November 21, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days - November Edition

*This post today is for Amanda, because I promised her I would link up (finally!! it's been so long) my progress for the 30 miles in 30 days challenge.  

This month I really got my act back together with my health and fitness.  I had a harsh wake up call in October when I took my personal health assessment at work and literally failed it.  No fruits and vegetables, drinking sugary drinks (16oz coffee per day and random sodas), eating chips, processed lunches, you name it, I was doing it. Oh, and many, MANY Target brand appetizers and Applebee's trips. I don't know what happened that I got that way.  I noticed my pants were rather snug and after my test results I decided that was it. I have to go back to the gym and just do it.  So besides my pants ready to burst off my rear end, my father in law is interested in getting back in shape as well and wants to start running 5ks and 10ks.  I said I would do it with him (and Mike) so that has been motivation as well.

So in addition to what you see below, I've also incorporated breakfast, a light lunch and portioned dinners to my "diet" (except its not really a diet).  It's so cliche to say but I honestly feel more well-rested and normal.  I was so lethargic and didn't want to do anything but watch TV and gorge on shit when I was in my busting button on my pants phase. I'm in a happy place right now, let's hope it stays like this.

November TOTAL: 46.20 miles :)

I pinned the other day the Planksgiving challenge.  Too bad I didn't see this in the beginning of November. I'm on day 4, plank for 35 seconds.  I should take a picture now of my stomach to see if it shows any progress by the end of the challenge.  This will bring me to December 17th which is right in time for me to start relaxing prior to Christmas :)

I feel like I'm really great at pinning all this "at home" / "no equipment" exercises but I rarely follow through with them.  I don't know what it is.  What is so hard about taking 10 minutes (if that, really) to do these things?  But I do plan on keeping up on this one, I struggled yesterday at the gym doing this. Well, I got past 30 seconds but the over achiever in me wanted to do it longer. I lasted 45 seconds, so today should be easy hopefully.

How are you doing with your fitness goals? Do you ever follow through with what you pin on pinterest?

And a little funny for you today:


November 20, 2013

And just like that it's Wednesday

I'm quite happy to bring to your attention that it is ALREADY WEDNESDAY.  How does time pass by so quickly when you're old(er) ?? If I was in HS, I'd be saying the complete opposite, probably because I would be in US History class learning about the Gettysburg address (which was 150 years ago to the day [yesterday]) and not wanting to pay attention, or in Calculus asking Rachel to take my quizzes for me (true story, that actually happened).

Other than the fact it is Wednesday, I really have nothing good. So why blog then?  I just can't give this little space up.  It's been a very welcoming community so far (so far, ha, I've been at this since 2012...I think, I can't remember!)  It's had it's moments when I've wanted to call it quits yet it is something I come back to on a somewhat regular basis.  A hobby I've actually kept for over a year, wow!

So I'm kind of pissed off.  I have problems with buying running sneakers. I usually buy them for looks (my first problem) and I buy them about every 4-5 months (problem 2).  I went from having about 6 pairs of very unused sneakers to ONE PAIR. ONE. Why is it you ask? Well I go through sneakers as quick as I go through potato chips (FAST). I get in these habits where I either toss them in the garbage, or donate them. Before you go saying "ew" please note that these sneakers were purchased during the times when I was never exercising, and there were no marks on the bottoms of the sneakers. Basically worn about 1 or 3 times. Anywhoodle, so I literally just bought a pair of New Balances which I thought were working out for me.  They aren't. (What else is new though, really?).  They are good for me when I'm running outside on trails, but the winter is fast approaching and my time is limited running outside (even though I bought fancyshmancy outside running gear...oh I'm such a hypocrite). So anyway, I was at the gym yesterday doing interval training on the treadmill (which kicked my ass by the way) and my right ankle was THROBBING. And felt numb.  Seriously, COME ON. So I asked facebook (what else would I do?) what was wrong with me, am I just plain old, wrong form when I'm running, or is it the sneakers... guess what the answer was. MY SNEAKERS. AKA everyone suggested I go get fitted at a running store for damn shoes. Really, isn't that gonna cost me like over a hundred dollars? I don't have that kind of money to throw away (is it though?) on running sneakers.  ARGH.

