November 07, 2013


I'm booyahing only for the fact that my hair (in my own opinion) is lookin' mighty fly as of yesterday night and this morning.  I watched the video countless times and figured out that you have to hold your curling iron UPSIDE DOWN (whaaaaaa?) and flip/roll up and outwards from your head. Sounds crazy hard, but totally not.  It's currently 2:15pm and my hair still looks like those pictures above.  I'm quite excited because it is a huge improvement from yesterday's pathetic curling job. I'm actually quite sad that it's going to get ruined when I go to the gym later. I'm trying to dismiss the fact that it's just the plain cold-hard truth that my right side just curls 10x better than the left, but I'm okay with this.

So, in honor of it being Thursdays, and we dedicate Thursday's to throwing back to old photos and other stupid shit, I'm bringing to you today "Ridiculous phrases of the 90's" starting with boo-yah right up there in my subject line.

1. "Boo yah"  I mean really, boo yah? What does that even mean?

2. "All that and a bag a chips"  Define: the best and then some

3. "As if!" - Well duh, Cher obviously taught us that one.

4. "The Bomb" or in other areas of the states "DA BOMB" You are super AWESOME.

5. "Buggin"  I'm buggin yo.  As in, you are freaking out?

6. "Gettin Jiggy wit it"  Thank you former-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for this fabulous tune and dance move! Middle school dances wouldn't have been the same without you.

7. "Homeslice"  You really are my best homeslice. I don't know what I'd do with out you!!

8. "OH SNAP"  Don't deny you've said this one before when you were totally feeling all high and mighty proving a point.  Or when someone else did and you were just standing by.

9, "Phat"  I could be talking about the jeans, I think I actually owned a pair, but no no... this one, we liked using to describe something what was REALLY REALLY COOL.

10. "Talk to the Hand" .....cause the face don't wanna listen!! 
this too :)

11. "What's the dillio?" what's the d-d-d-dillio dillio, what's the d-d-d-deal deal?

12. "LYLAS"  no explanation needed. the ultimate ending for your note to your BFF4E+A in Social Studies.

So what dope phrases do you remember from the 90s?


  1. i still say "oh snap!". a lot. and i'll never stop :)

  2. hahaha these are hilarious! I remember "jinx!" if people said something at the same time!

  3. I still say "oh snap" sometimes. Guilty! Ha ha. Homeslice is probably my favorite out of all of these!

    And now I really want to watch Clueless.

    P.S. You hair looks fab! (Fab will probably be on this list one day, ha ha.)

  4. I love your hair! And I LOVE these 90s slang references. I'm totally guilty of saying all of them!

  5. Your hair looks amazing!!! I'm trying to think of other phrases from the 90s now. Can we bring back As if?

  6. Love your hair girl!!

    I used "as if" today and someone made fun of me. haha.

  7. Yayyy it looks great!!!! Bahaha love the 90s slang ;)

  8. Lovvvvve you hair! Confession: I still say Oh snap! all the time

  9. Homeslice and LYLAS. Ohhh middle school! hahah and LOVE the hairdo, I'm glad it worked for you. My curling iron officially died, so I have to replace it before I can try the tutorial. Sad day.

  10. Is it terrible that I still say oh snap?! Am I living in the past?! Maybe, but it's better than YOLO! Also, your hair looks fly, supa-dupa fly :)