-handed, that means I also like to swipe around the mixing bowl with the spatula with my right hand while beating with my left. So why in SAM'S HELL IS THE WIRE COMING OUT OF THE RIGHT BACK SIDE OF THE HAND MIXER AND NOT THE CENTER BACK??

Well if you have one of these mixers, you know how long the cord is. In case you don't, use your imagination with the picture above.  So if I am handmixing with my left hand and its plugged in, you can CERTAINLY imagine how ANNOYING this long as cord is as you are beating and its practically lying in your mixture. Don't you think the cord should be in the center of the back? To be universally even for both lefties and righties???? Ugh, moving on. Long story short: the cookies came out great, and I ate 3 of them within 10 minutes and had to stop myself from eating more since they are for the cookie exchange. OH, and my best friend confirmed her mom was making basically the same exact cookies as I already did. WIN. ARGH. Good think I'm oh-so-generous and making more cookies tonight (even though I REALLY don't want to right now).

By this point I was in need of a good-old fashioned nap. That didn't happen.  That box of goodies that was waiting to be shipped to OK was calling my name. I got up and went to the post office by the corner store, it was 3:30pm and busy as EVER.  The line was TWICE as LONG as it was in the morning and I just couldn't leave again and chance driving across town to the other post office...lord knows those idiots would have been on a lunch break or picking their nose with a be back later sign.  I got on line and some old man decided he was going to count out every single dollar bill he owned right behind me in my ear. You know that noise...when you count money fast, it makes that "pfft" noise. Well times that by maybe 20 or so bills. I did one of those sly turn my head over my shoulder behind me looks and then sighed out loud.  He continued with the bill counting so obviously he isn't good at reading signals. I got the crap mailed and I'm shocked that "parcel post" will take 8 whole days to get there.  Well thankgoodness I got to the post office when I did or else i'd have to pay for expedited shipping!!

Later: Mike was coming home from work late so it was decided that I would eat dinner without him.  I started dinner and had a recipe that called for baking potatos for 40 minutes so I decided, ya know what? What the hell, let me throw together that Lowe's bookshelf and get that all set up. HOLY MOLY. If I wasn't so damn lazy, I'd take my fuming fingers to website and rate it THE ABSOLUTE WORST BOOKSHELF TO PUT TOGETHER ALONE EVER. Now, I am a handy (wo)man.  Putting shelves together like this is a piece of cake...or so I thought. 2 splinters and callouses later, the shelf is put together and I think I just worked off the 3 cookies from earlier.  I was so wiped out, cursing and fuming that I decided that piece of shit was going in our backroom and it was the Kohl's bookshelf's time to shine in the front room.  Screw you Lowe's bookshelf. 

So longest story ever short: The cookies were good, the gifts were mailed out, and the bookshelf is put together.

*I wouldn't be lying when I told you my cats had to walk through all the flour on the floor too. Those darn cats.

December 16, 2013

productive mondays :)

You know when you wake up in the morning thinking you are going to have the most productive day ever?  Silly are we to actually believe that will happen.

I woke up this morning feeling extra frisky, so I decided to take the day off today.  I'm hosting a Cookie Exchange on Thursday so I figured I would get a head start on baking, mail out Christmas gifts for my brother & family, put together a new bookcase that we bought over the weekend for our living room reno project, and just enjoy a Monday off.

It  actually started with me waking up this morning feeling really wiped out.  I never sleep on Sundays and last night wasn't the exception. And Mike's alarm clock ringing off the hook since 3:30am didn't help either (he goes to the gym in the AM before work).  But he tends to be a snoozer, big time. And it gets to the point where I'm yelling (probably in my sleep) "TURN THAT SHIT OFF OR ELSE I'LL KILL YOU!" Okay, not really, but yeah really.

He came back from the gym and I was still in my slumber dreaming about turnpike car crashes (thank god I woke up from that one) and he started my coffee for me.  What a guy.  So the amazing aroma of a fresh pot of coffee was good enough to get my ass up at 6:30 this morning.

