July 31, 2013

weekend wednesdays

Do you remember that time when I was on a roll posting on the blog, and then I just sort of disappeared? The weekend happened.  Solid reason. Right?

I'm really in no mood to write a novel about the weekend though, so you'll just have to deal with some pictures with captions.

Friday: Campfires...they are always fun, no matter what! Surprisingly, I didn't get eaten alive like usually.
Me, my husband's sister, his mom, his Uncle and his girlfriend.  Doesn't my leg look really strange?

Saturday: The night me and my best friend thought it would be okay to consume 1 liter of wine.

I made a delicious Pinterest recipe that turned out to be very tasteful.  It was a Caprese Lasgana Roll up.  I actually took photos of the entire prep process, and forgot to take a picture of it after it was baked!! I will post the recipe at some point.

This is how we looked prior to drinking. We didn't even plan our matching stripes.

Wine and Scattegories are always a good time.
Peanut really hated me at that moment. 
Then somehow it turned to midnight and some sick stomachs.  We ran out of the wine you saw above, so we decided it would be a good idea to drink the rest of the Barefoot Pinot Grigio from my fridge, that had been sitting in there for a good month or longer.  It had one of those super suction sealer corks in it, so that's good, but that's literally what put us over the edge.  As soon as they left, I ran upstairs and barfed like nobody's business.  This resulted in me passing out on the bathroom floor and waking up around 9 am with an EXTREME hangover Sunday morning.  Just great, because I had to drive up to north Jersey for a birthday party.  Thank god my mother was driving because I felt so sick, the entire morning.  It's now Wednesday and I will tell you my throat still has not recovered from that episode Saturday night.

I was even more disappointed with myself when I found out we were going to a Portuguese restaurant, and they had so many pitchers of Sangria.  I couldn't even look at it without feeling nauseous.

So for being hungover, I guess I don't look that bad!

We ended our weekend on a sad note.  I received a phone call that someone in our family had passed away. Too young and so sad.  Of course out of respect for my family I don't want to write about it on here but I was just in such a somber mood Monday from the wake that I really just wasn't up for posting.

In other news, I have two exciting announcements.  Actually three.

The most minor of them all, my BIRTHDAY is in 21 days!!! WOO-HOOOOO!

Secondly, I've been wearing my glasses now, 24/7 (it TOTALLY sucks in sunlight, and they bruise my nose!) BECAUSE. . . .  I'M GETTING LASIK!  That happens 2 days before my birthday.  Happy Freaking Birthday to me, right?!?

Lastly, I'm going to Myrtle Beach, SC!  There have been some scary rumors (that will most likely come true, just not sure if it will affect me or coworkers) that there will be layoffs.  In fact, NJ Workforce just announced for my site alone 113 layoffs as of October 1st. W. T. F.  Anyway, as you can imagine, I'm upset about this, and wondering what time I will have left in the company, and I still have vacation time left!  Since Mexico was a TOTAL bust, I'm going to road trip it down to SC for the Labor Day Week / Weekend.  So so exciting. I can't wait :)

So that's whats been going on with me in a nutshell.  Let's see how long it takes me before I have my next glass of wine!

July 26, 2013

i'm not feeling very high-fivey for Friday today.

I'm just gonna go and let it all air out today guys.

I'm not having a good day, or week, or month for that matter. Maybe I can even go more debbie-downer on you and say that I'm not having a good year. I wish I could say I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.

Family. The one group of people you can rely on when things go bad...right? No. Not exactly in my book. Right now, I feel like I am so alone (me and my husband) and we have no one to turn to.  We've been burned before by our family members (siblings and cousins) and I'm just to the point where I can't give anyone anymore chances. I can say that our parents have been there for us, but I know that in my personal family, I'm the one who's always getting blamed for things when they go wrong.. I'm the baby in the family. It's always easy to point fingers but at what point are people going to man up and admit their wrong-doings?

