May 20, 2014

How to look cool this MDW

So in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, I've been listening to Krewella ALL DAY, and will be all week, to get me pumped up.  There's nothing like good techno beats to really get you in the mood to party. And literally every. single. song. that Krewella has just makes me want to dance.  SO, why am I pumping myself up you ask? No reason actually... I just like to pretend I'm 22 and getting ready to hit up the best bars that the Jersey Shore has to offer on the BEST weekend of the ENTIRE YEAR.

I'm good at pretending I'm really cool when I drive on the parkway on a Friday afternoon opening up to MDW. There are a few key things you need to do regardless of anything going on.

So here for you, is a list on HOW to PRETEND to be really COOL like you have major plans for MDW 2014. You are welcome.
1. First and foremost, Windows Down in the car. Always. Sunroof open to it's full capacity if applicable. Who cares if your hair is going to look like a rat's nest. Just clip it up, or a cute loose pony will do the trick.

2. Aviators. Any of these will do the trick for you, but if your wallet isn't being generous, these (identical) will work as well! [Seriously, I'm LOVING Forever21 lately, maybe I'm really nervous that I'm getting closer to my 30th as the day goes on and on!]

3. GOOD MUSIC. LOUD. BEATS THUMPING. Like I said before, anything by Krewella. Other artists I highly suggest would be: Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren or Cash Cash. If techno really isn't your thing, check out this fabulous playlist*! (*I had to recreate it from a website it didn't work on. Credit goes to: Starmedia)

4. A really great manicure, with Neon colored nail polish.  So what if you are hating on this neon trend? One weekend won't kill you!!! My favorites:
MDW 2014 Nail Color

and finally, #5. CONFIDENCE!

You don't need all these stupid silly things to make you "cool"!!! You are COOL no matter what you do or have. As long as you have the confidence in yourself that you are "cool" you will have the most fabulous Memorial Day weekend ever. Throw in some Sam Adams Summer Ale and burgers & dogs and it will be awesome. YAY for 3 day weekends!

(I know I am super optimistic writing this on Tuesday, but I just love MDW!)


  1. Hey Lauren!! OMG I Love this post!!! AND HOLY TOLEETO YOUR BLOG LOOKS GORGEOUS! The Peachy Coral color is perfect!! And I couldn't agree more with everything! Your music choices are perfect for this time of year and I LOVE neons in the Summer!! Especially polishes! Great post Lauren!!! And love the new look! ;D XOXO


  2. Haha I love this! I'll definitely be celebrating with a few of these fun things this weekend! Hope you have a great MDW!

  3. Perfect playlist! And GIFS! Have a happy MDW!

  4. my husband LOVES krewella; i'm more of a david guetta/afrojack/zedd fan. we just had our long weekend (yesterday) and it was glorious. hope yours is awesome too :)