So I had my two cups of coffee and off I began to my big productive day.  Well, first strike, is my bathroom is closer than usual so of course coffee makes me pee like crazy (TMI? Get over it.) so there's time out every time that happens.  Then I was off to find a box to mail the gifts out to OK in.  Well, there's no issue with that because I have eleventy hundred boxes in my garage because I may just be a box hoarder. Ask me if any of them fit? Well, none of them fit. Come ON. Freaking stamp kit for my niece is to blame with it's odd box size.  So then I put the stuff in two boxes and decided, screw that I'm not paying double shipping to mail this stuff out (grinch- I know, but shipping isn't cheap!).  So I resorted back to the first of five boxes I tried and squeezed that shit in like you wouldn't believe.  I wrestled with this box closing it, but SUCCESS!! Oh, but before I say success I have to let you know I searched about 15 minutes for my packing tape.  Car, garage, pantry, closets, cube organizers, where do you think it was located? In the kitchen, in the cat's section of cabinets. Who the hell put that there? You bet your bottom dollar it wasn't me!

So now that we've established that I'm peeing every 5 minutes, and it took me about a 1/2 hour combined to find tape, boxes and put the box together, now it's time to move onto the post office shenanigans.

First I stopped by the corner store where I get my dollar coffee on some mornings.  There is a small post office in the plaza and I should have known better to go there.  But anyway I parked in the busy lot and started my walk to the post office.  Those sneaky bastards have mirrored windows so you can't see how many people are standing on line in a cramped little room. There were TEN PEOPLE on the line at freaking 9 am in the morning. Don't you people have work? What the hell!  So I didn't even make it in there before saying "oh hellll no" and walked out.  Little do I know that I look like the idiot as I burn rubber getting out of that parking lot and thinking I'm smarter than everyone I'll just go to the Chambersbridge post office!! Well, I hit every. single. light. getting there which added an extra 10 minutes of travel time when it should have been 5...oh and behind bratty children in school buses.  Seriously, what schools transport their students at 9:15 in the morning? Shouldn't they be there already? Anyway, I got to the post office oh-so-excitedly because I noticed there were only a few cars in the lot! SCORE! Ha, those idiots by the corner store...they'll be waiting for hours, ha HA!  I walk in with my big box and a grin on my face to find that the post office doesn't open till TEN A.M.  WHAT THE FLIPPITY EFF. I stomped out of there annoyed to bits thinking I'd just wait in my car. Oh no, it was only 9:17am at this point.  So 10 minutes later (hit every light AGAIN) I'm sitting home writing this blog post.

Maybe I'll go bake my first set of cookies.  Knowing my track record this morning, I'll end up burning the bottoms.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Now that I think about it, I'm already screwed with the burning bottoms..I'm out of parchment paper!

December 05, 2013

19 Awkward/Annoying/Silly/(insert adjective) Situations We've all be in!

Today I had a myriad of ideas to post about, all of which I think are good (so I'll just save them for another date!)... but then I got this email in work that was too good to pass up as a blog post.  So, I will preface by saying this: *I did not make these up, I received in an email and am simply re-posting, nor do I know who the original author is.* Public Service announcement ended. Thank you.

19 Law's that we've all found to be true
and my personal comments in parenthesis

1. Law of Mechanical Repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee. (or while making meatballs...same difference)

2. Law of Gravity - Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. (or the cats will bat it around like its the coolest toy EVER)

3. Law of Probability - The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. (like, don't pick your nose in public people. there is ALWAYS someone watching)

4. Law of Random Numbers - If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers. (when they answer, I always panic and press off really quickly!!! OR I stumble my words and sound like I have a speech impediment)

5. Supermarket Law - As soon as you get in the smallest line, the cashier will have to call for help. (YES I'M TALKING TO YOU TARGET AND WALMART. and ironically I'm always the line chooser)

6. Variation Law - If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now. (Totally true in NJ)

7. Law of the Bath - When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings. (Surprisingly, I ALWAYS call my mother when she is in the bath. every. single. time.)

8. Law of Close Encounters - The probability of meeting someone you know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with. (lol when I was a teenager shopping with my mom in Walmart)

9. Law of the Result - When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will. (hahaha my boss, 99% of the time on computers :) )

10. Law of Biomechanics - The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach. (that's why I have my trusty back scratcher in work in my pencil cup.)

11. Law of the Theater & Hockey Arena - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last. They are the ones who will leave their seats several times to go for food, beer, or the toilet and who leave early before the end of the performance or the game is over. The folks in the aisle seats come early, never move once, have long gangly legs or big bellies and stay to the bitter end of the performance. The aisle people also are very surly folk. (OH MY GOD, don't EVEN get me started on this one!!!!)

