May 08, 2014

makeup help needed!

Calling all makeup gurus! I NEED your help! As you can see below, here is my current makeup routine.  I'm basic, plain Jane in the makeup department I guess you could say.  I'm preparing to go on vacation (IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!) and I'm starting to worry that the Magic Lumi illuminating primer and liquid foundation is going to be too heavy/oily/greasy for the Caribbean.

Current Makeup
Let me explain my skin type.  I am prone to breakouts with something that sits on top of my skin, vs getting sucked in.  That sounds weird, but it's true...and I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.  I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily oily-skinned but I can get a little shiney/greasy looking by the end of the night.  I used to use Bare Minerals (powder foundation, and that whole Get Started Kit) but looking back when I used that while on vacation in Dominican, it really didn't provide the coverage I'm looking for.  My freckles like to come out and play all summer long.  My skin isn't perfect, many acne scars on my chin from pimples (and I still get them to this day, jerky skin!!!). So I'm looking for coverage, without being too heavy for the hot weather.  I've been scouring pinterest for "summer makeup looks" and I'm really not coming up with much!

A few things I'm noticing however on pinterest are below.  I'm looking for DRUG STORE products ONLY as I have a budget to stick to.  Let me know your thoughts on the following: Waterproof Mascara, Primer?, BB Cream/CC cream?, Foundation?, bronzer, blush (creamy or powder?) and lastly, concealer. I'm reading a lot of articles, or blogs, whatever that says you should use cream blushes in the summer.  But then I see this NARS orgasm shit all over pinterest (ps i'm not buying that) saying that it's the BEST BLUSH EVER O M G! So please, let me know what you think would work for me! Or, basically your suggestions!!

Prospective Makeup Products

OH, And i'm going to Ulta later -- can someone let me know if I can use coupons there (you know the ones from the Sunday paper for maybelline, other various makeup products)? And does Ulta have any coupons for their store only? Thanks!


  1. I love BB cream - I have used the one you pictured and found I like a different brand better. Will find link and send you in e-mail. Also - have you ever tried Bare Minerals? I know it's a little spendy but I love it!

  2. Hey Lauren!! Your makeup looks exactly like mine! :D And I love your prospective picks!! I highhly recommend the bouncy blush! It lasts forever and it looks beautiful on. Use a brush to dab and apply, and they are pretty pigmented so minimal product to build on is the best way to go! And I am dying to try the Elf Bronzer blush duo! Great minds think alike lol! And Have a great time on the vacay! :-) XO


  3. I love BB cream but I haaaaaate Maybelline's version. My face felt dirty all damn day when I tried it. L'Oreal is my favorite... they have a "magic" bb cream that's amazing and VERY lightweight!

  4. YAAAYYYY you're back!
    I've never used bronzer, creamy blush, or BB/CC cream- I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer with literally a drop of foundation (more than feels like to much to me). I do use eye primer (not drugstore brand- it's Urban Decay). It's necessary for me because my eye makeup always fades without it.

    Also- YES Ulta has coupons! If you go on their website right now they have $3.50 off any $10 purchase! And if you go there often, I would recommend signing up for their rewards program- it's free, and you get perks throughout the year and access to special promotions!

  5. I use mostly ELF stuff (eye shadow, blush, bronzer, tinted moisturizer). I love it! I want to try a BB cream, but haven't bit the built so to speak. I love my age rewind concealer though. Hope you find what you're looking for!

  6. MOst of our makeup is drugstore too because we feel that they can be just as good as the higher end stuff. For a waterproof mascara, we highly recommend the Maybelline colossal (yellow packaging). We've worn it to the movies a few times and even after a little crying, the mascara stayed in place!

  7. I like Aveeno stuff.

    I mainly use Covergirl for makeup.

  8. Alright so I totally missed the bus on this (because you are already gone) BUT I love - especially for vacation - Sephora's Airbrush foundation. It's lightweight and perfect when it's hot outside, plus I love the coverage! Other than that I have a pretty random list of drugstore and not make-up, some I love, some I don't know yet. =)