May 28, 2014

An Ode to Cascada

The mute bug has caught me again, but I'm okay with this because this blog is not my professional job and just a silly hobby that I never thought I'd enjoy doing.  Blogging REALLY is so weird, but this isn't new news as every other blogger has said those exact words at least some point in their blogging lives. Anyway, I really don't know what the point of this paragraph is so I'm going to nip it in the butt now.

Cascada, she's so wise, isn't she?  She has gave us some of the best words of wisdom, let's review shall we?

Don't read those statements and tell me you haven't applied one of them to your life lately.  If you didn't you're lying. She talks about love, being single, partying and basically #YOLOing.  I mean, we all have felt this way at one point in our lives, haven't we?  I'm currently in the YOLO phase.  Instead of Yes Man, call me Yes Woman.  I'm just being a little Lizzie McGuire and saying "Why not?" to everything and anything.  I don't know what the hell happened but I'm just trying to make the most out of the limited time on this lovely planet I have.  A little morbid, I know, but a lot of common sense too.  Why not take that trip to St. Lucia you've been wanting to do? Go kayaking this weekend.  Take that extra vacation time and go to Vegas. Go strawberry picking. Have that one (or more) extra beer, who cares about calories? If you are a blogger you're most likely working it off at the gym anyway since we love ourselves the cutest work out gear, and documenting our runs with Map My Run app ;)

So, the point of this post, is to let you all know that I'm YOLOing at the current moment, and nothings gonna stop me now!

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

I know I like to pull a funny once in a while and post things like this, but today, we need to remember all that gave some, and some that gave all.

Happy Memorial Day, I'm dedicating my post today to my brother who is serving in the East currently.  See you soon + Be Safe!

May 22, 2014

I'm getting serious

Originally for today, I had figured on recapping the excursion we took in St. Lucia.  But yesterday happened and I just have to talk about it.

First though, I saw Neighbors last night with a friend. Oh my gosh, was it SO funny!! Of course I love any movie with Zac Efron, but Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne really made the movie! And can we just talk about how HANDSOME this man is?


Anyyyyway. Let's get for real now.

I think I've talked about babies on this blog before, touched on here & here  Specifically that I'm really not sure that I want babies. They are expensive, they poop and barf, cry, bite, never let you sleep. My list can go on and on. But something maybe changed my outlook yesterday evening.

I got home, and caught up with my mom. I stay with my parents during the week to avoid a long commute.  I haven't talked much with her for about 2 weeks since I was on vacation and she just came back from one. Of course the first thing we talked about was the Revenge finale. I mean, oh my GOD. Did anyone see it, and how CRAZY was it?  Then we moved on to more serious things, like my dad. And his shitty attitude and outlook on life.  And how she just drove 600 miles with him and he didn't say a word to her the entire trip home. What the F? This is where I get my negativity from. Him.  It's very hard to control but he's just out of control.  She doesn't deserve his attitude.  Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent.

So, if its not my dad's shitty attitude, it's my one brother who upsets her, or my other one and his wife (they live locally, the other one doesn't).  My local brother is having a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ in their new home (they moved in last August).  My mom said, according to them it's just a small "friends" gathering.  Well of course I was invited and told her about it earlier in the week and she got upset.  Then last night she told me "is it really hard to cook 3 friggen hamburgers on the grill. I don't know. I just don't care about it anymore". She's so upset and has every right to be.  This isn't the first time they've done this.  They've had multiple parties (Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, Christmas) all for friends but none of our family was included. My parents live 15 minutes away from them.  Why is it so freaking hard for them to include my parents? My mom is the sweetest woman you could ever father, okay he's grumpy I get it.  But anyway, so they have a daughter, my niece who I RARELY see.  Same goes for my parents, but when they need my mom to babysit they call in the drop of a hat.  And my mom does it, because she just wants to spend any chance she gets with the little munchkin (who by the way is freaking ADORABLE).

My other brother who lives across country has two daughters, and for obvious reasons we see them about 1x a year.  So between the far away granddaughters and the 15 minutes away with stupid parents granddaughter, my mom has NO relationships to brag about.  I am sad for her.  She deserves to have a grandchild that she can see without restrictions.