12. The Coffee Law - As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold. (Or breakfast, or lunch, or anything else you're really ready to enjoy!)

13. Murphy's Law of Lockers - If there are only 2 people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers. (or Murphy's Law of Bathroom Stalls. COME ON.)

14. Law of Physical Surfaces - The chances of an open-faced jam sandwich landing face down on a floor, are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug. (Fingers crossed I haven't done this)

15. Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.

16. Brown's Law of Physical Appearance - If the clothes fit, they're ugly. (eh, I don't believe this to be true)

17. Oliver's Law of Public Speaking - A closed mouth gathers no feet.

18. Wilson's Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy - As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it. (Target brand Eye Make up Remover (the green cap one), Pepperidge Farm Flat breads, Planter's Cheese Balls and Potato Stix, Pillsbury Spinach Appetizers)

19. Doctors' Law- If you don't feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there you'll feel better... But don't make an appointment, and you'll stay sick. This has been proven over and over with taking children to the pediatrician. (Like my stupid ganglion cyst.  It was HUGGGGEEE and I made appointment, couldn't get in for two weeks, and then it shrank back down. I paid a stupid $25 copay for NOTHING and 5 minutes of the Doctor's time!)

December 03, 2013

OOTD and other Random crap :)

It's not very often I go all fashion-blogger posting, but today I wanted to share my pinterest (okay other blogger) inspired outfit (that I immediately went online to order the 3 pieces after I saw it was current) with you all.

First, the pin: (let me know that you can see it!) it's not showing up in the draft post.

Second, me:

I mean, I don't think I did too shabby, right? Is that even the right phrase? Whatever. Point is, I don't have a cute polka dot belt like she does, however I have an old white belt with holes in it due to the cats chomping down on it. It's practically a 3-D polka dot belt.......anyways, since I was able to order the exact sweater and shirt, I did good. I opted to wear booties rather than pumps because it's not exactly warm here, well it isn't cold either but  I didn't want my ghostly feet hanging out for all to see. Oh and she has a faux fur scarf on, and I don't particularly care for fur anything (unless it's living) so I ordered an infinity scarf from Old Navy (which is currently sold out or else I'd link to it!)

Shirt: Old Navy, I can't find it!
Sweater: Old Navy, out of stock! argh!, similar, this is it in grey
Belt: Old, Forever 21, simliar
Scarf: Old Navy similiar
Booties: Nine West, similar, similar

Now, onto the random:

I had a dream last night that I drank that Holiday Sangria that is floating around Pinterest and then I looked like I had just sacrificed myself to the poisonous fog in Catching Fire. I was convinced that I was allergic to the tree that they put in the mix, or the berries, they could have been nightlock!!! So, that was weird.

I'm thankful I didn't wake up that way, however I might be slightly cautious when drinking the Holiday Sangria (if I decide to try I mentioned before, that tree branch is throwing me off a little, but maybe it pulls it all together??)

Since I told everyone I would start planking again as of yesterday, I recreated the original "Planksgiving" pin to cater it towards Christmas...since I celebrate Christmas. Go ahead and join me on this challenge. I AM STICKING TO IT THIS MONTH.

I'm quite annoyed today.  It all started yesterday with a simple question to my boss: "Would you allow me to work at home tomorrow being the entire group will be at XYZ all day?"  The could-be long story, short answer is that, No I am not allowed to work at home as there is no business justification why I would need to. So here I am at my desk this morning fuming that I drove an hour to support nothing but the thin air today.  Oh, and I've gotten a total of 3 emails today...2 of which were trash, and the other was an email from my mother with the subject line: "6 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained". #crazycatlady

Now I know what I'm doing after I hit publish :)

December 02, 2013

when you aren't in the mood

I've just been feeling so blah lately.  Blah about the gym, blah about the weather, clothes, my cats annoying me (gasp! could that EVER happen?), work, Thanksgiving, family.  You name it, that's what I'm feeling blah about.  I guess Life in general.

I'm in a slump where I am not in the mood to do anything.

I've skipped out watching my FAVORITE TV SHOWS for 3 weeks in a row now.  That is very unlike me. Especially Sunday nights, it's a great way to wind down the weekend. 

I didn't go to the gym once last week. Not even once. And I didn't finish the plank challenge.  Well actually, I wouldn't have finished it but basically since I hadn't gone to the gym, I of course didn't fit the all of two minutes of planking into my schedule.  What a damn waste.  December 1st was yesterday, I might as well restart. Planksmas anyone?

