April 30, 2014

1st Humpday confessions!

My first ever Humpday Confessions. I got shit to get off my chest so let's just jump right into it.

+It pisses me off to no end that I can't work at home. and I cry (not really...but complain, yes) about it regularly.

+Scenario: 6 stalls in the bathroom. I'm in the stall on the far left next to the wall. Some IDIOT walks in and goes in stall immediately to my right. W T F

+11 days till my vacation. I can't wait to get the heck out of this place (work)

+I'm kind of cursing myself that I said I would DIY gel manicure instead of treating myself to the salon.  really though, i don't feel like spending the money, and mostly it's guilt because I got all new clothes for this vacation (I bargain shopped though!! that's got to count right?)

+I saw a buzzfeed article about the incoming freshman class this year, and how they will be the class of 2018. And that they probably have zero idea who/what all these 80's-90's things are. 

+I really am becoming an introvert in my old age.  Why is it so hard to small talk with people? I just can't.

+I secretly love that my recent photo on instagram got so many likes :)  It made me feel good!

+Don't understand how such highly intelligent people have absolutely ZERO COMMON SENSE.

+I haven't gone food shopping in about 2 months and I really don't know how I come up with meals at this point. But it happens anyway!

+I wish it was noon so it would be acceptable to eat my tacos for lunch. I'm hungry.

+Speaking of tacos, I recently discovered fish tacos and they are AMAZING.

+I get extremely jealous when bloggers have the perfect gifs to go along with their blog posts. WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM. I SEARCH HOURS and find the same ones. EVERY TIME.

+Lastly, I kinda, sorta REALLY LOVE THIS LINK UP.  Thanks Kathy!

Vodka and Soda

April 29, 2014

GFC vs. Bloglovin

I'm almost pretty certain that no one uses google friend connect anymore, so here is my new link for bloglovin! 

Vacation Series: Airport Travel & Dinner Night Outfit

Traveling.  It's hard when you are not an expert at it.  Do you find yourself constantly struggling with your carry on, your personal item (huge purse, hello? I need all the room I can get!), juggling between your wrinkled, printed on paper, cheap boarding passes, AND your passport??! AM I RIGHT!? Let's not even begin to discuss getting through security! It's a nightmare!  Here is what I plan to wear on my upcoming trip to St. Lucia. Fingers crossed this little ensemble helps me navigate like a pro (at 5am in the morning I might add!)
Airport Travel

Dress: I actually got this dress in a light heather grey and white. The grey was speaking to me. I think it's so adorable and the cotton makes it really easy to move around in.

Leggings: I can hide my white leggings underneath the maxi while I'm on the plane. I know how cold they get.

Flops: Any flops will do (preferably the ones you plan to wear at the pool), I have havaianas and they are great.

My hat: I will not wear this the entire time on the plane, I don't want to be THAT person who's so overly excited to go to the carribbean. However, I don't want it getting smashed up in my suitcase so on the plane it will come with me.

Bag:  I just ordered the O.M.G. bag by Lo & Sons.  I can never find a carry-on bag that I love. Let's hope I love this one or I plan on returning it.  For the sake of matching, I chose the navy one for this post, however the black with gold hardware came back in stock and it has a lavender lining inside. Really cute.  When it comes in the mail, I plan to do a "What's in my Carry On Bag?" Post.

So yesterday I posted a photo to instagram asking you all if I should keep the dress below for vacation. I believe the over all consensus was a big fat Y E S!  To say I LOVE this dress is totally an understatement. A while back I saw this dress on someone's blog (shout out to whoever that was) and at the time I checked the price, it was $85.00. UM No. Actually, HELL NO to that. I'm sorry, I am not spending $85 on a dress I am not even sure if it's going to fit me or not.  Well I checked it out again (months later seriously) and they still had it in my size AND it was on sale! So I saw not one, not two, but THREE opportunities for this dress. So at $60.00, that would make it $20.00 per each time I wear it (3x) [does anyone else do this?] that is more like it.  St Lucia, a wedding, and LAS VEGAS.  This is how I plan to style my dress. Not really much styling to do!

