July 22, 2013

food, shopping, animals.

Hi, my name is Lauren and I like to make a habit of posting photos of myself in my bathing suit on the blog.  


I've come to the conclusion that my weekends always consist of three things in the summer. Pool, food, and beer.  That really doesn't sound half bad, does it? If I'm lucky, I'm usually drinking Sam's Summer or Summer Shandy however yesterday, I gladly accepted a good, old-fashioned Coors Light (not shown below). 

The food of the weekend:  Friday night: Grilled Chicken over Salad. One word: SCRUMPTIOUS.  I marinated two [frozen] chicken breasts with olive oil, S&P, garlic and onion powder, and a little bit a cumin which gave it just the right amount of flare to it.   My mom introduced me to shaved parmesan cheese during the week so I had that as well, and all fresh ingredients for the salad.  I grilled the chicken, being careful to only flip it once and I got use of my meat thermometer which worked like a charm.

Saturday night: Cilantro-lime flank steak.  Not my first choice of a meat cut, but this was one of the best non-filet type meats I've ever had.  Don't get too excited - I didn't make this myself (as in create the flavors). Costco sells pre-made meals that you just basically heat up yourself.  It was cheap, around $13-$15 dollars depending on the size of the meat, and so worth it.  I've never had steak any other way that how it's served in a restaurant.  It was pleasantly good! Served with new jersey corn on the cob and again, a salad.

Sunday night: Hake loin with a roasted pineapple & habanero glaze.  Again, courtesy of Costco. sort of.  We enjoyed a sample of this on Saturday and couldn't stop thinking about it so I ran out Sunday morning to buy it.  The hake were frozen filets basically, and the sauce was separate.  Baked in the oven at 400 degrees, however next time I think I'll grill it. It was really tasty (and only 90 calories!!).  For non-fish eaters, it basically tasted like chicken!!

So if you haven't gathered from my food choices, Mike and I are on a "eat better foods" type diet.  We got wrapped up eating a bunch of garbage between Memorial Day and July 4th and figured that it's time we start eating healthier.  I can't say how long this will last because there's only so much I can do to avoid Rotel queso dip and fried ravioli (target market pantry brand, thank you!).

I know a couple of you have seen this photo on instagram, and yes I'm breaking "blogging rules" by posting this on my blog but it's too cute to pass up (minus the fact I have zero make up on).  My buddy, and best fur-friend. Linus. I love him!! Every single morning, he is right next to me.  Such a nice way to wake up :)

I also partook in a little bit of shopping this weekend.  Probably not the greatest idea, with an upcoming procedure that is expensive in a couple of weeks.....(yes i went there...discreet sentence!!) but I couldn't help myself.  And I NEEDED the items I bought. Ok, maybe I didn't need them. But my wardrobe was extremely excited to welcome home three new items to the club.

The first item was a new button down short sleeve shirt, for something going on in August.  Will be revealed after the day I wear it.  Remind me in a couple of weeks, okay?  And then the next two items:

I'm so excited about the stripped mini skirt it's not even funny.  That was such a great deal.  I was thinking of pairing it with a hot pink tank top (plain -- the kinds from target), what do you think?   I've been searching for another pair of longer jean shorts and I didn't feel like spending another $30 on the jean shorts from American Eagle.  I saw these in H&M and decided to pick up a pair.  They are just right.  

I love a good shopping day.

How was your weekend?

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  1. A- you look amazing in that bikini! B- that food sound amazing! C- love the new purchases!!!

  2. Fun weekend! You are making me so hungry!!

  3. You are adorable in that swim suit, so don't even go there! :) Cute buys! I see you have on the sandals too, with a top knot! Look at you getting all fancy on me!

  4. Is the skirt Navy or Black? Either way I think it will look perfect with a hot pink tank!

  5. Loving the AE skirt, too cute!

    Your newest subscriber,

    Brooke =)

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