My tree.  I look forward to Black Friday each year to put it up and decorate it.  None of which were accomplished.  It is at least up and fluffed now (we have a pre-lit) but no decorations hang out it.  Poor Christmas tree.  I did take advantage of the warm weather yesterday and put the lights on the bushes outside.  At least that looks pretty snazzy.

We are having some work done in the living room during my Christmas break.  The old mantle is going bye-bye (thank god, it was so ancient looking) and we are having a custom, white one put in. Pretty simple design but modern.  The tv (that we just got) will be mounted above the fireplace since Mike has envisioned this ever since moving in. And then we will have the LR, entry way, little hall way, and the stairway painted.  I'm really looking forward to it and going for a "Greige" color, as suggested by Miss Kalie.  It really is great. I hate tan, but I'm not sure I can commit to a full blown grey, being our colors are in the tan/brown family already in the room.  I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome.   We finally found a chair that should fit just perfectly in the corner where the TV currently is.  I got a new rug and couldn't resist putting it down and I absolutely LOVE it. #targetdoesitagain.  It's really a fun rug.  It's magical... a magic carpet!  I only say this because sometimes it looks grey and other times it looks tan. And I'm really hoping that the white(ish) medallions really pop once the new mantle goes in.

Thanksgiving was just another day, except with had Turkey with stuffing for dinner.  I have a very small family (as in me, my parents and brother and his wife) so other than it being a "holiday" there really was no different feeling for me.  It's sad that that is what my holidays come down to, but it's the truth.  We don't recite anything we are thankful for, we don't say any prayers, we always have the same thing: Turkey, stuffing, corn, carrots and mashed potatoes.  No special appetizers or desserts...just chocolate pudding pie and apple pie (store bought).  Dad usually finishes dinner first and retreats to the living room to watch football, my brother falls asleep on the couch, I have enough glasses of wine that makes me look like a lush (in other people's opinion). 

It's honestly sad. In fact, I don't even have one photo from that day, because it was just another day like any other. I get quite jealous when I see all these fancy setups on the dinner table, or people updating their statuses about having so many places to go and not enough time, or cookie exchanges, and to me the holidays are one big normal day with a lot of hype.  If I had the room, perhaps I would host a Thanksgiving dinner with appetizers galore and fancy plates with napkins. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. For now, it's me and Mike, and our two lovable balls of fur. I am okay with this, but I can't help but say that it is quite lonely sometimes.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get back to regularly updating you all, please be patient with me!

November 21, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days - November Edition

*This post today is for Amanda, because I promised her I would link up (finally!! it's been so long) my progress for the 30 miles in 30 days challenge.  

This month I really got my act back together with my health and fitness.  I had a harsh wake up call in October when I took my personal health assessment at work and literally failed it.  No fruits and vegetables, drinking sugary drinks (16oz coffee per day and random sodas), eating chips, processed lunches, you name it, I was doing it. Oh, and many, MANY Target brand appetizers and Applebee's trips. I don't know what happened that I got that way.  I noticed my pants were rather snug and after my test results I decided that was it. I have to go back to the gym and just do it.  So besides my pants ready to burst off my rear end, my father in law is interested in getting back in shape as well and wants to start running 5ks and 10ks.  I said I would do it with him (and Mike) so that has been motivation as well.

So in addition to what you see below, I've also incorporated breakfast, a light lunch and portioned dinners to my "diet" (except its not really a diet).  It's so cliche to say but I honestly feel more well-rested and normal.  I was so lethargic and didn't want to do anything but watch TV and gorge on shit when I was in my busting button on my pants phase. I'm in a happy place right now, let's hope it stays like this.

November TOTAL: 46.20 miles :)

I pinned the other day the Planksgiving challenge.  Too bad I didn't see this in the beginning of November. I'm on day 4, plank for 35 seconds.  I should take a picture now of my stomach to see if it shows any progress by the end of the challenge.  This will bring me to December 17th which is right in time for me to start relaxing prior to Christmas :)

I feel like I'm really great at pinning all this "at home" / "no equipment" exercises but I rarely follow through with them.  I don't know what it is.  What is so hard about taking 10 minutes (if that, really) to do these things?  But I do plan on keeping up on this one, I struggled yesterday at the gym doing this. Well, I got past 30 seconds but the over achiever in me wanted to do it longer. I lasted 45 seconds, so today should be easy hopefully.