Which puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on me.  Just saying.

But I want my mother to be able to have a grandchild who she really knows. Who she can see change on a monthly or even weekly basis.  Who she can spoil and want to play with every weekend even if it's for a short amount of time.  A grandchild that she will be able to take to the park, or feed snacks to without being reprimanded.  She deserves it. And I really want to be able to do this for her.

I think in my near future, it will be something that's going to happen.  Of course my husband will be ecstatic as well, as he loves children.  It's time for me to grow up and be part of the miracle of life.  I know that when you plan to have a baby, you need to be able to do it for YOU, but my relationships with my mother & husband are so important to me, and I know that in time, I will be able to accept a baby in my life, after all I'll have 9 months to get ready.

Have you ever questioned wanting to have children? Or was there something that made you want to have them other than yourself?

May 21, 2014

humpday confessional

I know I just posted my recap from St. Lucia, but you know I have to link up for Humpday Confessions. It's really the best kind of link up!

Vodka and Soda

+I am somewhat ashamed that having my nails perfectly painted at all times is one of my biggest priorities. And how upset I get when I get the slightest smudge, chip, or piece of cat hair on them when they are still wet. It really can ruin my day!

+I get really pissed when I hear new songs that are rip offs of old ones. Even I though I like this song, it still annoys me. There are others too but I'm too lazy to find/think of them.

+Speaking of music, I can't understand how I don't know all the lyrics to the most iconic party song ever, Livin' on a Prayer, but I memorized the entire lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire in just a couple days. Sorry Jon, I know you are shaking your head. I really do respect you as we both graduated from the same HS! (<-- true story!)  P.S. Billy, I'd be a perfect back up singer for you. Call me maybe?

+I think that I was born to be a nail salon painter. I really can paint a great french on both hands. See proof here:

+I get mildly frustrated when I have a major itch on my face after I just put on makeup + bronzer and it looks good.  I use a comb to take care of this problem. Ew.

+Peanut sleeps on my pillow every night. I love it but she takes up so much damn room.  But I'd rather have a sleepless night or a sore neck just to have her there. #crazycatlady

+When I see something whack as hell on FB or Instagram, I screen shot it and send it to my best friend questioning peoples' lives.

+I am so happy that it's spring but g-ddamn that freaking pollen makes me CRAZY. I just washed my car yesterday (stupid move) and this morning it looks like I drove through a forest of trees.

+I finished watching the 90210 series yesterday on Netflix. I cried like a friggen baby that it ended (and the ending wasn't even that great but I am glad Liam and Annie got engaged). Why must I cry so much when shows end?  You should have seen me at the end of HSM3....seriously. wow.

These are the things I just had to get out of my system. I feel so much better now! What are you confessing on this lovely humpday? Link up with Kathy so we can find out!


The time has come! It's time to share my fabulous vacation!! Michael and I went to the Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia. It was literally a 5 minute drive from the Vieux Fort Airport.  I had my doubts that we'd be annoyed by airplanes all day long but this was totally not the case.  St. Lucia only had flights out of that airport around 12, 1pm in the afternoon and about 6 or so during the day.  It was actually really cool seeing the airplane just randomly show in the air so close, I wish I had gotten a photo but since I brought my brand spankin new Nikon I chose to not really have it by the pool with me.

I can't say enough good things about this resort.  It was small, but not a bad small.  There were 3 specialty restaurants (Caribbean (Calabash), Italian (Capri) and Asian (Silk)) and a buffet.  All of them had excellent food (trust me, I am extremely picky).  My favorite meals were the Mahi Sizzle in Silk, and the Filet Mignon at Calabash.  The filet was probably the best steak I've ever had in my life and I've had my fair share of steaks!  Each day at lunch, I had fresh snapper fish tacos and crispy fries, with a side of a personal homemade pizza. Michael opted for the pizza + cajun chicken wrap.  All of the food was so fresh, and there was such a variety.  The service was OUTSTANDING. Every single employee we interacted with had nothing but smiles and pleasantries.  The bartenders weren't shy with alcohol. My favorite drink was the Mango Tango and the Cbay Mangoberry Margarita. To Die For!  The beach was small, but still wonderful. We decided to park our rearends at the activities pool with an amazing view of the beach (no sand in my bathing suit + awesome view of beach - win win).  They had a lazy river (um AWESOME) as well as 2 slides that really were NOT lame.  I think I went on them about 20x and screamed every time. I wish I could go back.  Once I visit all the other places on my list, I would absolutely reconsider going back to the Coconut Bay resort.  It was just that awesome.

