September 25, 2013

My "best" school portrait! - TBT

So like I mentioned yesterday,  I'm sporting some really fashionable clothes--infact, I'm pretty sure that these styles are "IN" now!!  The only reason I know this, is because recently, Dani had a post on her Must-Have Fall items.

Bing:  BLAZERS..... blazers with rhinestones to be exact.

Just admit that you're jealous right now.  Heck, I'm jealous of my 3rd grade self on this one.  I would kill to have a red blazer like that today!

Bang: FLORAL PRINT dresses.

You can't tell, but this really wicked cool floral dress is actually a MAXI dress. I wore them with black leather mary janes that my mom bought me from Payless.  And with a really long necklace apparently.

Boom: FLANNEL vests.

This was when I started dressing myself for school.  Apparently I thought it would be okay to wear a vneck that looks like a Hanes under tshirt with this really cool flannel vest.  You can't really see it that great, but my necklace is my birthday rhinestone in the shape of a person, remember when those were really in style? Oh, and no caption is needed for my crazy ass teeth.  How in the world I never had braces is beyond me.

So there you have it, All styles I was rocking in the 90s that are big today in 2013.  Which look is your favorite?
The Peanut Program

September 24, 2013

tuesday nonsense + TBT topic revealed :)

Since I'm lacking some ideas for a post today, I'd like to share a photo that was just taken today. This here is what I walked in to see taped to our microwave in our kitchen at work.

So, this just downright makes me chuckle.  The message, the dirty cake plate, the saying "have pride in your kitchen", the OLD WOMAN FROM SHUTTERSTOCK IN A FRAME. Yes, it's hard to tell, but that is a plastic frame, the kind you get from the Dollar Store....

Funny thing is, is that I know exactly who put this very important message up in the kitchen. She looks just like the woman in the shutter stock photo.

She probably has an attitude like her as well :)

Have you ever had funny messages taped to the walls in your office common-areas??

NOW. I can't even believe that I forgot to post this yesterday (however I did on twitter!)...I was in SUCH a mood from those items I talked about that it completely slipped my mind.  I mentioned on Friday that Jennifer and I are revamping (I just love that word) Throwback Thursdays.  Once a month, special topic, plain and simple.  Well, the topic for THIS THURSDAY!!! is:

TBT to your BEST school portrait.  And when we say "BEST" we mean the worst! Bad hair day? Funny smile? Neon clothing? Maybe you aren't even looking at the camera? 

Come link up with us and show us some funny school portraits!

Honestly, I can't even wait - - and I really hope you take the time to link up!! I already know what portrait I'm using. Let's just say I have all those topics covered up above. I'm excited to see everyone else's portraits. Please, grab the button and come link up :)

Oh, and P.S. we know there are many link ups now for each day of the week.  I want to give a shout out to Manda, who has been hosting the 30 miles in 30 days link up! If you have been exercising, and keeping track of your miles, she wants to know! Check out her blog: HERE. I've been so on and off with the whole exercising thing (I know, excuses, excuses), but it really has been ever since my LASIK. I'm just so nervous that I'm going to burn my eyeballs if I get sweat in them (I'm a sweaty pig when I work out). 

Anyway, have a fabulous Tuesday!! And anyone who watched SLEEPY HOLLOW last night, shoot me an email so we can talk!

September 23, 2013

somebody's gotta do it.

I strongly suggest you leave this page if you are not interested in hearing me bitch and complain for about 3 minutes or however long it will take you to read this post.