There is so much going on that I don't even know where to start. A major reason why I've been away from the blog, deleted my old blog and just haven't been around to say much.  I'm hurt, and I just don't know what to do. I try so hard to please everyone, and it never gets recognized.  Instead, I end up getting shit for things. I have two sister-in-laws from hell, one that is about to be divorced from the family (so sad), and brothers that I don't exactly see eye to eye with.

I've put up with some crazy shit from these two SIL's that I should be awarded for it. Snarky looks, bitchy comments behind my back, make appointments to see my own friggen niece. I've never once felt welcomed in my own BROTHER's home.  I get questioned why I'm never around to see my neice, that they want her to get to know her Aunt and Uncle.  How is that supposed to happen when they won't work with my schedule, already have plans with HER best friends, or better yet, give me daggers in their eyes every time I do actually show up at the front door? [rant about my brother's wife]

How am I supposed to build a relationship with my new sister in law if she doesn't give me the time of day? I get that she has a busy retail schedule, but on your days off when you know a week in advance, you can't think of connecting with me? My mother in law wants to badly for me and her daughter to be friends. I told her flat out, it just isn't happening.  We had a fight at her Uncle's party (really classy, I know. I'm even embarrassed myself) that I later found out she's been mad at me for over a year since my wedding that I "started pictures with out her". Really? I wasn't in charge of the day, my photographers were.  You went off because you were pissed about your hair and ended up taking shots and were nowhere to be found.  I mean, this girl couldn't think to confront me about this the entire summer after my wedding? No. She let it brew for a good year and blew up on me in February, the month before my 1 year anniversary. [rant about my husband's sister]

Just last night, I got a whole heep of shit from my brother and mom.  I was looked at like I was a devious, self-centered sister who has no time for family. I didn't help pack my brother up as they are moving from their house. If I backtrack, we are both wrong.  Over the weekend, we ended on the note "text me if you end up wanting the help" "yeah i'll call you", and I never heard boo.  Meanwhile, all over facebook it was known that her best friends were helping them all weekend, and her sisters and their husbands. I ended up making plans with an old friend and told my mother the day before and she simply answered with "oh thats nice, i didn't know that you had firmed up the plans with her" and I replied "Yes, we are definatley getting together- we're going to blah blah blah..." and that was that.  Needless to say, I got questioned where I was and I said I was going to help" and then my mom tag teamed and asked me the same thing.  Are you freaking kidding me?  Her answer was that she didn't put two and two together... so I replied, "in other words, you're a HUMAN and FORGOT... just like I did".

What gets me is that my one brother always makes out my actions to be accusatory against him, when that's not the case at all.  There is so much I could elaborate on, but at this point I'm sure no one is reading this.

My other brother and sister-in-law are going through a divorce. Words cannot even begin to describe how deeply saddened I am by this.  Two poor innocent little girls will probably grow up not knowing their father. But then again, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.  Someone who once acted as my role model no longer lives up to that. I feel helpless towards her because they live in the middle of the country where I am on the east coast.  I can only be there for her via text phone and email.  It's just so sad.

I wish I knew how to explain my frustrations better.  I'm just to the point where so many things have happened between my husband and I's siblings, that it's not even worth it to try anymore.

July 25, 2013

10 games that I miss playing! TBT

Before the days of Farmville, Webkinz and Candy Crush, kids actually played outside. I would say anyone born after the year 2000 doesn't know what it's like to break a sweat throwing a ball at someone, or trying to keep the sun out of your eyes in sudden death or extra baseball innings, or trying to catch a lightening bug for that matter.

Ask a kid to go run through sprinklers today, and you'll probably get a reaction like this:

actually, no.. you probably wouldn't. kids aren't that kind today. they are more like:

You know that look... the 
"I hate you, get out of my face, where's my cell phone I need to snapchat with my BFF!" look.

Let's take this time to remember some of the fantastic games we used to play OUTSIDE in the 90's as kids.