One thing I will mention for any future may be more brainy than me when it comes to this. Check with your hotel if they have American (are they american? i dont know what the type is called) plugs or if you need an adapter/converter!!!! I didn't think to check (I didn't notice anything in the all-inclusive description of the hotel room) about them having foreign plugs! I'm SO glad I didn't waste space in my suitcase by packing my hairdryer..the one in the room was totally fine. However, my straightening iron obviously did NOT work and I was NOT happy the first day or two because I went to the gift shop where they sold them but they were out and didn't know when they were expecting them in. But I adjusted to the "wet" hair look everyday and didn't really care any more.

 Now onto the pics :)  Click the READ MORE right below! There are many!!

May 20, 2014

How to look cool this MDW

So in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, I've been listening to Krewella ALL DAY, and will be all week, to get me pumped up.  There's nothing like good techno beats to really get you in the mood to party. And literally every. single. song. that Krewella has just makes me want to dance.  SO, why am I pumping myself up you ask? No reason actually... I just like to pretend I'm 22 and getting ready to hit up the best bars that the Jersey Shore has to offer on the BEST weekend of the ENTIRE YEAR.

I'm good at pretending I'm really cool when I drive on the parkway on a Friday afternoon opening up to MDW. There are a few key things you need to do regardless of anything going on.

So here for you, is a list on HOW to PRETEND to be really COOL like you have major plans for MDW 2014. You are welcome.
1. First and foremost, Windows Down in the car. Always. Sunroof open to it's full capacity if applicable. Who cares if your hair is going to look like a rat's nest. Just clip it up, or a cute loose pony will do the trick.

2. Aviators. Any of these will do the trick for you, but if your wallet isn't being generous, these (identical) will work as well! [Seriously, I'm LOVING Forever21 lately, maybe I'm really nervous that I'm getting closer to my 30th as the day goes on and on!]

3. GOOD MUSIC. LOUD. BEATS THUMPING. Like I said before, anything by Krewella. Other artists I highly suggest would be: Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren or Cash Cash. If techno really isn't your thing, check out this fabulous playlist*! (*I had to recreate it from a website it didn't work on. Credit goes to: Starmedia)

4. A really great manicure, with Neon colored nail polish.  So what if you are hating on this neon trend? One weekend won't kill you!!! My favorites:
MDW 2014 Nail Color

and finally, #5. CONFIDENCE!

You don't need all these stupid silly things to make you "cool"!!! You are COOL no matter what you do or have. As long as you have the confidence in yourself that you are "cool" you will have the most fabulous Memorial Day weekend ever. Throw in some Sam Adams Summer Ale and burgers & dogs and it will be awesome. YAY for 3 day weekends!

(I know I am super optimistic writing this on Tuesday, but I just love MDW!)

May 19, 2014

i'm back!

Hello All! I'm back from my AMAZING vacation to St. Lucia.  What a week I had! I miss it already and if someone told me they had free tickets to the Coconut Bay Resort and were offering me one of them, I'd go back without thinking twice!

So, excuse the lack of post today, I will leave you with this beautiful view that I rested my eyes on for a glorious week:

And I'll be really "back" tomorrow on schedule for blogging!

Look forward to catching up on your posts from the past week :)

May 08, 2014

makeup help needed!

Calling all makeup gurus! I NEED your help! As you can see below, here is my current makeup routine.  I'm basic, plain Jane in the makeup department I guess you could say.  I'm preparing to go on vacation (IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!) and I'm starting to worry that the Magic Lumi illuminating primer and liquid foundation is going to be too heavy/oily/greasy for the Caribbean.