You've been warned.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes - #PSL
Honestly, when the HELL did these disgusting drinks become so popular? Last fall I saw them creeping their way into the candle business and blogger business, but this year, EVERYWHERE is Pumpkin Spice this or that (candles, airfresheners, hand soaps, muffins, donuts, car scents). And at least 7 times per day, am I seeing someone take a picture of their starbucks #PSL with a shot of the "arm candy party" or whatever the heck those fashionistas are calling it, a pair of shoes and a shot of their pants on INSTAGRAM.  With 800 hashtags, you know how I feel about those hashtags.  Seriously though, after blogging last fall, I decided to give the Pumpkin spice a fair shot, I couldn't even get past the first sip.  I will take the hot apple cider, please and thank you.

eBay and their inflating iPhone prices.
Really though, who in Sam's hell gets the idea they can sell a TOTALLY SMASHED CRACKED SCREEN iphone 4 --> FOUR (not even 4S) people, for over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?? WHAT? Stop now. Just no.  I decided that I've had it with my Galaxy S4, and I've been searching on eBay for a used iPhone 5...the prices are beyond RIDICULOUS.  Like, I'm talking over $500 dollars, in an auction price. You don't even want to know what the "Buy it Now" price is.   Who the hell do these people think they are selling those phones at those whacked out prices? And even more so, who the hell would spend that much money on a USED phone?  P.S. I kept coming across the title *BAD ESN*... I googled this and found that these scam artists are selling their phones for an obscene amount of money, they are within their return period, and then reporting to the phone companies that their phones were stolen!  Which basically means, they are making about $300 bucks off the phone (given that they paid $200 for the new contract), and then getting a brand new phone for FREE. Jerks.

Bloggers and their Phillip Lim for Target purses.
This one really pisses me off.
First of all, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the bloggers who have successfully bought out all of the Phillip Lim purses, by the approximate hour of 8am on Sunday, September 15th in EVERY Target across America as well as their online website.  Really, I congratulate you for your Black Friday-esque plans of attack on these bags.  Is it me, or do you feel every blogger (but me and maybe you) have these purses?? People, really though, what was the big deal with these bags? They aren't even real leather, and its a PURSE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.   GET OVER IT!  In fact, I'm so riled up about the hype and aftermath of these purses that I hope your damn strap breaks and you have to return it to the store and then you'll be shit out of luck because they are all gone. (And I can promise you--this is not jealousy, AT ALL..before you even start thinking that).
And a note to those of you who purchased 800 of them in one shopping spree, and are now selling them on eBay (curiosity got the best of me), at RIDICULOUS PRICES, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?  Shit like that should be illegal, I'm sorry.  And for those of you people who actually buy ANYONE's TARGET BAG on Ebay or instagram, or wherever the hell else these people are selling them, for anything more than $10 dollars more than the original price... you are dumb. 

The End.

Now that I've gotten that crap off my chest, I can blog about how fabulous my weekend was.

Or not.

I'm choosing not to, because quite frankly, it sucked.  And the Giants lost. REAL BAD. I was actually ashamed to be wearing a shirt with their name on it in the store after the game.

However, I am excited for Sleepy Hollow though tonight.  Did anyone watch or DVR it? It was very interesting and creepy!  

Have a great day ladies.

September 20, 2013

5 "favorite" things i'm loving

Happy Friday ya'll!   

I really wished that I lived below the mason-dixon line so I could say ya'll all the time and not get sideways looks from the people I interact with on a daily basis (up here in the dirty jerz).  In fact, very recently, I said ya'll to my husband and he said "ya'll? what are you from Texas or something?", because you know, only Texans say things like that.  It just sounds so much better than hearing "yous guys", don't you think?

Anyway, since today is Friday, we dedicate this day to our Favorites things. 

"these are a few of my favorite things!"

Friday Favorites 9-20-13

Friday Favorites 9-20-13 by peanutprogram featuring ceramic mugs

[1] Flowers: Fake or Fresh, they just really add nice character to your home!

[2] A nice cup of joe on Saturday morning.  I think that waking up at 8am on a Saturday, and sitting down in the quiet for a few having my coffee is of my weekend. Hands down.

[3] Brown Nail polish.  I do not currently have on Essie's mink muffs, however I tried searching for the color closest to what I am wearing.  I just love brown nail polish.  Looks like milk chocolate :) And although it is brown, it pretty much goes with everything.