1. SPUD.!
S-P-U-D-PERIOD-EXCLAMATION POINT!  By far one of the dumbest games that I've ever played. Does anyone remember this, or did my brothers and his friends make this up?  Every player gets a number and crowds around the person who is “it” for that round. Then “It” then tosses a ball (like a kickball or soccer ball) straight up and the other players run away. As the ball reaches the top of its toss, “it” calls out the number of one of the other players and then runs away also. The player whose number was called must run back and catch the ball (or chase after it if it is bouncing around). Once that person has the ball, they yell, “Spud!” Then everyone else must freeze. The person with the ball must try to hit one of the players with the ball. If they do, that new person gets a letter (first S, then P, then U, then D) and is now “it.” If they miss, the person who threw the ball is “it” for the next round.

2. Mother May I?
Another dumb one, but that didn't stop me from playing it.  There was a "mother", and "children".  The mother would stand at the top (of the driveway in my case) and the children would stand about 25 feet away. the children would ask "Mother may I take.....3 SKIPS!" and she would either say yes or no. She would choose another child and the child could then ask, "Mother may I take 10 giant steps". Chances are she'd say no. You wouldn't want to be too greedy!!

3. Red light, Green light.
one- two- three! this was ALWAYS fun. the Stop light (a child lol) would yell "Green light!" and you had the chance to run up to the stop light but you had to be careful, because at any moment they could yell "Red light!" and if you were caught moving, you were OUT! The person to reach the stop light first would then be the next to call out Red Light/Green Light.

4. Miss Mary Mack.
Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, All dressed in black, black, black, With silver buttons, buttons, buttons, All down her back, back, back.  She asked her mother, mother, mother, For 50 cents, cents, cents, To see the elephants, elephants, elephants, Jump over the fence, fence, fence. They jumped so high, high, high They reached the sky, sky, sky And they didn't come back, back, back 'Til the 4th of July, ly, ly!

     Bahahahahaha oh my god. seriously? this was accompanied by a really awesome hand clapping routine          that I couldn't do today if I tried my hardest.

You know this game. Tennis ball, metal bat, and mailboxes and puddles that served as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base.  This was always so fun. But I recall how badly I sucked at hitting the ball, so I never really enjoyed it all that much. And playing outfield in the court was a time to gossip about when me and my friend were meeting for the Silly Sisters Club next.

    5a. Homerun Derby
    5b. Run the Bases

6. Pretend Clubs.
Not the kind you dance in. The kind you make up binders for, membership cards, and have weekly meetings in.  Oh yes, we had quite a few, me and Colleen.  The Silly Sisters Club (SSC) met once a week in the cave between her house and the neighbors.  We even voted one time if this girl could be in our 2-person club.  Even though she was considerably younger and brought no value to the club, we let her in anyway.
7. Running through sprinklers.
There is no explanation for this. Doing a kartwheel through the sprinkler was by far the best thing about summer. And Freeze pops.

8. Freeze Tag.
Grab your neighborhood kids and gather in a big group. Count to three and hope to god you aren't the last person to say "NOT IT!"  If you are, you are "it", meaning you are the one who has to run around (getting tired very quickly!) and tag people.  If you are tagged, you must freeze in the position you were tagged in, until a friend comes and untags you by crawling underneath your legs. HAHA.

9. Simon Says.
Late 90's kids might think I am referring to SIMON, the electronic memory, light up game... but I'm not. What I am talking about however is, "Simon says 'Follow Lauren's Blog!'", at this time, it would be wise of you to follow along. If not, you are out.  Simon says "stand on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your belly!". Did you do it? Oh good!

Handsdown the BEST game of the summer.  It's just starting to get dark, let's go. You rush through your dinner so you don't miss out.  Usually a 730pm start time would be involved.  Boundaries would be Mr. Smiths driveway to Mrs. Jane Doe's and everything in between. Home base would be the giant flag pole on Curly Sue's front lawn.  Seeker would count to 100. Hiders-run for your life. I've found from personal experience that great hiding spots would be inside garbage cans (that were empty of course!!), underneath parked cars, inside the baby play house, inside the woods in some private area, and obviously somewhere close to the home base! This game could go on for hours. And no one would ever get sick of it.