Current Makeup
Let me explain my skin type.  I am prone to breakouts with something that sits on top of my skin, vs getting sucked in.  That sounds weird, but it's true...and I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.  I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily oily-skinned but I can get a little shiney/greasy looking by the end of the night.  I used to use Bare Minerals (powder foundation, and that whole Get Started Kit) but looking back when I used that while on vacation in Dominican, it really didn't provide the coverage I'm looking for.  My freckles like to come out and play all summer long.  My skin isn't perfect, many acne scars on my chin from pimples (and I still get them to this day, jerky skin!!!). So I'm looking for coverage, without being too heavy for the hot weather.  I've been scouring pinterest for "summer makeup looks" and I'm really not coming up with much!

A few things I'm noticing however on pinterest are below.  I'm looking for DRUG STORE products ONLY as I have a budget to stick to.  Let me know your thoughts on the following: Waterproof Mascara, Primer?, BB Cream/CC cream?, Foundation?, bronzer, blush (creamy or powder?) and lastly, concealer. I'm reading a lot of articles, or blogs, whatever that says you should use cream blushes in the summer.  But then I see this NARS orgasm shit all over pinterest (ps i'm not buying that) saying that it's the BEST BLUSH EVER O M G! So please, let me know what you think would work for me! Or, basically your suggestions!!

Prospective Makeup Products

OH, And i'm going to Ulta later -- can someone let me know if I can use coupons there (you know the ones from the Sunday paper for maybelline, other various makeup products)? And does Ulta have any coupons for their store only? Thanks!

May 06, 2014


Well guys, I did it.  I can honestly say that I've started to curb my addiction to......


Now don't think I've quit cold turkey.  I just deleted my app on my iphone.  I can't continue to leave in on there, it's too tempting to constantly log in and get easily annoyed.

Simply put: I hate facebook.

1. Health posts promoting products

  • It Works! Wrap thing
  • Nutribullet recipes (i.e. juicing -- don't get me wrong, I'm all for you fitness nuts who love juicing. I don't need to see this on my newsfeed CONSTANTLY)
  • P90X shit
  • some other insert company join me, become a health coach with me! stuff
  • Inspirational fitness quotes. I go to pinterest for these, not my newsfeed
2. Political Rants
  • It's unecessary
  • Teachers vs. Gov Chris Christie
  • anything about the Bridgegate scandal
  • obama and his healthcare act
  • anything political
3. Shared posts (with the exception of a video I shared the other day "Look Up")
  • "Like" this photo, if I get 3,000 likes my mom will let me eat fast food tonight!
  • random articles about nostalgic 80's things or "where are they now" articles
  • Click "like" if you remember having "X" (skip it, blow a balloon from a small straw with gum shit)
  • you get my point
4. Baby pictures being posted every hour, on the hour
  • Watch out girls, he's on the loose! (for when that little baby boy starts walking)
  • Sally JUST used the potty! (insert photo of shit here)
  • Strolling at the park today wearing my shades!
  • Mommy and Me starbucks date!
5. Sponsored Ad Posts
  • How did facebook know to show me the exact purse I was browsing 3 days ago?
  • Progessive auto insurance. I don't need you, I have geico thank you
  • Celebrate May in a new Chevrolet! NO. 
6. Instagram photos
  • I follow you on instagram for a reason. I don't need to see your pictures on both platforms
  • stop confusing me! which one do I like? Facebook or instagram! do I like both? does that make me look pathetic?! 
7. Posts that show up a week later that is already in my memory as "seen that, done that" just because someone late to the game commented.  Please don't reopen this annoying nuisance of notifications every time someone starts to comment, AGAIN, a WEEK LATER!

8. Vague status updates
  • Don't go posting "ugh, bad day" and then have everyone + their mothers (because they are on FB now) comment, "whats wrong!!!" and then YOU NOT RESPOND. Come on jerk, we are on FB for one reason, and one reason only, to lurk on everyone's business so you might as well just tell us.
  • Not to mention, they are just stupid and you are calling for attention (which we gladly provide in order to figure out what the hell is wrong) just stop.