Vacation - Dinner Night Outfit

TFNC white dress / Steve madden sandals / ASOS clutch / Minicci - Women's Rhinestone Cabochon Necklace | Payless Shoes

What do you usually wear on the plane for vacation and do you think this is a good outfit choice for a dinner night in the carribbean?

April 27, 2014

So you want to be a fashion blogger?

I say that you get the hell out of here. What IS that photo up above? How the heck do these fashion bloggers take such glamorous photos of themselves? I have one word for this picture: AWKWARD.  The hand-on-hip pose is the only pose I know. Maybe this picture would have been good if the stupid red car wasn't behind me (by the way, it isn't mine). Or how about if the ridiculously uncomfortable high heels were in the picture. That would have been nice.  Maybe I should just crop it to a head shot and I can send it in as an ad for Ray Bans.  I think I'm sporting those pretty well :)

So incase you missed it (and I know you did because it had no traffic to the post), I welcomed myself back into the blogging world on Friday.  It was nothing special but just a small explanation for where I've been the past three months.  Actually, it really didn't tell you too much so you don't even have to read it.  But I felt I owed some sort of hello post before I just jumped back into posting on the regular.

Isn't that dress cute? If you don't think so, just tell me it is anyway because I love it that much.  Cynthia Rowley for $29.99 at Marshall's....can't beat that.  I'm really feeling stripes lately as about 3/4 of my wardrobe consists of it.  I wore this to my best friend's baby shower today.  I felt comfortable in it which means it's a dress I can wear to work, except for the fact I'd most likely freeze my ass off wearing a dress. They keep the temperatures so ridiculous.  Oh didn't you miss my nonsense rambling?

Just because it's been ages, here are two photos (combined into one) of me and my babies taken with my new camera.

I can't wait till I can get out of the "auto" feature and really test it's limits! I got the Nikon D3200.  I LOVE IT.  Anyone who says you don't need a DSLR is lying.  Okay, so maybe you don't need it.  Like I'm sure people have other more important things to spend their money on. But if you are in the market for purchasing one, I recommend it.  It's a great starter camera. Oh, and I got the camera shop from an easy shop called: TwoLittleLollipops. She has a ton of different options and at a great price tag too.  I don't know anyone that can sew so I'm glad I found her shop!

Anyway, it's 10pm (do you know where your children are?) and I'm past my bedtime by 30 minutes. See you all tomorrow!

April 25, 2014

Where I've been

Do you know how many times I've come back to this small place on the internet and wanted to update you all on my whereabouts? Too many times!  The holidays were mentally exhausting, I felt like I bit off more than I could chew and eventually everything just crumbled in my fingertips.  I can finally say I am at a {better} place than I was, however not 100% myself.

I really did miss everyone. I tried to keep up reading your blogs. Sometimes (very rare) I commented, but most of the time, I kept quiet. A few texts were exchanged here and there but mostly not.  It was good to have a break, but I'm ready to jump back in where I left off.

In two weeks, I will have my sandy toes on the beautiful beach of St. Lucia. I need this vacation so badly. Michael and I can't wait to escape the dirty state of New Jersey.  It's been too long since we've been away! (If most of you recall we had a TERRIBLE trip to Mexico last summer...I even wrote a 2 1/2 page letter to United Vacations, to get an "I'm sorry" email reply!).  I plan on enjoying every single minute of this trip, even the ridiculous flight. 4 and a half hours - - really?  Well, I suppose that's a pretty short time considering the island is 1,980 miles away! Anyway, if anyone is feeling extra generous with writing, I'm looking for a couple ladies to "guest" post for me (ahem VAL). Let me know if you'd be interested.

Oh yeah, and one major reason I ditched my old blog name, I had registered on godaddy.com for it, and was a cheapo and decided against that privacy feature...really I didn't know... well all of my information was on the internet! I couldn't believe it. So yes, this klutz is me Lauren. Don't worry!

Happy Friday, and glad to be back <3