Honorable Mention: Capture the Flag & SkipIt

How I miss those days!

July 24, 2013

inspiration from simba and rafiki!

So Sarah and Helene wants to know: What inspires us? Well for me, a lot of things, but I would have to say that most of the time, it's the annoyances during the day, or the cute things my cats do...like this:
I know that they are cute.  I've turned the best of dog lovers into cat lovers.  Ask my best friend, Rachel.

Now understand that there are sub categories for the annoyances during the day.  They can range from any of the following:

I'll tell you, I really struggle sometimes coming up with content for the blog.  What if what I write isn't funny enough, or clever, or heartfelt.  What do the readers like to see?  I look to other bloggers like Michelle, Jennifer, and Sarah for inspiration.  I find funny articles or pictures on People.com or Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.  Who doesn't love good gossip like Miley's Molly video?

Rafiki is also a good source for a blog post too. 

To sum all this up in three simple words: Circle of Life.

That's my inspiration.

Venus Trapped in Mars

Have you joined me on twitter yet? If not, you should! :)

July 23, 2013

things i wondered. part 1 of ?

I just love starting this blog post with a disappointed Jess face. It is so accurate on how I am feeling lately.

To start, I had my coffee mug on the roof of my car when I parked in the garage at work.  I was getting my things from the passenger side (with the door wide open), and this stupid mug decides that it's just going to fall right off, in the most ungraceful way possible, and spill all over my passenger seat, the windows of the rear passenger, and half of it on to the floor.  It was a miracle that it didn't get on my crispy white pants.  But to make matters even more annoying, I knocked it over again while trying to frantically find some paper towels, or starbucks napkins in my glove box. So more of it is gone. Ok, no problem. Why don't I just drop my badge in the pool of coffee while I'm at it too? and THEN, I kid you not, I spilled the mug on my desk just an hour ago.  It's been a bad start to the day.

I have a bunch of questions that don't require answers, they are more, Things I'm wondering today.

  • It's freezing.  Can't these clowns get the temperature right in the office? 
  • fashion bloggers, and their look down and smile at the dirty ground pictures, why?
  • people complaining about their significant others...it's not nice! my coworker does this ALL the time, and thanks to all her stories, i just see him as one big bump on a log.
  • wearing any thing light with a black bra. stop. you look white trash.
    • and coming into work with your hair wet, in a half up half down, the half up portion in a bun, with a SCRUNCHIE and a CLAW on top of that. WHAT?!
  • Leg hair has grown half an inch from this cold air, when I just shaved them this morning
  • Why do I blame the weather on not going to the gym
  • I'm wondering how Mike is doing today on his interviews
  • Why is it such a task for me to walk to the ladies room? I'd rather hold it all day than get up off my ass and go there.
  • I already ate my chips and salsa and i fear i'm starting to smell like an onion
  • I love the fact I'm saving money by staying at my parents but I hate staying there because they eat garbage processed food, all the time!
  • People who are always coughing need to invest in a throat losenger...
  • The fact I have NO work to do seriously scares me
#endrant for the carefree portion of todays post. Thank you for listening :)

On a more serious note: I am feeling, somewhat sad when it comes to blogger. I feel neglected lately.  I blame this on myself.  I up and deleted my old blog without even letting my blog-friends know. I can't help but wonder if they feel hurt and don't want to take the time to recognize my new space on the internet for this reason.  I know that people have lives outside of blogger and it's really unfair of me to judge how or when they follow along with me.  And it's even sad that I think I'm the reason they haven't been by. Full of myself, much?  Yes, maybe.  But who isn't?  Should I have not bought a domain? {it was only $3.00 on godaddy.com!}  Why is it hard for people to commit to a blog by "following" them? It's easier to just type in the web address and read that way?  Why am I getting upset about a stupid number? I don't get how the internet could make me feel so insecure. But it does, as I'm sure it does for others too.  Also, I feel like some of my relationships with certain people have taken a turn down the abandoned lane. Is it me? Is it them? Is it that we don't mix well together?  What do you do when you have the blogger blues??