How are you doing with your fitness goals? Do you ever follow through with what you pin on pinterest?

And a little funny for you today:


November 20, 2013

And just like that it's Wednesday

I'm quite happy to bring to your attention that it is ALREADY WEDNESDAY.  How does time pass by so quickly when you're old(er) ?? If I was in HS, I'd be saying the complete opposite, probably because I would be in US History class learning about the Gettysburg address (which was 150 years ago to the day [yesterday]) and not wanting to pay attention, or in Calculus asking Rachel to take my quizzes for me (true story, that actually happened).

Other than the fact it is Wednesday, I really have nothing good. So why blog then?  I just can't give this little space up.  It's been a very welcoming community so far (so far, ha, I've been at this since 2012...I think, I can't remember!)  It's had it's moments when I've wanted to call it quits yet it is something I come back to on a somewhat regular basis.  A hobby I've actually kept for over a year, wow!

So I'm kind of pissed off.  I have problems with buying running sneakers. I usually buy them for looks (my first problem) and I buy them about every 4-5 months (problem 2).  I went from having about 6 pairs of very unused sneakers to ONE PAIR. ONE. Why is it you ask? Well I go through sneakers as quick as I go through potato chips (FAST). I get in these habits where I either toss them in the garbage, or donate them. Before you go saying "ew" please note that these sneakers were purchased during the times when I was never exercising, and there were no marks on the bottoms of the sneakers. Basically worn about 1 or 3 times. Anywhoodle, so I literally just bought a pair of New Balances which I thought were working out for me.  They aren't. (What else is new though, really?).  They are good for me when I'm running outside on trails, but the winter is fast approaching and my time is limited running outside (even though I bought fancyshmancy outside running gear...oh I'm such a hypocrite). So anyway, I was at the gym yesterday doing interval training on the treadmill (which kicked my ass by the way) and my right ankle was THROBBING. And felt numb.  Seriously, COME ON. So I asked facebook (what else would I do?) what was wrong with me, am I just plain old, wrong form when I'm running, or is it the sneakers... guess what the answer was. MY SNEAKERS. AKA everyone suggested I go get fitted at a running store for damn shoes. Really, isn't that gonna cost me like over a hundred dollars? I don't have that kind of money to throw away (is it though?) on running sneakers.  ARGH.

In other news, my work wants everyone to have their photo's attached to their profiles which will assist in "helping others to easily recognize me at meetings and events" (because ya know, as an admin I just attend ALL of those meetings...YEAH RIGHT). Confession, I was really excited to have my picture taken.  And I'm just obsessed with it. Natural beauty right there (hahaha yes I really went there, can we say self-centered much?). As if you weren't sick of seeing my new hair and these pictures on instagram, here they are again for your viewing pleasure!!!  P.S. my friend took the whole picture of me on the left in the same room after everything was done. I just wanted a reason to be a #fashionblogger for the day because I liked my outfit :)

I know I posted this the other day, but I can NOT GET ENOUGH of Zedd Radio Station on Pandora. I mean like holy shit, it is amazing. Here's round two of songs that you should probably listen to (if you are into electronic beats).

Krewella -  Come & Get It
Krewella - One Minute
Zedd - Hourglass
Bastille - Oblivion
Kaskade - Llove 

Ok, I'm off to go listen to Zedd's album now - - just downloaded the whole thing because  I love EVERY song!

P.S.: Linking up with Because Shanna Said So for Random Wednesday!

November 19, 2013


Tattoos.  Otherwise known as permanent INK on your SKIN that will NEVER come off, unless you pay $$$ to have it removed.

I don't have one.

This doesn't mean I haven't thought about getting one.

What would I get, you might ask?

I mean, it's supposed to be something that you love enough that you wouldn't mind looking at it, or knowing it's on your body for the rest of your life, or any type of medical professional that could possibly see it any time you go to the doctor's office or hospital.

What does anyone like that much that they are willing to let people know they have it?

It got me thinking, what in the world would I tattoo on my body if I had the guts to do so? Besides my cats, there is only one thing on this planet that I truly can honestly say I love (well besides my family and husband but we all know that significant other tattoos are a serious no-no).

That my friends, is: THE GOONIES.

Quite odd, I know, but it has been my favorite movie since I was able to watch movies in my bedroom, on my very own Symphonic 9 inch  TV with attached VCR. See picture, I really did have that exact one.

