November 06, 2013

How Not to use a Curling Wand

Like this: See below
I tried taking a selfie like 10 times and they all sucked so I settled for the cartoon drawing of myself.
I might as well call it quits right now with my hair being down and all, I mean I look like I'm wearing two different weaves in my head or something! Pony Tail Here I COME.

I recently purchased a Hot Tools curling iron (similar) (From Marshall's - -where else?) and I really really do love it. It's ceramic and 1 1/4 inch barrel. It doesn't make me feel as if I'm frying my hair right off my head like this girl. But I also make sure to put the setting on medium-high, and I also part larger sections in my head. ANYWAY, Yeah, so I need some kind of curling iron hair tutorial because as you can see, my left portion of my head just sucks and is straight. My right side has a beautiful wave going on and why can't the other side just look like that? Maybe I need to visit pinterest.  I'll be back.

Ok, So I'm back and I'm thinking that my right side isn't as fabulous as it could be either.  I just watched this tutorial and I'm going to try this later when I get home.

This girl also has a blog whom I may consider checking out - - her hair is nearly perfect!

Anyway, one thing I would change in the tutorial is that I'd consider using dirty hair (Day after showering) and using a heat protection spray... but other than that, seems pretty easy!

What do you do to control your curls / get those lovely waves?


  1. Um...I absolutely suck at doing anything hair related. My hair is naturally wavy, so I normally just let it air dry? Ha ha. But really, I attempted to use a curling iron the other day and my hair actually came out semi straight. It's a complete mystery, and I was not given this particular "female gene," I suppose. People make it look so easy! D:

  2. if it makes you feel any better...i can't curl y hair to save my whole entire annoying. and I get so jealous of people who have cute curled hair all the time...ugh.

  3. I can't curl much less do anything to my hair, ha!

  4. My hair doesn't hold curl the same on both sides - no matter what I do to it. Maybe there is a learning curve with this like there was with the foundation? LOL

  5. Hahaha too funny. Sometime when I curl my hair it turns out like that, and then I end up just pulling it up. SO aggravating! I usually let my hair air dry and then curl it, but then again my hair is naturally wavy so it helps a curl better. I would try using 2nd day hair, it would probably work better for you!

  6. I use a curing iron vs curling wand. The curling wand just sets me up for a burnt hand! I hairspray the heck out of my hair once I have curled and then let is "set" for 15 minutes before combing through with my fingers.

  7. Second day hair is much easier to work with. Usually I have to use mousse and hairspray to get it to not completely frizz out!