July 22, 2013

food, shopping, animals.

Hi, my name is Lauren and I like to make a habit of posting photos of myself in my bathing suit on the blog.  


I've come to the conclusion that my weekends always consist of three things in the summer. Pool, food, and beer.  That really doesn't sound half bad, does it? If I'm lucky, I'm usually drinking Sam's Summer or Summer Shandy however yesterday, I gladly accepted a good, old-fashioned Coors Light (not shown below). 

The food of the weekend:  Friday night: Grilled Chicken over Salad. One word: SCRUMPTIOUS.  I marinated two [frozen] chicken breasts with olive oil, S&P, garlic and onion powder, and a little bit a cumin which gave it just the right amount of flare to it.   My mom introduced me to shaved parmesan cheese during the week so I had that as well, and all fresh ingredients for the salad.  I grilled the chicken, being careful to only flip it once and I got use of my meat thermometer which worked like a charm.

Saturday night: Cilantro-lime flank steak.  Not my first choice of a meat cut, but this was one of the best non-filet type meats I've ever had.  Don't get too excited - I didn't make this myself (as in create the flavors). Costco sells pre-made meals that you just basically heat up yourself.  It was cheap, around $13-$15 dollars depending on the size of the meat, and so worth it.  I've never had steak any other way that how it's served in a restaurant.  It was pleasantly good! Served with new jersey corn on the cob and again, a salad.

Sunday night: Hake loin with a roasted pineapple & habanero glaze.  Again, courtesy of Costco. sort of.  We enjoyed a sample of this on Saturday and couldn't stop thinking about it so I ran out Sunday morning to buy it.  The hake were frozen filets basically, and the sauce was separate.  Baked in the oven at 400 degrees, however next time I think I'll grill it. It was really tasty (and only 90 calories!!).  For non-fish eaters, it basically tasted like chicken!!

So if you haven't gathered from my food choices, Mike and I are on a "eat better foods" type diet.  We got wrapped up eating a bunch of garbage between Memorial Day and July 4th and figured that it's time we start eating healthier.  I can't say how long this will last because there's only so much I can do to avoid Rotel queso dip and fried ravioli (target market pantry brand, thank you!).

I know a couple of you have seen this photo on instagram, and yes I'm breaking "blogging rules" by posting this on my blog but it's too cute to pass up (minus the fact I have zero make up on).  My buddy, and best fur-friend. Linus. I love him!! Every single morning, he is right next to me.  Such a nice way to wake up :)

I also partook in a little bit of shopping this weekend.  Probably not the greatest idea, with an upcoming procedure that is expensive in a couple of weeks.....(yes i went there...discreet sentence!!) but I couldn't help myself.  And I NEEDED the items I bought. Ok, maybe I didn't need them. But my wardrobe was extremely excited to welcome home three new items to the club.

The first item was a new button down short sleeve shirt, for something going on in August.  Will be revealed after the day I wear it.  Remind me in a couple of weeks, okay?  And then the next two items:

I'm so excited about the stripped mini skirt it's not even funny.  That was such a great deal.  I was thinking of pairing it with a hot pink tank top (plain -- the kinds from target), what do you think?   I've been searching for another pair of longer jean shorts and I didn't feel like spending another $30 on the jean shorts from American Eagle.  I saw these in H&M and decided to pick up a pair.  They are just right.  

I love a good shopping day.

How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans

July 19, 2013

I'm one highfalutin' son of a gun!

I really, really love finding old mix-CDs. Long lost and forgotten about until one day, like yesterday for example you stumble upon a BOX full of them in your parents' garage.  I know I hit the jackpot when I saw "LK & CB <3 AC 8/2007" in there. I know that 2007 isn't exactly ancient but let's face it, 6 years ago is long ago.  I sprinted to my car yesterday anticipating what was on this CD, but I really wanted it to be a surprise for me on my way to work this morning.  I shoved it in the car and quickly turned off and went back in the house.  Boy that AC Mix tape did NOT disappoint.

