November 04, 2013

my yogurt spit on me.

I'm turning into one of those people who blog about not knowing what to blog about.  I really have had nothing of serious significance to update you all on other than work has been crazy since the two looney toons left and I'm not sure I'm liking it.  I should be grateful I still have a position but still...

The title of this post basically means exactly what it says.  I went to eat my yogurt, and while CAREFULLY opening it, that little bugger of a breakfast meal decided it was going to SPIT it's purple contents onto my outfit this morning.  Now I smell like raspberries and spoiled milk. Yay.

I'm scrolling through my iPhone* (*speaking of iphone.. i have a story) pictures trying to come up with some good blog content, and I'm afraid if I were to update the blog solely based on phone pictures, it would be mostly about my cats* (*speaking of cats...i have a story)- but would you really be surprised?
Linus (obviously I'm glad you can all read his name tag) in his (and Peanut's) new pet bed. They love it. SCORE.

#crazycatlady status right there.

So look at that, the words "iphone" and "cats" help me come up with blog content.

The story of my [newly purchased] iPhone: So we all know I recently got my beloved iphone back into my life.  It only took 5 months, a new phone line, and some serious convincing to my husband.  Anyway, I am going to be the first one to admit that I am the Queen of Butterfingers.  As in - - I can't keep my phone in my hands for the life of me, and it's always hitting the ground, whether it be the street, the stairs, the gym floor. You name it, this phone has met it face down, sideways down, upside down. You get the point.  Well I guess my phone was on it's last leg of being thrown to the ground that it decided it didn't want to function properly after I dropped it in the gym locke room on the ceramic tile floor.  It was nice of the phone to still work, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but the home button just stopped working. Zilch, nada, it was broken.  Silly me panicked in the locker room for a good 5 minutes pressing the home button like that'd really do anything, and then I resorted to turning my phone on and off to maneuver in between different apps. It was hopeless, I was doomed.  How was I going to tell Mike I broke my phone? He would honestly kill me.  Well I told him anyway and I ended up being the one with the attitude after I repeated myself 5 times on how it became broken (I dropped it- what more is there to understand?).  Well long story short, I googled how to fix my phone (I wasn't able to)  but I was introduced to a little thing called "Assistive Touch" Did you know, fellow iphone users, that we have this function? I'm not sure it's for the clumsy phone droppers but it does work.  It's a little floating home button that is constantly on your screen.  I was so thankful for this resource.  I called Apple support, and three short days (yeah right) later, I was in the apple store an hour before being open to the public and my phone was FIXED. Hallelujah and I didn't have to pay a single cent.

The story about cats: Cats are really funny creatures. They are silly, serious, mysterious, cuddly, curious, cautious, CARNIVOROUS. Oh, did I just write carnivorous?  Yes I did.  Luckily my cat didn't eat any animals, but we sure had a close encounter last night (RIGHT IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES OF REVENGE I MIGHT ADD). So I'm really entranced in this show right, and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, do I see a dark little THING SCURRY across from the laundry room to behind the refrigerator. WHAT? oh my gosh WHAT WAS THAT.  OFFFFF course Linus heard, smelled and SAW This said creature.  What was it you ask?  A MOUSE.

Yes it certainly was a mouse.  I even flashed my flashlight on it's beady little eyes hiding from my cat behind the fridge.  I felt bad for the little thing.  I didn't know what to do because I had Linus practically growling at the thing, trying to stick his paw on the side of the fridge to poke it around but I feared he would kill it and eat it.  I shined the flashlight on it for what seemed to be about 10-15 minutes while me and Mike figured out what not to do to catch this thing, and then it just magically disappeared.  Where it went, we have no idea.  I looked very closely under the fridge and it definitely was not under it, oh lord I hope not.  We don't have any mouse traps and personally I don't like the idea of killing a mouse so little Mickey better not show his face again in the house or else he'll have an angry cat to answer to.

I really hope I don't get home from work today finding a dead mouse in the house either.


  1. Assistive touch is a lifesaver. My lock button has been broken for months now, so that's what I've been using! Thanks Apple, for always having a backup plan!

    Mice freak me out! They are so cute, but so full of disease and other scary stuff. (At least that's what I hear? Ha ha.) And something about knowing there is one in the house is scary. You just never know where they are. Tiny little magicians.

  2. My dogs have caught mice before. It's crazy when they find them! Hope it doesn't show it's face again!

    And I'll have to remember that for my iPhone! I've become butterfingers lately!

  3. I read the title and thought man that happens to me too!! My yogurt does that to me all the time!!

  4. My yogurt attacks me on a daily basis. I feel ya!

  5. Every time I eat yogurt I also wear it haha! And they make humane mouse traps, we've used them before and they definitely work very well. Basically you put peanut butter inside this little tiny box and then when the mouse goes in to get it the door drops down and closes behind him, then you can just take it to the woods and dump him out, no worse for the wear!

  6. you're probably gonna find a dead mouse today. DeNiro hasn't had this encounter yet, but other cats I had back home def have! One cat use to play with the mice and I felt SO BAD. I always had to catch the little cutie and put it outside.
    so I ditched my galaxy last week and got an iphone!!! where is this assistive touch you speak of? jk, i'll google it :)

  7. um, linus is adorbs. I can't stop looking at his sleepy eyes and cute little paw. Is that creepy? probably. #sorrynotsorry #alsoacrazycatlady