September 25, 2013

My "best" school portrait! - TBT

So like I mentioned yesterday,  I'm sporting some really fashionable clothes--infact, I'm pretty sure that these styles are "IN" now!!  The only reason I know this, is because recently, Dani had a post on her Must-Have Fall items.

Bing:  BLAZERS..... blazers with rhinestones to be exact.

Just admit that you're jealous right now.  Heck, I'm jealous of my 3rd grade self on this one.  I would kill to have a red blazer like that today!

Bang: FLORAL PRINT dresses.

You can't tell, but this really wicked cool floral dress is actually a MAXI dress. I wore them with black leather mary janes that my mom bought me from Payless.  And with a really long necklace apparently.

Boom: FLANNEL vests.

This was when I started dressing myself for school.  Apparently I thought it would be okay to wear a vneck that looks like a Hanes under tshirt with this really cool flannel vest.  You can't really see it that great, but my necklace is my birthday rhinestone in the shape of a person, remember when those were really in style? Oh, and no caption is needed for my crazy ass teeth.  How in the world I never had braces is beyond me.

So there you have it, All styles I was rocking in the 90s that are big today in 2013.  Which look is your favorite?
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  1. Floral dresses were all the rage! I took many a school picture in a flowery dress!

  2. Girl! You were so ahead of the fashion curve, like decades! Look at you rocking the bangs and those scrunchies!

  3. I think I had that same floral dress. Layered over a tee of course since it was too revealing! haha