First song: KING OF NEW YORK by the Newsies.  I remembered every single word.  In fact, it got me so pepped up for my long 4 hour work day today that I can't wait to get out of here and watch it this evening. Yes, I own it on DVD. Who doesn't?

"What's the matter with you? You in the paps you're famous! you're famous, you get anything you want! That's whats so great about New York!"

Did anyone forget that CHRISTIAN BALE is in this movie?? He was. I'll let you take a minute and look at him and his cute self.

Another couple of songs: O.A.R. "Love and Memories", Michael Jackson "Will You Be There" (FREE WILLY!!!), Newsies "Seize the Day", The Startling Line "This Ride"**, The Verve Pipe "The Freshman", Sean Kingston "Me Love" (LOL), Jack's Mannequin "Dark Blue", Journey "Anyway You Want It", Sublime "Santeria", SAVAGE GARDEN "Crash and Burn" (OH MY GOD. OBSESSED), and last but CERTAINLY not least: a song from A Goofy Movie: "After Today". 

ok... that wasn't exactly a couple of songs, but all of them are just too good not to share!! so, really I'm getting to the point of why I'm liking up with I Wore Yoga Pants.

The ultimate best throwback song that was on this mix CD, that I'm dedicated to #backthatazzup Friday is:

If that song doesn't motivate you to work out, I don't know what else will!

**:  Do you all have a song, that no matter what, when, where it comes on that you just JAM out?! The Starting Line's "This Ride" does it to me everytime.  I was that person in my car this morning jamming on my steering wheel as if they were drums, bopping my head like I was a rocker, it was really a great show.

July 18, 2013

Marty McFly is seriously confused.

So I probably owe everyone a big explanation as to what happened to the LO down.  I didn't email anyone to let them know that I permanently shut down my old blog.  I just kind of popped up out of the blue and started commenting on some of your blogs with my new site, and a few of you were like "Huh?? who? what?"  I'm sorry to do that!

Let me explain.  So much has been going on in my personal life that I do not wish to disclose on a public blog to complete strangers.  I'm sorry for that.  I will let you know that my old blog was tied to my personal email account and things haven't been looking the best for me at my current place of employment so I've been applying like crazy to new jobs...with that email...that's tied to the blog. I got to a point that if I googled my whole name, things would show up that I blogged about, or pictures of me.  I don't want that, and I'm sure most of you could understand this.  Also, most of my blog post have been written during the hours of 8-11am, which clearly is a time that I should be "working" !

Anyway, I deleted everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything.  It was sad for me to do that because I really liked some of the content from my old blog.  Some of my favorites being Rules for Driving in NJ, Coworkers you love to work with, and Gym-etiquette. But it had to be done, and now here I am, back and as good as new.

So, now that I've explained that one, its Thursday (Already?? isn't that awesome!) and obviously that means:

Here's how it works....
1. Be our friends!

2. Write a post about your past: anything... really... we don't care!

3. Grab our button or link back to us!
*be sure to hop around and meet new friends*

The hosts


George W. Bush was our president for the 2nd time, London experienced bomb attacks in July, and Hurricane Katrina was the USA's biggest disaster since 9/11.  These were some of the top news stories that year. But I'm not here to talk tragedy on the peanut program today, so let's tune into something a little more carefree:

2005: Also known as The year of Abercrombie & Fitch jean skirts and leggings with flip flops or UGG boots

See below incase you have forgotten about this amazing style

I'm sorry I wasn't able to find you a picture showing the flip flops...

oh wait,

my sisters and I decided it would be appropriate to wear matching outfits to a rush party.

if you can't read what my shirt says, allow me to write it out for you:

Mini -Van

Mega - Fun!

I know Marty, I'm just as confused as you are.


until next time!

