May 21, 2014


The time has come! It's time to share my fabulous vacation!! Michael and I went to the Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia. It was literally a 5 minute drive from the Vieux Fort Airport.  I had my doubts that we'd be annoyed by airplanes all day long but this was totally not the case.  St. Lucia only had flights out of that airport around 12, 1pm in the afternoon and about 6 or so during the day.  It was actually really cool seeing the airplane just randomly show in the air so close, I wish I had gotten a photo but since I brought my brand spankin new Nikon I chose to not really have it by the pool with me.

I can't say enough good things about this resort.  It was small, but not a bad small.  There were 3 specialty restaurants (Caribbean (Calabash), Italian (Capri) and Asian (Silk)) and a buffet.  All of them had excellent food (trust me, I am extremely picky).  My favorite meals were the Mahi Sizzle in Silk, and the Filet Mignon at Calabash.  The filet was probably the best steak I've ever had in my life and I've had my fair share of steaks!  Each day at lunch, I had fresh snapper fish tacos and crispy fries, with a side of a personal homemade pizza. Michael opted for the pizza + cajun chicken wrap.  All of the food was so fresh, and there was such a variety.  The service was OUTSTANDING. Every single employee we interacted with had nothing but smiles and pleasantries.  The bartenders weren't shy with alcohol. My favorite drink was the Mango Tango and the Cbay Mangoberry Margarita. To Die For!  The beach was small, but still wonderful. We decided to park our rearends at the activities pool with an amazing view of the beach (no sand in my bathing suit + awesome view of beach - win win).  They had a lazy river (um AWESOME) as well as 2 slides that really were NOT lame.  I think I went on them about 20x and screamed every time. I wish I could go back.  Once I visit all the other places on my list, I would absolutely reconsider going back to the Coconut Bay resort.  It was just that awesome.

One thing I will mention for any future may be more brainy than me when it comes to this. Check with your hotel if they have American (are they american? i dont know what the type is called) plugs or if you need an adapter/converter!!!! I didn't think to check (I didn't notice anything in the all-inclusive description of the hotel room) about them having foreign plugs! I'm SO glad I didn't waste space in my suitcase by packing my hairdryer..the one in the room was totally fine. However, my straightening iron obviously did NOT work and I was NOT happy the first day or two because I went to the gift shop where they sold them but they were out and didn't know when they were expecting them in. But I adjusted to the "wet" hair look everyday and didn't really care any more.

 Now onto the pics :)  Click the READ MORE right below! There are many!!

As you can see, it was seriously such a wonderful and relaxing vacation.  In case you were wondering, Michael's teeth really are that white.  I swear he crest whitestrips them, but deep down I know he doesn't and his teeth are just perfect.  I want to thank everyone for the makeup suggestions!! I was SO happy with what I brought, I think I looked like I had makeup on but it wasn't like WOAH she's really wearing makeup.

I wore: ELF Mineral Face color correcting primer, Loreal Magic BB cream in Medium (some nights I added ULTA bb cream in medium shade for some extra coverage), the ELF St Lucia Bronzer and Blush duo (so fitting for my vacation and it was such a GREAT product) and Maybelline Rocket Volume Express waterproof.  For my eyeshadow, I have a Mac painterly paint pot for primer and for eyeshadow, a MAC 6 Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows palette. I really love this palette because it was perfect for the Caribbean. All the colors went with my outfits!  I'm really not sure if this is made anymore, but if you ever see it, I recommend it! And since there are only 6 shades, it is much more user-friendly than the Naked palette (which by the way I gave away to a friend! can you believe it!?)
There will be a part 2 with information (and pictures) of the excursion we took.  It was the Soufriere Exotica and it was really awesome! Can't wait to show you all.


  1. Looks like such an amazing trip! Love all your pictures and your outfits!!!

  2. ooooooooooo i love the pics! st.lucia is such a gorgeous island...i will visit there one day!! we were debating between antigua or st. lucia when i was pregnant and antigua won out (we got a better deal on the resort).

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Love all the pictures! It's got me excited for my honeymoon on Monday!

  4. Hey Lauren!! OMG your photo's are gorgeous!! Everything is beeeautiful!! This makes me want to go on vacation even more lol!! And I love your makeup picks, they look gorgeous both in packaging and on!! Did the Elf primer work as good as you hoped?? Bc i'm def. considering nabbing one!! Great post Lauren! Looking forward to part 2!! ;D XO


  5. Paradise! I would never want to come home!!!!!!