[4] The crock pot.  I made this recipe last weekend and it was such a hit.  The chicken came out PERFECTLY.  *If you do attempt making this, I was NOT able to find the fajita sauce, so I bought enchilada sauce instead, and measured out 8oz because that's how big the fajita sauce package was. It was a good substitute. I'm going to try making shredded beef this weekend.

[5] Bare Minerals bronzer.  The color is called "Skinny Dip". It's really perfect for all skin tones because it isn't too dark, but not too light either.


I'm very excited to announce that Jennifer & I are re-vamping Throwback Thursdays!  It kind of fell off the face of the blogger earth over the summer, but we were all so busy that linking up wasn't our priority.  We will be posting ONE TIME per month, as we all know that linking up every week can become overwhelming and it get's old quick.  I'll have more details next week as we finish up our collaboration!  

P.S. Save the date for next Thursday as there is still time to have it this month! I will let you know the category on Monday morning. 

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!

September 19, 2013

jerry o'connell made out with me

IN MY DREAMS last night!!

It was the most bizarre thing, and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Well, the fact that Jerry O'Connell was in my dreams is due to the fact that I watched SCREAM 2 on Sunday. So that's that.  But the rest of it?  No idea....

Here's how it went down:

I was with Colleen, and we were at an amusement park of some kind. I want to say it was Six Flags Great Adventure (in NJ) but a) it wasn't called that and b)the layout was completely different.

We were walking around the park, and a lot of the time, we were climbing on these huge nets to get to each part of the park, the kind you would find at an amusement park in the kid's section.
Like this, but think old, dirty rope, and about 100 feet wide....

Eventually, we came to a very secluded (and kind of scary because it was towards the end of the night-no one is in the park-suspicious cars kind of way), and I felt like I was Pocohontas trying to figure out if we should choose the smoothest curve, steady as the beating drum? No, of course we wouldn't do that.  We took the crazy cooky way, which eventually lead us to SEA WORLD. Or something of that nature, inside Great Adventure.  The Park ranger yelled at us that Seaworld had closed, their last show ended around 5pm. It was so empty...And suddently, you know that eery feeling you get when you see a picture of a tumbleweed blowing in the wind with all empty rides and clown faces came over us. It was just plain weird.
Yeah, those horse faces on the merry-go-rounds get me every time.  Source for photo here.

So then we decided that we were going in anyway to sea the Free Willy and the Flippers of this so-called Sea World/Aquarium in this park.  We were then overwhelmed by a bunch of MEN!!! I'm not talking Park Rangers, or regular Joes, but dapper, handsome looking men. I looked around, and that is when me and Jerry made eye contact.  He came straight over to me, and KISSED ME!!!! 

Now I know what you may be thinking.... yuck. But see me out.  Instead of looking like the stupid college jock Trip McNeely from Can't Hardly Wait......

 it was pretty amazing that he was dressed and looked just like this:

Oh how I miss 90's movies.
Scream, American Pie, Groundhog Day, Mrs. Doubtfire, Clueless, Wayne's World? 

They just don't make them like that anymore.

Oh, and Jerry, if you're reading this.....anytime you want to grace your presence in my dreams, come on over!

September 18, 2013

this OR that! + surprise

It's no secret that we all lack creativity posting day after day in our own pieces of dot com world.  When I saw Erin was offering the use of "This or That" for others to post, I jumped aboard because, it's Wednesday and I have nothing of significance to say today, and does Oh How Pinteresting exist anymore? I got a few of those lined up my sleeves. Stick around till the end for an exciting announcement too :)

Anywho.... this or that! 

Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: Florida. Because it's warmer than NYC, and I rarely go there, and I just want to go to Universal Studios! Is that too much to ask?
seriously though, can someone just send me there?

iPhone or Droid: iPhone. oh my, wasn't my [short] rant last week enough to listen to?
NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: you're all I ever wanteddddd, you're all I ever neededdd yeahhhhhh
Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter: Facebook because this would give me a real reason to other than me saying to myself "I HATE FB, I'm deleting it" at least 10x a day, and then going on 2 minutes later to see whats up.
Fireball or Miller Lite: Miller Lite because I puke after every shot I take, sober or drunk.
Full House or Family Matters: I'd take Uncle Jesse's advice over Grandma Winslow's any day.

Dumbledore or Gandalf:  I fell asleep within the first hour of Lord of the Rings.  Does that help you figure out my answer?
Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins: Carving pumpkins now that I found out I can drill pretty holes thanks to pinterest.  Plus, I hate eggs. Especially hard-boiled eggs.
A hangover forever or sobriety forever: Well if it's a minor hangover, I'll take that. But a wicked one? Nah, I can do without my glasses of wine.
January or July: JULY. I love summer.
Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana. You get the best of both worlds. 
Shark Week or Fashion Week: I know nothing of fashion unless I look at the "Women's fashion" on pinterest, or follow fashion bloggers.. and I really like JAWS, so take that fashion week.
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell: If you're eating tortellini, ravioli or linguini, make sure that it tastes real boss, pick up screech's secret sauce!
Britney or Christina: Currently planning my trip to Vegas to see the one and only...
Burrito or Burrito Bowl: how easy it is to eat in the foil!
Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer: Computer. My blogger app SUCKS, and even when I read on the phone, it still goes into "mobile" mode and its frustrating.
Angelina or Jennifer: Jennifer. And she's preggo!
Doug Funny or The Rugrats: Doug Funnie and his dog Porkchop...Patty Mayonnaise they are so cute!

An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather: I commented this on Erin's blog..."i think i might have to go open mouth chewer because a heavy breather would probably be doing it ALL DAY vs during the hours of 8-9, 12-1 and 6-7 for eating HAHAH " TRUE STORY.

Now onto exciting news.

So I've been sponsoring Kaliwood for the past two months. I've gone from visitor to resident, and I'm excited to announce she put together a giveaway with the help of her other sponsors + myself! Target, Starbucks, Nail polish & MORE... what are you waiting for? Enter below.  It only takes 1 vote to win, you never know! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 17, 2013

Dilophosaurus clothing.

So today, I'm feeling kind of like a Dilophosaurus. Don't know what that is? Remember the really cute dinosaur from Jurassic Park that spit all that nasty crap on Newman (from Seinfeld)?? If you don't here is a reminder:

He is kinda cute right?

Well anyway, I'm wearing a dress today, with sleeves that have these weird wave on the shoulder.  It's a really cute dress, but I can't help but think of this dino every time I see a shirt, or dress like this. I got it at H&M because I was desperate for a "Fall-ish" type outfit for a Bridal Shower I went to over the weekend....that was AT NIGHT, on a SATURDAY to be exact.   So wearing a florally, and brunch-esque type dress just wasn't going to cut it.  I also found it for $15.00 and saw it as an opportunity for future wear to work, as well.  I know what you are thinking, I (yet again) broke my "no-spending" thing I got going on. Let's be real, did you really think that I was going to follow those rules?  

I guess Newman doesn't like my dress.

Hey, I think I've seen worse though.

Have you seen any trendy clothing that resembles dinosaurs or animal shapes lately?

p.s. I totally love Jurassic Park by the way.

September 13, 2013

it's a long one . . .

Hiii hooooooooooo, hi hooooooooooo, hi-ho, hi ho hii hooooooooooooo.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

Oh wait, I'm already here. Womp womp.

Can I just rant for a quick minute on how ridiculous my drive into work was today? Thanks. It seriously was so awful.  It took me an hour and a half! The traffic was insane-- besides there being an accident (or 2 or 3 actually), don't people work at home on Friday's?  Bumper-to-bumper for about 45 minutes for a whopping 13 miles!!  I hate the Garden State Parkway.  What I wouldn't give to travel on ANY other road in NJ for work but the GSP.  Ok, maybe I wouldn't take 287, or I-78.. but any other road... Please!