July 16, 2013

late anniversary, early birthday

Don't you just love early birthday presents?? I certainly do. But before I talk about my upcoming birthday, I will back track to March/April.  On March 31st, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!! We went to Niagara Falls and it was extremely cold but such a wonderful sight to see.  He had a few gift ideas in mind, but of course being the man he is, he wanted to ask me first what I would prefer.  Most girls would be annoyed by this, I am grateful.  I would much rather prefer a gift that I asked for, than a surprise with something that I don't like.  That sounds totally snobby, but it's true.  If I don't like something, I have the HARDEST time accepting it and acting like I like it.  Out comes the bold personality in me. Anyway....we came back from our trip and I was feeling bummed that I still didn't receive a present so he took me out and he bought me the Isaac Mizrahi perfume.  At first I LOVED it.  I got the idea from a co-worker who started wearing the samples she got from Lord and Taylor to work.  I just thought it was such a nice, refreshing scent that didn't leave me with a headache.

We bought the perfume, but the sales lady loaded me up with free samples.  So naturally, I have been using the samples ever since.  Well I just about ran out two weeks ago and tried to use the actual bottle of perfume.  It was a gift set that came with a lotion, a shower gel (who uses that stuff?) and an adorable polka dot umbrella, in the cutest circular box.  Think of a hat box, but smaller. I threw the box away because the top just would not sit properly.  I go to spray the perfume, and it doesn't come out! What the. . .  I said, okay, its brand new, enough perfume didn't get into the tube to come out. Oh I was pumping what seemed like for a good minute before I decided that I just got a dud of a bottle. Wah :(

I look at my receipt and I'm literally 5 days away from the return period expiring.  I hate going to the mall. Shocker- right? Ever since I moved out I just never go anymore. Target, Marshalls and Kohl's are my main shops nowadays.  So, we went to the mall on a Friday night (what were we thinking) and I returned the perfume.  I wish i could say the return was as easy as me writing it.  It's a really long story but the fact is, we got our $80.00 back.  So now, I am left without an anniversary present and my birthday is rolling around in another month so......

in comes Marshall's to the rescue!

We had to go to Kohl's (in the same complex as Marshall's) to return a shirt I bought.  I got it in the store and it was really cute, but then tried it on at home and just didn't look right. You know how that goes. I begged Mike to "just take a quick look!!" in Marshall's.  Smart man, his response was "it's never just a quick look, we end up spending at least 20 minutes in there every time!"  Now think what you want, but I am someone who doesn't like to go shopping alone.  I really should invest in some girlfriends down by me.  But being the loyal guy he is, of course he comes with.  I do my usual routine, stroll through the clothes that are staring directly at you when you walk in, turn right and check out the dresses, then skip down to the purse aisle where I see. . .


a cognac Michael Kors cross body bag??? YES!

My eyes lit up like it was Christmas time. It was larger than most cross body bags I've seen so I was worried about the price tag.  Ladies, it was only $150.00.  that is a big 'hell yes I'm buying it' in my book. It was originally $248 so I'm just thrilled.  It's a really nice size on the inside too.  it has a phone pocket under the flap, and also a pocket in the back (not shown), and fits basically everything I need for the day.

While we are at it, What's in my bag?

Nook. Eyeglass case, pretend Wallet, eye drops, car keys, invisalign case.  Pretty rad, right?

So my birthday is next month, and I promised Mike that he doesn't have to get me a gift.  Do you think I'll end up finding another present for my birthday??

July 15, 2013

thank goodness for the weekend update link up!

oh Monday.  I really dislike you!! Every Sunday night, no matter what I do, I can NEVER sleep.  It's quite irritating.  I like to believe that I'm the only one that suffers from this problem so then it makes my complaining about it less annoying the following day.  You are reading this probably saying 'get over it'.  I know I should, i mean really - it's 3:30 in the afternoon, but in reality, this is what i look like right now:

haha. no. oh no. I wish I was enthused as good old LC was in that gif. so anyway, we got over the fact that it's Monday, so maybe it is about time to move forward to my weekend recap.