So of course, me being the google queen I am.... I took to google for some ideas of tattoos related to the Goonies for myself, in case I'd ever decide to put permanent ink on my body (I wouldn't, but that's besides the point of this blog post).

Let's see the trainwreck of google images I came up with:

Oh mylanta, here we go:

[one] the Goonies logo.  I'll admit that this is pretty good. However, who in their right mind would place that right there under their belly button?!?!?!!  Why would you want your body tattooed with the words "The Goonies" anyway? That's so dumb.

[two] Goonies never say die. This is the Goonies' phrase.  They don't give up, they need to find One Eyed Willy, and the rich stuff. They NEED to get the money to save the Goon docks! Goonies NEVER say die.  I have to question the character who put this on their body, especially since they are NOT a goonie, nor will they ever be.

[three] An amazing tattoo drawing of One Eyed Willy.  Maybe if your into skull heads and jewels and stuff this could work.... maybe... probably not though.

[four] It's CHUNNK.  Doing the truffle shuffle, what appears to be on someone's leg.  Honestly these tattoos get sillier by the minute. I'm really glad I googled this.

[five]  This tattoo artist is extremely talented.  By golly if this isn't the best drawing-turned-tattoo of Sloth, I don't know what is.  For your reference, here is a picture of him from the movie: HEYYY YOU GUYYYSSSSSS

[six]  a creative recreation of the Nintendo game outline of the goonies. Just stop. Did you love the nintendo game that much you needed to have it on your body?

So, now that I've educated myself on The Goonies tattoo ideas, what would I get?

Ha, nothing.  I still would get nothing.

What kind of tattoos do you have, or what would you get??

November 15, 2013

Fridays - Fives & Favorites

[one]  Zedd Radio station on Pandora. One word: Amazing.  I haven't fast forwarded through any songs yet. Unlike what I do every time I play "Today's Hits".  They literally have 20 (sucky) songs that are on repeat. I found a few new tunes that I really like and even paid to download :)

Armin van Burren - Alone
Krewella - Lights and Thunder
Zedd - Lost at Sea
Porter Robinson - Language
Tegan and Sara - Closer (this isn't new to me but I just love the song)
One Republic - If I Lose Myself

[two]  I've finally hit that point where I've formed a habit....a habit of going to the gym.  Studies show that it can take three weeks to form a habit (really, there have been no clinical studies, but rather empirical evidence [based on experience]). Well, based on my experience, I have broken my habit of napping after work, and replaced it by going straight to the gym.  Overall, I feel much healthier, not because I am getting in shape by running, but I am sleeping much better, and eating less garbage (and have less of a desire to).  I am the queen of potato chips (Lay's Lightly Salted).  I got a turkey wrap with a side of chips at work, and I was full about 3/4 of the way through the wrap, and had no room for chips. What?! That's insane...there's ALWAYS room for jello chips. So basically, my body is rejecting any kind of shit I'm putting into it.  I'm okay with that.

[three] This video of how to eat a pomegranate.  I just bought one at the farmer's market and I'm excited to give this a go.   Seems fairly easy

[four]  My Aveeno positively radiant face wash and lotion. I am loving this stuff. It smells great and is making my skin much smoother (I really can see improvement with using it for about 2 weeks). In fact, I'm going to Target after work to buy the face scrub. Oh the signs you are getting old, when you get excited to buy face wash.

[five] My sister in law's twin sister had her baby yesterday. Baby Olivia (so cute). So, they are niece is already 1 year old (Natalie) and Olivia was just born two days ago. Look how SIMILAR they look as infants!!!  It will be really interesting to see how alike they look as Olivia grows up. I can't wait.

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November 13, 2013

personalized license plates?

This is not my car.  But I was sitting behind it at a traffic light on my way into work this morning.

But let's step back a minute...You know the drill: Wake up (usually on the wrong side of the bed), slump into the bathroom to fix that rat's nest of hair on your head, brush your teeth, slap on some face paint, pack your lunch and run out the door.

Well, that's the way for me at least.

A lot of times I wake up grouchy because I don't feel like leaving my cozy bed (especially being it's so cold outside!), driving an hour to work only to walk in dealing with stupid shit like changing my boss' printer cartridge or find that my computer doesn't want to load Microsoft Office properly.  Why am I (most of us) like that?  I mean, what is so damn hard in waking up and saying "Thank you, I get to spend another day on this [lovely <--yeah rite] earth" instead of  "OMFG LEAVE ME ALONE".  