So basically, 8 (pretty common) things that I hate about facebook, and have decided that I no longer need to waste my iPhone battery on.  I rarely see anything good anymore.  I haven't removed the app from my ipad, and obviously I can still access from the computer, but damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

What are some things you HATE (yes I said it) about Facebook?

May 02, 2014

Left Lane Drivers

I'm one of them.  It's actually a habit for me.  I hate the middle lanes on highways because I feel like cars from both sides are always hugging the line (when they may not even be), and the far right (slow lane) you have to deal with slow drivers (obviously) and oncoming merging traffic.

So the left lane always feels the safest to me.  Until yesterday that is.

I was driving along on my way home and going the normal 65-70 mph with the flow of traffic.  All of a sudden the parkway comes to a complete stop. I'm talking people slamming on their breaks in every lane. I'm so thankful I had enough room in front of me that when I slammed (so hard) down on my breaks, I didn't hit the person in front of me...but I was literally an inch away. Unfortunately the person behind me wasn't so lucky.  I never felt such a jolt in my life.  He came at me so hard, he just was going too fast to stop in time. So there I was on the left lane during rush hour traffic in an accident, no where to go.  My car has the bluetooth over the radio system so I was so flustered I couldn't even figure out how to dial 911, so I was frantically searching for my phone in my purse.  I couldn't find it so I figured I'd get out and check on the guy if he was okay.  His airbag came out and his whole front end was completely smashed, probably it was totaled.  The fender was off, it was smoking, there was liquid coming out and the horn was blowing for about 15 minutes. I asked him if he was okay and all he could say to me was "What happened!" with this idiotic tone.  Now I fully and completely understand he was probably half dazed from being hit in the face with an airbag.  I've never gone through that so I cannot say that he wasn't okay or he was.  I'm sure if that happened to me it would knock me out, but that kind of answer just pissed me off and made me even more upset than I already was.  He was holding his head, slugging his feet walking around and personally it looked to be a little more dramatic than it should have been. 

Finally the fire department, EMS, and the State Troopers came. EMS cleared him and he didn't need to be taken away via ambulance. They took my statement and then his.  He looked pissed when he was telling the trooper what was going on, I saw his arms flailing all around. (I was watching this through my rear view window and side windows). I was just getting more and more upset because I felt personally neglected the entire time.  Only 1 man came over to me (fire fighter) to see how I was. I was fine, today I'm slightly sore but it's nothing to document.  Three separate people looked at my car and told me it was driveable.  FYI, it wasn't.  The muffler, exhaust, and pipes were all bent underneath and dragging on the ground.  I didn't get a tow at the scene but about 75 minutes later about 5 miles south of where the accident was.  It was such a horrible experience. 

So now, to make this wordy post shorter, I am without car, don't know the damage to the car (will find out Monday) and so upset. I've had my new car for a total of just shy of 2 months. I am thankful I was driving the SUV vs my old would have been completely smashed in the back if I was in it.

Life lesson: Slow down and don't be in a rush (although I wasn't necessarily in a rush)...and always leave extra room in front of you for situations like these. I'm glad I did. 

And remember, a car can always be fixed.

Happy Friday and thank god it's the weekend. 

May 01, 2014

Coral Obsessed

Coral obsession

I'm slowly becoming slightly obsessed with coral anything. I think I have about 5 different shades of nail polish (how different can they really be? put them on tan hands vs white hands and you'll be able to tell!) and my necklace collection is slowly growing too!  I'm currently wearing Sally Hansen's Coral Reef on my fingers, debating if I want that to be my nail color for vacation. Such hard decisions!  I own both the bathing suit top, and bottom.  The bottom is more of a neon-y coral, not as pictured above. I used to be really anti-Target bathing suits (because the quality is crap) but if you are looking to beef up your suit collection, it really is the way to go.  That dress is under the "pink" category however it looks coral to me ;) it's really cute too!

What colors will you be rocking this summer?

P.S. (sort of) sorry for yet another polyvore collage. A) i just love them B) i'm lazy C) well, why not?