May 01, 2014

Coral Obsessed

Coral obsession

I'm slowly becoming slightly obsessed with coral anything. I think I have about 5 different shades of nail polish (how different can they really be? put them on tan hands vs white hands and you'll be able to tell!) and my necklace collection is slowly growing too!  I'm currently wearing Sally Hansen's Coral Reef on my fingers, debating if I want that to be my nail color for vacation. Such hard decisions!  I own both the bathing suit top, and bottom.  The bottom is more of a neon-y coral, not as pictured above. I used to be really anti-Target bathing suits (because the quality is crap) but if you are looking to beef up your suit collection, it really is the way to go.  That dress is under the "pink" category however it looks coral to me ;) it's really cute too!

What colors will you be rocking this summer?

P.S. (sort of) sorry for yet another polyvore collage. A) i just love them B) i'm lazy C) well, why not?


  1. Omg, I am obsessed with Coral, no lie!! I recently created a Coral themed polyvore set and I wanted it afterwards lol! I'm going to look into the Sally Hansen Coral Reef you mentioned! Love love love your picks!! xx


  2. I'm obsessed with coral too! I've also become obsessed with neon hot pink. I love SH's Coral Reef polish. It's one of my favorite summer go tos, after my hot pink polish. haha