It was a weekend full of raging parties.  Saturday night was my best friend's husband's 30th surprise party.  Except it really wasn't much of a surprise at all.  I believe the tent, tables and chairs that were delivered Thursday gave it away. It poured by the way. I got that dress at Target. I LOVE it so much.  It was on the clearance rack for $19.98. If you ask me- that isn't much of a "clearance". But nothing I had in my closet was sitting well on me so I decided last minute on the drive up to stop there and change in the car. What? Don't act like you haven't done that before.  Sunday, I attended a 2 year old birthday party. You know how those parties go.  Tons of toddlers, food, and booze. I love a good summer shandy on a hot summer's day.  . So--do you think i liked sporting my hair like that on a daily basis? No thank you. 

I thought this picture was too cute to pass up.  I love Saturday mornings. Coffee and reading, or catching up on my social media from Friday night.  Do you see that cat? The nerve of him sitting on my welcome table!  Obviously I was so pissed at him that I went straight to Petsmart and bought him and Peanut new collars.  His glows in the dark and it's pretty freaking awesome.  Lastly, a pic of my new running sneakers.  Mike threw my old pair out in the GARBAGE! Thanks hun!

I DID get a new purse this weekend too.  I think I'll save that for tomorrow.

Tonight is the dreaded personal trainer session at the gym.  I really hope I'm not doing squats in the middle of the aisle like half the people I've seen recently.  And you know what sucks majorly? I didn't do my hair today and I have the most ridiculous bun in my hair. I have to shower and do a normal pony tail or else I'll look like the girl who tried to get all gussied up for the trainer. UGH.

Oh. Stay cool people. It's seriously hot out there!!

Sami's Shenanigans

July 11, 2013


i am Overwhelmed.

in a good way.

a song by Tim McMorris. it's such a beautiful song, i can't help but to think of my husband and how happy i am ever since i met him.

"like the beauty of the sun, you light my life so i can see
you make me laugh and show me how just how good this life can be,
and in our moments filled with joy, is where i live where i am free
and i, am, overwhelmed by you....and overcome with joy
you've taken me higher and shown me what love can do
where would i go? or be, without you?"

July 01, 2013

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The Peanut Program

The infamous "About Me" post

Tell me about yourself.

Why is it that these types of questions are always the hardest?

As human beings, we have no problem talking about ourselves at any given moment during the day.  Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone, and then all of a sudden you chime in, "Me too! This one time. . ." and then you just take over and start talking about yourself.  I am so guilty of this (and it's so rude!) this is one thing 'about me' I hate!

Anyway, I think the best way for me to explain myself is in short sentence fragments.  I know my sixth grade English teacher would give me a big fat F for this. But "it's my blog and I can write what I want to". Right?

 New Jersey:  
'Cause down the shore everything’s alright
You and your baby on a Saturday nightNothing matters in this whole wide world, now girl, now, nowWhen you’re in love with a Jersey girl
Like any Jersey Girl, i love my Bruce Springsteen.But piss me off? and I might go Teresa Giudice on you.

HAHA oh my gosh, i'm TOTALLY JOKING!

the girl behind the blog title and her side kick.
i instagram these babies on a daily, hourly basis. get used to it.

short and sweet but no sugar coats:
well, i'm short (5'3) and sweet but if you want to be my friend, i'm going to tell you the truth. plain and simple. if you don't like it, i'm sorry.

can we move? let's go to north carolina. ok, do you like this house in NJ? did you know that PA would only be a 30 minute ride to work?  this italian grey hound is so cute! OHMYGAWD i NEEEED this yorkie poo! do you want to go shopping?  the pool is CALLING my name.  what's for dinner? i don't know what i want. ok we are eating chicken franchese, how many times are you going to ask?? i love this michael kors purse. wow, i HAVE to get this dress in target.

yeah. you get the point.

musically noisy:
it's no secret that my husband can't STAND my noises and singing.  he's often compared me to:

girl next door:
i'm an all-american girl.
i cook, i bake, i clean, i smile.

well if this picture isn't proof in itself, i don't know what is.  american flag shirt, jean shorts, baking, clean house. what more could you want? and all of that done with a smile on my face