I'd also like to take a minute to notify my non-New Jersey blogger friends, how devastated the state of New Jersey is right now.  Yesterday, there was a horrendous fire in Seaside Park. It consumed nearly three dozen businesses in Seaside and a lot of them were  recently rebuilt after being torn apart last year by Hurricane Sandy.  It's so sad, 3 years in a row what this state has seen, all in the same time period of September to October. Just take a look at this image I put together.  Before, 2011- Hurricane Irene, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy. and just yesterday.

Just pure devistation.  I have no words.  I can only hope and pray that New Jersey can rebuild from this and be able to recreate some old memories and new memories for the future.

Now that I've gotten my sad news out of the way, let's try and focus on some positive things for Friday.

[one]: I am so flipping excited about receiving my new apple wireless bluetooth keyboard!! it is AMAZING. Ok. I mean, it's easy to use, and there's NO WIRES! hallelujah to the folks who created these things.

[two]: the peanut program.  not in the blog sense, but the actual cat sense. my girl misses me.  I love her to pieces, and she slept on my pillow last night. So annoying. Yeah right- I was loving every minute of it, even if I had a tiny small space on the corner :)

[three]: Music.  Obsessed with: Gaga- Applause, Armin van Buuren - This is what it feels like (yes, I caved and paid 2.00 for this stupid song), LUKE BRYAN - that's my kinda night and Miley - Wrecking ball.  Hate the video, LOVE the song.

[four]: Coffee.  I forgot how the corner store has amazing coffee. FOR A DOLLAR.

[five]: can we just give that girl props? She's been the most talked about celebrity for 2 weeks now, yes she's quite raunchy, and I'll be the first to admit I miss hannah, but wrecking ball is a great song. and she broke the record hits on vevo for 24 hours! NINETEEN  . THREE MILLION views.. in 24 hours people.  Do I even need to mention that it's now at 72 mil? I don't care who's watching and rewatching because shes naked.. that's pretty insane.

September 11, 2013

Things I Wondered, Part 4

First and foremost:

We will NEVER FORGET 9/11. 
I honestly can not believe that it was already 12 years ago that the attacks happened.  I was 15 years old, sitting in an SAT Prep Class.  They didn't tell us what happened.  "Smartphones" didn't exist. Later on in the afternoon, certain students were called down to the office via the speaker system, but no reason was given. I had to wait till after school to see what was going on. I was shocked, and glued to my television all night. What an awful, awful day.

May the victims of 9/11/01 Rest in Peace and never be forgotten.
and THANK YOU to those who have SERVED our country.

  • Why do bloggers say "I've been such a bad blogger this week" ?? I mean, if "bad blogger" means not posting as often as Sally Sue does which is 5 times a week at 8:30am on the dot, well then I guess I'm a bad blogger, too.  Seriously though, who made up the blogging rules? Why does every blogger feel as if they have to post a minimum of 4 times a week?  I'm not apologizing for that.  It's called life people.  We have lives outside of this dot com world! 
  • Another thing about blogging: people always putting their best images on their pages. I mean, I try to keep it real, and I am one of the first ones to update a GOOD photo. But every blog I see lately is like professional sessions. What the hell? But where are the real pics people? Ones like this:

  • My office remodel is coming along quite nicely.  I couldn't help but to snap some sneak pics on instagram
  • My husband started his new job this week. He so loves it (so far). I'm so happy for him and completely jealous because they have FREE POPCORN everyday at 2pm. What I wouldn't give for free popcorn at my job!!
  • I'm freaking exhausted.  It all started with a Friday evening out in Hoboken. It began with some drama (don't care to share), and ended on a FANTASTICAL note. See this picture for the reason why:
I MET VAL!!!! LIVE! IN REAL LIFE. YAY! <-- okay was that weird enough for you?

