November 20, 2013

And just like that it's Wednesday

I'm quite happy to bring to your attention that it is ALREADY WEDNESDAY.  How does time pass by so quickly when you're old(er) ?? If I was in HS, I'd be saying the complete opposite, probably because I would be in US History class learning about the Gettysburg address (which was 150 years ago to the day [yesterday]) and not wanting to pay attention, or in Calculus asking Rachel to take my quizzes for me (true story, that actually happened).

Other than the fact it is Wednesday, I really have nothing good. So why blog then?  I just can't give this little space up.  It's been a very welcoming community so far (so far, ha, I've been at this since 2012...I think, I can't remember!)  It's had it's moments when I've wanted to call it quits yet it is something I come back to on a somewhat regular basis.  A hobby I've actually kept for over a year, wow!

So I'm kind of pissed off.  I have problems with buying running sneakers. I usually buy them for looks (my first problem) and I buy them about every 4-5 months (problem 2).  I went from having about 6 pairs of very unused sneakers to ONE PAIR. ONE. Why is it you ask? Well I go through sneakers as quick as I go through potato chips (FAST). I get in these habits where I either toss them in the garbage, or donate them. Before you go saying "ew" please note that these sneakers were purchased during the times when I was never exercising, and there were no marks on the bottoms of the sneakers. Basically worn about 1 or 3 times. Anywhoodle, so I literally just bought a pair of New Balances which I thought were working out for me.  They aren't. (What else is new though, really?).  They are good for me when I'm running outside on trails, but the winter is fast approaching and my time is limited running outside (even though I bought fancyshmancy outside running gear...oh I'm such a hypocrite). So anyway, I was at the gym yesterday doing interval training on the treadmill (which kicked my ass by the way) and my right ankle was THROBBING. And felt numb.  Seriously, COME ON. So I asked facebook (what else would I do?) what was wrong with me, am I just plain old, wrong form when I'm running, or is it the sneakers... guess what the answer was. MY SNEAKERS. AKA everyone suggested I go get fitted at a running store for damn shoes. Really, isn't that gonna cost me like over a hundred dollars? I don't have that kind of money to throw away (is it though?) on running sneakers.  ARGH.

In other news, my work wants everyone to have their photo's attached to their profiles which will assist in "helping others to easily recognize me at meetings and events" (because ya know, as an admin I just attend ALL of those meetings...YEAH RIGHT). Confession, I was really excited to have my picture taken.  And I'm just obsessed with it. Natural beauty right there (hahaha yes I really went there, can we say self-centered much?). As if you weren't sick of seeing my new hair and these pictures on instagram, here they are again for your viewing pleasure!!!  P.S. my friend took the whole picture of me on the left in the same room after everything was done. I just wanted a reason to be a #fashionblogger for the day because I liked my outfit :)

I know I posted this the other day, but I can NOT GET ENOUGH of Zedd Radio Station on Pandora. I mean like holy shit, it is amazing. Here's round two of songs that you should probably listen to (if you are into electronic beats).

Krewella -  Come & Get It
Krewella - One Minute
Zedd - Hourglass
Bastille - Oblivion
Kaskade - Llove 

Ok, I'm off to go listen to Zedd's album now - - just downloaded the whole thing because  I love EVERY song!

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  1. I LOVE Krewella and I only know Clarity by Zedd so I'll have to check these out! I go back and forth between Krewella and Flux Pavillion pandora stations when I need EDM while I work out. I also have a really, really hard finding tennis shoes for my shitty ass ankles and have decided to just go get fitted already! Fleet Feet is supposed to be great for doing this. Good luck finding a good shoe!

  2. well that sure is a cute outfit. and i sure would love you more than i already do if you told me where i could get all of it so i can copy you!

  3. You look great!!! Not sure why I was not following you on IG, but I am now!

  4. That is a cute outfit! I think you did a great job of being a fashion blogger for the day! Also, definitely love the new hair. :)

  5. I'm totally loving your outfit and your pictures from today! I too need new running shoes. I've just been too cheap as well to go get fitted.

  6. Cute pic!! I went to a really good place up by me to get fitted for sneaks!

  7. Pretty pictures! I have to get some taken for work next week and I am NOT excited about it haha

  8. Let me know if you end up going to roadrunner and get sorted out! Just never commit to anything! Always ask how much it'll cost before you say yes! Or you'll get stuck with $81 customized shoe inserts! Also, I am loving those pictures of you! Super cute!