April 29, 2014

Vacation Series: Airport Travel & Dinner Night Outfit

Traveling.  It's hard when you are not an expert at it.  Do you find yourself constantly struggling with your carry on, your personal item (huge purse, hello? I need all the room I can get!), juggling between your wrinkled, printed on paper, cheap boarding passes, AND your passport??! AM I RIGHT!? Let's not even begin to discuss getting through security! It's a nightmare!  Here is what I plan to wear on my upcoming trip to St. Lucia. Fingers crossed this little ensemble helps me navigate like a pro (at 5am in the morning I might add!)
Airport Travel

Dress: I actually got this dress in a light heather grey and white. The grey was speaking to me. I think it's so adorable and the cotton makes it really easy to move around in.

Leggings: I can hide my white leggings underneath the maxi while I'm on the plane. I know how cold they get.

Flops: Any flops will do (preferably the ones you plan to wear at the pool), I have havaianas and they are great.

My hat: I will not wear this the entire time on the plane, I don't want to be THAT person who's so overly excited to go to the carribbean. However, I don't want it getting smashed up in my suitcase so on the plane it will come with me.

Bag:  I just ordered the O.M.G. bag by Lo & Sons.  I can never find a carry-on bag that I love. Let's hope I love this one or I plan on returning it.  For the sake of matching, I chose the navy one for this post, however the black with gold hardware came back in stock and it has a lavender lining inside. Really cute.  When it comes in the mail, I plan to do a "What's in my Carry On Bag?" Post.

So yesterday I posted a photo to instagram asking you all if I should keep the dress below for vacation. I believe the over all consensus was a big fat Y E S!  To say I LOVE this dress is totally an understatement. A while back I saw this dress on someone's blog (shout out to whoever that was) and at the time I checked the price, it was $85.00. UM No. Actually, HELL NO to that. I'm sorry, I am not spending $85 on a dress I am not even sure if it's going to fit me or not.  Well I checked it out again (months later seriously) and they still had it in my size AND it was on sale! So I saw not one, not two, but THREE opportunities for this dress. So at $60.00, that would make it $20.00 per each time I wear it (3x) [does anyone else do this?] that is more like it.  St Lucia, a wedding, and LAS VEGAS.  This is how I plan to style my dress. Not really much styling to do!

Vacation - Dinner Night Outfit

TFNC white dress / Steve madden sandals / ASOS clutch / Minicci - Women's Rhinestone Cabochon Necklace | Payless Shoes

What do you usually wear on the plane for vacation and do you think this is a good outfit choice for a dinner night in the carribbean?


  1. I'm going on my honeymoon in 3 and a half weeks to Jamaica! This is so handy. I will likely wear something very similar to the maxi dress with a denim jacket! I also just bought a hat like #4 for at H&M!

    Have a great trip to St. Lucia!

  2. I'm loving your airport style! I've been lusting after a Lo & Sons bag FOR-FREAKING-EVER, but I can't bring myself to buy one. Idk why. I love the dress and I'm the same way about more expensive outfits...I do the cost per wear game to justify too!

  3. need both of these for my cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!