Here's something even weirder. I told her that I was mesmerized by her. MESMERIZED. While grabbing a drink at the bar. That MIGHT have been the drinks talking, but lets be real, I was totally telling her the truth and beyond freaking excited to finally meet her.

I started questioning my life when I was throwing out some really random old drunk stories (picking up a dead crow and other things), but I know she still likes me because she even texted me the next day :) phew. thank goodness.

  • It's Wednesday, 9/11. The eleventh. This Sunday is the 15th, where is time going? I felt like Labor Day was just yesterday.
  • I'm considering checking myself into an addiction program. AN ADDICTION TO EBAY. Seriously? Who is addicted to eBay? It's taken over my LIFE. I stalk items I'm bidding on like its going out of style.  I set reminders in my phone for an hour, 1/2 and 5 minutes before the auction ends.  I sit at my computer and watch the countdown, refreshing the page every few seconds...even going as far to have the next bid amount preset in the little box.  It's BAD. BUT I did score a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my mac at  HALF PRICE. SCORE!
  • Does anyone watch Mistresses? Holy hell Season 1 finale.  I have to wait until NEXT SEASON to see what happens to Savi and Karen!?!?!? WTH.
  • Revenge starts VERY SOON. I'm so so excited.
  • I hate my galaxy s4.  This isn't the first time I'm mentioning this. TAKE IT BACK! I HATE YOU STUPID PHONE. As soon as I can get another phone (ohmylanta, almost 2 years with this piece of shit) I am going back to the iphone. I will never betray you again Apple, I swear.

September 06, 2013

so so happy it's friday.

Why is it that the week after a Holiday, it's always the longest?  For me, I've only been at work since WEDNESDAY. It's not even like I was here for four days.  Three whopping days, and I'm ready to fall asleep at my desk.  I know what I'm doing on lunch: napping.  I have my first full-day Friday today, it's only 10:39am and I'm already feeling it.  I know wahh, wahh, cry me a river.  A lot of people didn't have the privilege of summer hours during the summer like I did.  But a lot of other people also don't have to travel 60 miles one way to work!

Ok, enough complaining.  I went to Homegoods, Pier 1, Marshalls, Target AND Lowe's last night (instead of watching the football game).  Somehow, I still made it home before kick off. UGH. :D :D

I was able to find a really adorable chair for the new "office", and a few knickknacks (future dust collectors) as well.  I also split secondly decided on a paint color for the room as well. Lowe's brand Valspar, Polar Star. A very light grey.  I found a few samples, himmed and hawed for about 3 minutes and decided, What the hell. JUST DO IT.  There is no sense in doing 8,000 live samples in your home because honestly, who has time for that, and secondly, there are just way too many choices!   

I'm keeping an active log of what I've purchased, from where, and how I paid for it.  I'm super duper excited, because I randomly found a Barnes and Noble left over gift card amongst a pile of crap in the closet, and it still had $14.00 on it.  I was reading  Lauren's blog the other day and saw that she had the most adorable block sign EVER, and that I MUST own it.  I googled it, and found that it came from B&N! It was fate.  

Precious, right?? God I'm such a cat-lady.

Gosh, I totally forgot about 30 in 30 link up, and I only posted about it two days ago!! (I'm literally hanging my head in shame right now.)  Ridiculous brain, I tell you.  So yeah, September started 6  days ago, and I went to the gym once.  I was away from my home a lot and I'm just so nervous to really get back in the swing of things with my eyes and all.  What if I get sweat in them? Are they going to burn?  I guess I could always invest in a good, old, sweat band bahaha. Hey, I don't look too bad with a spiky, frosted, bleach blonde hair do, do I ?

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Have a fantastic weekend. I know what I'll be doing: PAINTING!

