September 11, 2013

Things I Wondered, Part 4

First and foremost:

We will NEVER FORGET 9/11. 
I honestly can not believe that it was already 12 years ago that the attacks happened.  I was 15 years old, sitting in an SAT Prep Class.  They didn't tell us what happened.  "Smartphones" didn't exist. Later on in the afternoon, certain students were called down to the office via the speaker system, but no reason was given. I had to wait till after school to see what was going on. I was shocked, and glued to my television all night. What an awful, awful day.

May the victims of 9/11/01 Rest in Peace and never be forgotten.
and THANK YOU to those who have SERVED our country.

  • Why do bloggers say "I've been such a bad blogger this week" ?? I mean, if "bad blogger" means not posting as often as Sally Sue does which is 5 times a week at 8:30am on the dot, well then I guess I'm a bad blogger, too.  Seriously though, who made up the blogging rules? Why does every blogger feel as if they have to post a minimum of 4 times a week?  I'm not apologizing for that.  It's called life people.  We have lives outside of this dot com world! 
  • Another thing about blogging: people always putting their best images on their pages. I mean, I try to keep it real, and I am one of the first ones to update a GOOD photo. But every blog I see lately is like professional sessions. What the hell? But where are the real pics people? Ones like this:

  • My office remodel is coming along quite nicely.  I couldn't help but to snap some sneak pics on instagram
  • My husband started his new job this week. He so loves it (so far). I'm so happy for him and completely jealous because they have FREE POPCORN everyday at 2pm. What I wouldn't give for free popcorn at my job!!
  • I'm freaking exhausted.  It all started with a Friday evening out in Hoboken. It began with some drama (don't care to share), and ended on a FANTASTICAL note. See this picture for the reason why:
I MET VAL!!!! LIVE! IN REAL LIFE. YAY! <-- okay was that weird enough for you?

Here's something even weirder. I told her that I was mesmerized by her. MESMERIZED. While grabbing a drink at the bar. That MIGHT have been the drinks talking, but lets be real, I was totally telling her the truth and beyond freaking excited to finally meet her.

I started questioning my life when I was throwing out some really random old drunk stories (picking up a dead crow and other things), but I know she still likes me because she even texted me the next day :) phew. thank goodness.

  • It's Wednesday, 9/11. The eleventh. This Sunday is the 15th, where is time going? I felt like Labor Day was just yesterday.
  • I'm considering checking myself into an addiction program. AN ADDICTION TO EBAY. Seriously? Who is addicted to eBay? It's taken over my LIFE. I stalk items I'm bidding on like its going out of style.  I set reminders in my phone for an hour, 1/2 and 5 minutes before the auction ends.  I sit at my computer and watch the countdown, refreshing the page every few seconds...even going as far to have the next bid amount preset in the little box.  It's BAD. BUT I did score a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my mac at  HALF PRICE. SCORE!
  • Does anyone watch Mistresses? Holy hell Season 1 finale.  I have to wait until NEXT SEASON to see what happens to Savi and Karen!?!?!? WTH.
  • Revenge starts VERY SOON. I'm so so excited.
  • I hate my galaxy s4.  This isn't the first time I'm mentioning this. TAKE IT BACK! I HATE YOU STUPID PHONE. As soon as I can get another phone (ohmylanta, almost 2 years with this piece of shit) I am going back to the iphone. I will never betray you again Apple, I swear.


  1. new job? does that mean he doesn't have to deal with that bitch of a boss anymore?!
    ok, you're gonna judge me because when my brother was here 2 weeks ago i did a photoshoot...for my blog! #1 because it's fun! #2 he's a photographer and i'm his sister so it's freeeeeee! #3 i still post tons of cellphone pix of me so you can't really judge me actually ;)
    also, the grey and white striped wall is PERFECT. i can't wait to see the WHOLE THING!

  2. I am still so jealous you got to me Val! I think I'd be totally mesmerized too! I love your line about keeping it real. I need to share a few of my not so great pictures to prove I look like crap about 90% of the time. lol

  3. Love this post! I am one of those that apologizes for being a bad blogger :( I've neglected it quite alot lately

  4. Ahh Mistresses and Revenge! Glad you share my taste in TV shows!

  5. I am totally with you, bloggers are taking their pictures to the extreme, and it's SO hard to keep up. Who has time to take pictures of their outfits every single day, and who has time to take 100+ selfies to find one good one! I hardly have enough time to tweeze my eye brows. *smh*

    I love eBay too. It's my secret. :) I always find such awesome things on there, and so cheap. Fake J Crew bubble necklace... $15 for two. Score.

  6. I'm mesmerized by you!! I had so much fun on Friday. Can't wait to do it again!!