In other news, my work wants everyone to have their photo's attached to their profiles which will assist in "helping others to easily recognize me at meetings and events" (because ya know, as an admin I just attend ALL of those meetings...YEAH RIGHT). Confession, I was really excited to have my picture taken.  And I'm just obsessed with it. Natural beauty right there (hahaha yes I really went there, can we say self-centered much?). As if you weren't sick of seeing my new hair and these pictures on instagram, here they are again for your viewing pleasure!!!  P.S. my friend took the whole picture of me on the left in the same room after everything was done. I just wanted a reason to be a #fashionblogger for the day because I liked my outfit :)

I know I posted this the other day, but I can NOT GET ENOUGH of Zedd Radio Station on Pandora. I mean like holy shit, it is amazing. Here's round two of songs that you should probably listen to (if you are into electronic beats).

Krewella -  Come & Get It
Krewella - One Minute
Zedd - Hourglass
Bastille - Oblivion
Kaskade - Llove 

Ok, I'm off to go listen to Zedd's album now - - just downloaded the whole thing because  I love EVERY song!

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November 19, 2013


Tattoos.  Otherwise known as permanent INK on your SKIN that will NEVER come off, unless you pay $$$ to have it removed.

I don't have one.

This doesn't mean I haven't thought about getting one.

What would I get, you might ask?

I mean, it's supposed to be something that you love enough that you wouldn't mind looking at it, or knowing it's on your body for the rest of your life, or any type of medical professional that could possibly see it any time you go to the doctor's office or hospital.

What does anyone like that much that they are willing to let people know they have it?

It got me thinking, what in the world would I tattoo on my body if I had the guts to do so? Besides my cats, there is only one thing on this planet that I truly can honestly say I love (well besides my family and husband but we all know that significant other tattoos are a serious no-no).

That my friends, is: THE GOONIES.

Quite odd, I know, but it has been my favorite movie since I was able to watch movies in my bedroom, on my very own Symphonic 9 inch  TV with attached VCR. See picture, I really did have that exact one.

So of course, me being the google queen I am.... I took to google for some ideas of tattoos related to the Goonies for myself, in case I'd ever decide to put permanent ink on my body (I wouldn't, but that's besides the point of this blog post).

Let's see the trainwreck of google images I came up with:

Oh mylanta, here we go:

[one] the Goonies logo.  I'll admit that this is pretty good. However, who in their right mind would place that right there under their belly button?!?!?!!  Why would you want your body tattooed with the words "The Goonies" anyway? That's so dumb.

[two] Goonies never say die. This is the Goonies' phrase.  They don't give up, they need to find One Eyed Willy, and the rich stuff. They NEED to get the money to save the Goon docks! Goonies NEVER say die.  I have to question the character who put this on their body, especially since they are NOT a goonie, nor will they ever be.

[three] An amazing tattoo drawing of One Eyed Willy.  Maybe if your into skull heads and jewels and stuff this could work.... maybe... probably not though.

[four] It's CHUNNK.  Doing the truffle shuffle, what appears to be on someone's leg.  Honestly these tattoos get sillier by the minute. I'm really glad I googled this.

[five]  This tattoo artist is extremely talented.  By golly if this isn't the best drawing-turned-tattoo of Sloth, I don't know what is.  For your reference, here is a picture of him from the movie: HEYYY YOU GUYYYSSSSSS

[six]  a creative recreation of the Nintendo game outline of the goonies. Just stop. Did you love the nintendo game that much you needed to have it on your body?

So, now that I've educated myself on The Goonies tattoo ideas, what would I get?

Ha, nothing.  I still would get nothing.

What kind of tattoos do you have, or what would you get??

November 15, 2013

Fridays - Fives & Favorites

[one]  Zedd Radio station on Pandora. One word: Amazing.  I haven't fast forwarded through any songs yet. Unlike what I do every time I play "Today's Hits".  They literally have 20 (sucky) songs that are on repeat. I found a few new tunes that I really like and even paid to download :)

Armin van Burren - Alone
Krewella - Lights and Thunder
Zedd - Lost at Sea
Porter Robinson - Language
Tegan and Sara - Closer (this isn't new to me but I just love the song)
One Republic - If I Lose Myself

[two]  I've finally hit that point where I've formed a habit....a habit of going to the gym.  Studies show that it can take three weeks to form a habit (really, there have been no clinical studies, but rather empirical evidence [based on experience]). Well, based on my experience, I have broken my habit of napping after work, and replaced it by going straight to the gym.  Overall, I feel much healthier, not because I am getting in shape by running, but I am sleeping much better, and eating less garbage (and have less of a desire to).  I am the queen of potato chips (Lay's Lightly Salted).  I got a turkey wrap with a side of chips at work, and I was full about 3/4 of the way through the wrap, and had no room for chips. What?! That's insane...there's ALWAYS room for jello chips. So basically, my body is rejecting any kind of shit I'm putting into it.  I'm okay with that.