September 03, 2013

A few thoughts + September Goals

Why is blogging SO hard to do on your days off?  I woke up yesterday morning completely forgetting that it was Monday and for some ODD reason, the only thing on my mind was CLEANING.

Shocker right? Considering I'm the queen of messiness.

Although it was Labor Day, I did not partake in any LD festivities. Instead, Mike and I spent the entire day cleaning out our closets (we have two huge walk in closets; our room and the cats room <--- yes they have their own room).  Closets accumulate so much crap. I surely figured that out yesterday.  I'm excited because we got rid of a ton of clothes to make room for more hahah! to donate to Goodwill. It's always nice to know that somewhere, someone who truly needs them will be able to get them at little to no cost..instead of me, just having them waste away in my closet...especially when they are in good shape!

We also went through some our our old bills, but our shredder crapped out on us half way through.  It still had the power light on, but it stopped shredding. So strange.  I even opened it up and pushed all the paper down, and checked the inside and there didn't appear to be anything caught.  That was rather frustrating...which got me to thinking:


My goal for the month of September (besides getting back to the gym - - Amanda, are you starting the 30 in 30 link up again?) is to redo our 2nd Bedroom/Pretend office with no desk/Cat room/Waste of a good room.  It currently hosts our cat's potty area, ONE sports picture on the wall (not shown above), a "leather" futon, some hideous curtains (they matched the futon and were male/female friendly) and a standing lamp.  Yep.  Pretty bare, pretty ugly.

I'm giving myself $300 to put towards the room.  This does not include the purchase of a desk. I'm currently looking at this , this and this.  I've been pinning ideas like crazy.  Who here has good office inspiration? I'm looking for the girly, subtle theme.   The $300 will go towards: paint, curtains, a rug (if I can find one cheap), and any accessories.  I'm planning to DIY for a few different items.  I will check back in on the blog by October 1st.  That's a Tuesday, so there will be no excuses!   I'm going today to check our local thrift stores, the Dollar store, Christmas Tree Shoppe (Do you have this store by you?? P.S. They sell Mason Jars for under $1.00!!!) Homegoods and Marshalls.   I just love projects like this.

So I know I am on a "spending freeze" but this isn't EXACTLY ALL for me, right?  Mike needs to use the computer as much as I do. And that just means we need an actual place to sit at and do our work... because I read that having your laptop on your thighs is bad for men!!  Oh, which reminds me, I'm going to have to get a wireless mouse.  Does anyone know where I can find an Apple bluetooth mouse for really cheap? Ha. Guess my budget will now be $350.

Let's see how I do! I'm excited :)

So remember I told you all about my trip to AC? Ha, I didn't wear the dress that I bought..  it was so darn hot out on Friday!  I'm just going to return it.  I really love it, its a form fitting plain black dress, with an open back and some kind of twist or something.  I might kick myself for returning it, but if I go to AC again, I can just wear another black dress I already own.  It was $20, which is cheap but I mean, do I REALLY need it? Probably not.  And I can't return the shoes, well you know why because I didn't have a tag made up for them, I'm okay with that because they really are so adorable.  And we didn't even take pictures!?!!? Who does that? We even spent the night in Wildwood the following day.  The beach was RIDICULOUS.  Not a great place for someone who is two weeks post-LASIK.  I figured it would be on the "windier" side, but not like tornado winds!!! No joke, my towel kept blowing over, the chairs were flying all over the place, a little girl came running out of nowhere for her ball which blew away...the towel was COVERED in sand within 15 minutes of me cleaning it out. It ultimately resulted in me wrapping my head in a towel shaped like a turban and me saying numerous times "I'm miserable!"

Another  big thing I'm EXCITED about is TODAY!  Today is the day I'm guest posting on Kali's blog!!!  Click HERE to see what I think are 5 items for you to try to do before the end of Summer! And don't tell me Summer is over yet -- because it is NOT!  Summer will be over in exactly 19 days!