April 30, 2014

1st Humpday confessions!

My first ever Humpday Confessions. I got shit to get off my chest so let's just jump right into it.

+It pisses me off to no end that I can't work at home. and I cry (not really...but complain, yes) about it regularly.

+Scenario: 6 stalls in the bathroom. I'm in the stall on the far left next to the wall. Some IDIOT walks in and goes in stall immediately to my right. W T F

+11 days till my vacation. I can't wait to get the heck out of this place (work)

+I'm kind of cursing myself that I said I would DIY gel manicure instead of treating myself to the salon.  really though, i don't feel like spending the money, and mostly it's guilt because I got all new clothes for this vacation (I bargain shopped though!! that's got to count right?)

+I saw a buzzfeed article about the incoming freshman class this year, and how they will be the class of 2018. And that they probably have zero idea who/what all these 80's-90's things are. 

+I really am becoming an introvert in my old age.  Why is it so hard to small talk with people? I just can't.

+I secretly love that my recent photo on instagram got so many likes :)  It made me feel good!

+Don't understand how such highly intelligent people have absolutely ZERO COMMON SENSE.

+I haven't gone food shopping in about 2 months and I really don't know how I come up with meals at this point. But it happens anyway!

+I wish it was noon so it would be acceptable to eat my tacos for lunch. I'm hungry.

+Speaking of tacos, I recently discovered fish tacos and they are AMAZING.

+I get extremely jealous when bloggers have the perfect gifs to go along with their blog posts. WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM. I SEARCH HOURS and find the same ones. EVERY TIME.

+Lastly, I kinda, sorta REALLY LOVE THIS LINK UP.  Thanks Kathy!

Vodka and Soda


  1. hahah that fish taco! that is awesome.

  2. Hey girl, oh my gosh people who work from home don't know just how lucky they are.. I mean seriously!! And it saddens me deeply that there will be generations that wont know how awesome the 80's and 90's are.. very sad. And if you want to know theee ultimate place to get GIFS go to Giphy.com. They have eeveryything. Hope that helps! :) And people really amaze me at times..


  3. OMG that fish taco i die!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!~!!!

    and i have zero tolerance for small talk. i usually just walk right by someone or beside them and don't say shit #sorrynotsorry. also, i hate it when bitches sit right next to you in the bathroom when there are eleventy billion other stalls. jokes on them, though, because i'm taking a dump hahah!

    thanks for linking up!!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. OMGosh...I could have totally written this post! I complain all the time that I can't work from home (but several others in our office that have job where ppl NEED to see them do! WTF!) and that bathroom scenario...EVERY DAY!

  5. I'm not the greatest with small talk either. I try, but I usually wind up freaking the other person out.

    I also hate when someone takes the stall beside me when there are plenty to pick from.

  6. I agree about the gifs comment. Which is why I never have them. That fish taco gets all the awards! I have absolutely become an introvert. I'm sorry you want to to chit chat about... the weather? How about you STFU and look out the window.