[three] This video of how to eat a pomegranate.  I just bought one at the farmer's market and I'm excited to give this a go.   Seems fairly easy

[four]  My Aveeno positively radiant face wash and lotion. I am loving this stuff. It smells great and is making my skin much smoother (I really can see improvement with using it for about 2 weeks). In fact, I'm going to Target after work to buy the face scrub. Oh the signs you are getting old, when you get excited to buy face wash.

[five] My sister in law's twin sister had her baby yesterday. Baby Olivia (so cute). So, they are niece is already 1 year old (Natalie) and Olivia was just born two days ago. Look how SIMILAR they look as infants!!!  It will be really interesting to see how alike they look as Olivia grows up. I can't wait.

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November 13, 2013

personalized license plates?

This is not my car.  But I was sitting behind it at a traffic light on my way into work this morning.

But let's step back a minute...You know the drill: Wake up (usually on the wrong side of the bed), slump into the bathroom to fix that rat's nest of hair on your head, brush your teeth, slap on some face paint, pack your lunch and run out the door.

Well, that's the way for me at least.

A lot of times I wake up grouchy because I don't feel like leaving my cozy bed (especially being it's so cold outside!), driving an hour to work only to walk in dealing with stupid shit like changing my boss' printer cartridge or find that my computer doesn't want to load Microsoft Office properly.  Why am I (most of us) like that?  I mean, what is so damn hard in waking up and saying "Thank you, I get to spend another day on this [lovely <--yeah rite] earth" instead of  "OMFG LEAVE ME ALONE".  

This simple little personalized license plate shed some light in my life this morning.

I should be thankful that I wake up each morning as a healthy individual.  I am living. I have a husband. Two cats that LOVE ME (or I love them more), I have a job, and a means of transportation everyday, I can paint my nails any color I want (lol really, did I write that?), dress how I want, friends & family who are there for me... you know the list goes on and on.

In the words of Ferris Bueller:

Seriously, isn't that true though?

I really need to start living and less complaining. After all, LIFE IS GOOD.

November 12, 2013

No title necessary for a fabulous weekend

You know when you have one of those weekends where you never want it to end?  That was this weekend for me.  It started off with me cancelling on going out for drinks Friday night, but I had a good reason, I had a car appointment at the dealership which is 40 minutes away from where I currently live, at SEVEN THIRTY AM. What in sam's hell was I thinking when I made that appointment? Anyway, Friday was awesome because I watched the Hunger Games (for the 500th time) in preparation for November 22nd when Catching Fire comes out.

Am I the only one who is insanely excited for the movie?  I just loved Katniss and Peeta's relationship in the first book and I'm excited how they bring to life the hardships they deal with from the 2nd.  I'm excited for the costumes, especially during the chariot ride into the stadium.  I am about 3/4 of the way through the book (for the 2nd time as a refresher) and there are so many good parts that I completely forgot about.  I'm totally pumped.

So, with waking up at 6:30am, to be out the door by 6:45 for a stupid car appointment, comes great attitudes. ESPECIALLY when you hit every. single. traffic light on route 9 in Lakewood.  For those of you who are familiar with NJ and Lakewood, you know my frustrations.  There are no rules on this route 9, and it's not even like a highway in that town.  It's just annoying. And you are sure to hit every traffic light, especially when you're rushing.  So anyway, I made my way to the dealership, to get caught behind an extremely slow moving truck and non-volkswagen car going into the place.  I was extremely annoyed because they were pulling in the Mercedes driveway (which connects with the VW dealership) and so I swired around them and barreled into the parking lot Cruella DeVille style.

Of course this woman in the non-VW car is coming to the dealership for an appointment at 7:30am just like me.  I mean, what was she doing there anyway? Go home, you don't own a VW. So of course, me being all frazzled and huffy puffy that I was 3 minutes late caught behind grand-mama & the truck, I had an attitude. And it didn't help that the attendant at the front desk was like Mr. Egg from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.  I mean honestly, the man must of had like five expressos, he was way to peppy for that hour in the morning on a Saturday.  So me with my jerky attitude and Miss Caroline Sunshine waiting behind me, I was embarrassed as hell walking out after dropping off the car (and I'm sure they snickered about me saying something like "what a bad attitude! hardy har har!").

What do you do when you have a bad attitude and no coffee to lift your spirits? Go the the reservoir for a five mile run, that's what! OK, I totally had it planned because it's on the way to the I wish I could say I just up and decided to run, but I had gone ready in my gear.