This simple little personalized license plate shed some light in my life this morning.

I should be thankful that I wake up each morning as a healthy individual.  I am living. I have a husband. Two cats that LOVE ME (or I love them more), I have a job, and a means of transportation everyday, I can paint my nails any color I want (lol really, did I write that?), dress how I want, friends & family who are there for me... you know the list goes on and on.

In the words of Ferris Bueller:

Seriously, isn't that true though?

I really need to start living and less complaining. After all, LIFE IS GOOD.

November 12, 2013

No title necessary for a fabulous weekend

You know when you have one of those weekends where you never want it to end?  That was this weekend for me.  It started off with me cancelling on going out for drinks Friday night, but I had a good reason, I had a car appointment at the dealership which is 40 minutes away from where I currently live, at SEVEN THIRTY AM. What in sam's hell was I thinking when I made that appointment? Anyway, Friday was awesome because I watched the Hunger Games (for the 500th time) in preparation for November 22nd when Catching Fire comes out.

Am I the only one who is insanely excited for the movie?  I just loved Katniss and Peeta's relationship in the first book and I'm excited how they bring to life the hardships they deal with from the 2nd.  I'm excited for the costumes, especially during the chariot ride into the stadium.  I am about 3/4 of the way through the book (for the 2nd time as a refresher) and there are so many good parts that I completely forgot about.  I'm totally pumped.

So, with waking up at 6:30am, to be out the door by 6:45 for a stupid car appointment, comes great attitudes. ESPECIALLY when you hit every. single. traffic light on route 9 in Lakewood.  For those of you who are familiar with NJ and Lakewood, you know my frustrations.  There are no rules on this route 9, and it's not even like a highway in that town.  It's just annoying. And you are sure to hit every traffic light, especially when you're rushing.  So anyway, I made my way to the dealership, to get caught behind an extremely slow moving truck and non-volkswagen car going into the place.  I was extremely annoyed because they were pulling in the Mercedes driveway (which connects with the VW dealership) and so I swired around them and barreled into the parking lot Cruella DeVille style.

Of course this woman in the non-VW car is coming to the dealership for an appointment at 7:30am just like me.  I mean, what was she doing there anyway? Go home, you don't own a VW. So of course, me being all frazzled and huffy puffy that I was 3 minutes late caught behind grand-mama & the truck, I had an attitude. And it didn't help that the attendant at the front desk was like Mr. Egg from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.  I mean honestly, the man must of had like five expressos, he was way to peppy for that hour in the morning on a Saturday.  So me with my jerky attitude and Miss Caroline Sunshine waiting behind me, I was embarrassed as hell walking out after dropping off the car (and I'm sure they snickered about me saying something like "what a bad attitude! hardy har har!").

What do you do when you have a bad attitude and no coffee to lift your spirits? Go the the reservoir for a five mile run, that's what! OK, I totally had it planned because it's on the way to the I wish I could say I just up and decided to run, but I had gone ready in my gear.

I know you all saw and loved this pic on instagram :)  I'm totally excited that it took us 56 minutes to do the course. That's an 11 minute and some odd seconds mile.  For it being REALLY cold, and having not ran outside in ages, I'm totally impressed. But boy was I paying for it on Sunday!!! I could barely walk around the house, and going up and down the stairs? um. wasn't happening. I felt like I was ran over by a mac truck.

So Sunday, what do you think me and Mike did?? We went to another reservoir (more local to us) and walked/jogged/ran AGAIN. Except I could only last a little over 2 1/2 miles. But I was really excited because I wanted to show off my new outdoor running outfit. Bahaha so pathetic.  But I got these really cute fuzzy wuzzy was a bear leggings and an outerwear shirt/jacket half zip up thing and a cute little polkadot head band and let's just say I was looking and feeling the part.

We ended the weekend on a great note with a beef stew that I made Sunday after coming home from our run.  It wasn't as great as last time I made it and I think it's because I used "beef chuck" / stew meat vs actual steak pieces.  Next time I make it again I'll use the steak pieces because it really makes it so much tastier. Regardless, it was a simple and easy dinner and that's just what I love.

What wasn't so great was our Comcast cable box blew out (Mike insists on blaming me but I didn't touch it!) and we still have no cable on our good TV so I refused to watch Revenge and Sleepy Hollow.