I know you all saw and loved this pic on instagram :)  I'm totally excited that it took us 56 minutes to do the course. That's an 11 minute and some odd seconds mile.  For it being REALLY cold, and having not ran outside in ages, I'm totally impressed. But boy was I paying for it on Sunday!!! I could barely walk around the house, and going up and down the stairs? um. wasn't happening. I felt like I was ran over by a mac truck.

So Sunday, what do you think me and Mike did?? We went to another reservoir (more local to us) and walked/jogged/ran AGAIN. Except I could only last a little over 2 1/2 miles. But I was really excited because I wanted to show off my new outdoor running outfit. Bahaha so pathetic.  But I got these really cute fuzzy wuzzy was a bear leggings and an outerwear shirt/jacket half zip up thing and a cute little polkadot head band and let's just say I was looking and feeling the part.

We ended the weekend on a great note with a beef stew that I made Sunday after coming home from our run.  It wasn't as great as last time I made it and I think it's because I used "beef chuck" / stew meat vs actual steak pieces.  Next time I make it again I'll use the steak pieces because it really makes it so much tastier. Regardless, it was a simple and easy dinner and that's just what I love.

What wasn't so great was our Comcast cable box blew out (Mike insists on blaming me but I didn't touch it!) and we still have no cable on our good TV so I refused to watch Revenge and Sleepy Hollow.

November 08, 2013

holy hotness

you. are. welcome.

I know I'm married... 

but there is something about guys singing acapella with a swoony voices, nice smiles and having scruffy facial hair that just gets me!

And in case you don't care for Taylor Swift songs...

happy hallelujah it's freaking friday.

cheers  to the weekend

November 07, 2013


I'm booyahing only for the fact that my hair (in my own opinion) is lookin' mighty fly as of yesterday night and this morning.  I watched the video countless times and figured out that you have to hold your curling iron UPSIDE DOWN (whaaaaaa?) and flip/roll up and outwards from your head. Sounds crazy hard, but totally not.  It's currently 2:15pm and my hair still looks like those pictures above.  I'm quite excited because it is a huge improvement from yesterday's pathetic curling job. I'm actually quite sad that it's going to get ruined when I go to the gym later. I'm trying to dismiss the fact that it's just the plain cold-hard truth that my right side just curls 10x better than the left, but I'm okay with this.

So, in honor of it being Thursdays, and we dedicate Thursday's to throwing back to old photos and other stupid shit, I'm bringing to you today "Ridiculous phrases of the 90's" starting with boo-yah right up there in my subject line.

1. "Boo yah"  I mean really, boo yah? What does that even mean?

2. "All that and a bag a chips"  Define: the best and then some

3. "As if!" - Well duh, Cher obviously taught us that one.

4. "The Bomb" or in other areas of the states "DA BOMB" You are super AWESOME.

5. "Buggin"  I'm buggin yo.  As in, you are freaking out?

6. "Gettin Jiggy wit it"  Thank you former-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for this fabulous tune and dance move! Middle school dances wouldn't have been the same without you.

7. "Homeslice"  You really are my best homeslice. I don't know what I'd do with out you!!

8. "OH SNAP"  Don't deny you've said this one before when you were totally feeling all high and mighty proving a point.  Or when someone else did and you were just standing by.

9, "Phat"  I could be talking about the jeans, I think I actually owned a pair, but no no... this one, we liked using to describe something what was REALLY REALLY COOL.

10. "Talk to the Hand" .....cause the face don't wanna listen!! 
this too :)

11. "What's the dillio?" what's the d-d-d-dillio dillio, what's the d-d-d-deal deal?

12. "LYLAS"  no explanation needed. the ultimate ending for your note to your BFF4E+A in Social Studies.

So what dope phrases do you remember from the 90s?

November 06, 2013

How Not to use a Curling Wand

Like this: See below
I tried taking a selfie like 10 times and they all sucked so I settled for the cartoon drawing of myself.
I might as well call it quits right now with my hair being down and all, I mean I look like I'm wearing two different weaves in my head or something! Pony Tail Here I COME.

I recently purchased a Hot Tools curling iron (similar) (From Marshall's - -where else?) and I really really do love it. It's ceramic and 1 1/4 inch barrel. It doesn't make me feel as if I'm frying my hair right off my head like this girl. But I also make sure to put the setting on medium-high, and I also part larger sections in my head. ANYWAY, Yeah, so I need some kind of curling iron hair tutorial because as you can see, my left portion of my head just sucks and is straight. My right side has a beautiful wave going on and why can't the other side just look like that? Maybe I need to visit pinterest.  I'll be back.

Ok, So I'm back and I'm thinking that my right side isn't as fabulous as it could be either.  I just watched this tutorial and I'm going to try this later when I get home.

This girl also has a blog whom I may consider checking out - - her hair is nearly perfect!

Anyway, one thing I would change in the tutorial is that I'd consider using dirty hair (Day after showering) and using a heat protection spray... but other than that, seems pretty easy!

What do you do to control your curls / get those lovely waves?

November 04, 2013

my yogurt spit on me.

I'm turning into one of those people who blog about not knowing what to blog about.  I really have had nothing of serious significance to update you all on other than work has been crazy since the two looney toons left and I'm not sure I'm liking it.  I should be grateful I still have a position but still...

The title of this post basically means exactly what it says.  I went to eat my yogurt, and while CAREFULLY opening it, that little bugger of a breakfast meal decided it was going to SPIT it's purple contents onto my outfit this morning.  Now I smell like raspberries and spoiled milk. Yay.

I'm scrolling through my iPhone* (*speaking of iphone.. i have a story) pictures trying to come up with some good blog content, and I'm afraid if I were to update the blog solely based on phone pictures, it would be mostly about my cats* (*speaking of cats...i have a story)- but would you really be surprised?
Linus (obviously I'm glad you can all read his name tag) in his (and Peanut's) new pet bed. They love it. SCORE.

#crazycatlady status right there.

So look at that, the words "iphone" and "cats" help me come up with blog content.

The story of my [newly purchased] iPhone: So we all know I recently got my beloved iphone back into my life.  It only took 5 months, a new phone line, and some serious convincing to my husband.  Anyway, I am going to be the first one to admit that I am the Queen of Butterfingers.  As in - - I can't keep my phone in my hands for the life of me, and it's always hitting the ground, whether it be the street, the stairs, the gym floor. You name it, this phone has met it face down, sideways down, upside down. You get the point.  Well I guess my phone was on it's last leg of being thrown to the ground that it decided it didn't want to function properly after I dropped it in the gym locke room on the ceramic tile floor.  It was nice of the phone to still work, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but the home button just stopped working. Zilch, nada, it was broken.  Silly me panicked in the locker room for a good 5 minutes pressing the home button like that'd really do anything, and then I resorted to turning my phone on and off to maneuver in between different apps. It was hopeless, I was doomed.  How was I going to tell Mike I broke my phone? He would honestly kill me.  Well I told him anyway and I ended up being the one with the attitude after I repeated myself 5 times on how it became broken (I dropped it- what more is there to understand?).  Well long story short, I googled how to fix my phone (I wasn't able to)  but I was introduced to a little thing called "Assistive Touch" Did you know, fellow iphone users, that we have this function? I'm not sure it's for the clumsy phone droppers but it does work.  It's a little floating home button that is constantly on your screen.  I was so thankful for this resource.  I called Apple support, and three short days (yeah right) later, I was in the apple store an hour before being open to the public and my phone was FIXED. Hallelujah and I didn't have to pay a single cent.

The story about cats: Cats are really funny creatures. They are silly, serious, mysterious, cuddly, curious, cautious, CARNIVOROUS. Oh, did I just write carnivorous?  Yes I did.  Luckily my cat didn't eat any animals, but we sure had a close encounter last night (RIGHT IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES OF REVENGE I MIGHT ADD). So I'm really entranced in this show right, and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, do I see a dark little THING SCURRY across from the laundry room to behind the refrigerator. WHAT? oh my gosh WHAT WAS THAT.  OFFFFF course Linus heard, smelled and SAW This said creature.  What was it you ask?  A MOUSE.

Yes it certainly was a mouse.  I even flashed my flashlight on it's beady little eyes hiding from my cat behind the fridge.  I felt bad for the little thing.  I didn't know what to do because I had Linus practically growling at the thing, trying to stick his paw on the side of the fridge to poke it around but I feared he would kill it and eat it.  I shined the flashlight on it for what seemed to be about 10-15 minutes while me and Mike figured out what not to do to catch this thing, and then it just magically disappeared.  Where it went, we have no idea.  I looked very closely under the fridge and it definitely was not under it, oh lord I hope not.  We don't have any mouse traps and personally I don't like the idea of killing a mouse so little Mickey better not show his face again in the house or else he'll have an angry cat to answer to.

I really hope I don't get home from work today finding a dead mouse in the house either.