October 31, 2014

On why I don't give out candy

Call me the Halloween Grinch, or Devil to be more appropriate. But I don't hand out Halloween Candy to trick or treaters.

First and foremost. There are rules when Trick or Treating and they are pretty easy. 5 Simple words. "TRICK OR TREAT" and "THANK YOU!" Any brat that doesn't say that to me, I have said in the past, withholding the candy, "What do you say???" and then they would mumble "trick or treat". I'm sorry you little rotten child, I'm giving you FREE candy, and all you have to do is say those 3 simple words, along with a THANK YOU at the end. How HARD is that to do?

The very first year I offered to come to Michael's house to hand out Halloween Candy. He wouldn't be home from work and I could make it down to the house for the early afternoon crowd. I was a very naive, gungho girl, handing out candy at my boyfriends HOUSE. Like, this was really really cool. I got a box of chip bags (those wise boxes that have doritoes and all those things).  We probably had half of the box left over, aka barely any kids. And the kids that did come just stood there with their bags/pillowcase/candy sacks out looking for me to throw the candy in, without asking! Little runts.

The following year, I had just moved in and we decided to get the big Candy Bars you can buy at Costco/BJ's and for you people who don't know what those stores are, they are "buy in bulk" warehouse where you can get a zillion of everything for a good price.  Costco was offering a coupon if you bought two boxes of the big candy bars you'd get so many dollars off, so I got two of them. As a kid, there was one house that gave these out each year, and I couldn't wait to go there because I was excited for a huge candy bar. But anyway, maybe there were 30 bars or so in total? Well, we were SLAMMED with children AND OLD KIDS. Literally, every single bar I had was gone in about a half hour. I was pissed.  I ran out to the store to get cheap candy. And that went too. What the hell?

My third Halloween at my current residence, those little teeny bopper punks pissed me off so much the year before that I said, "that's it. I'm getting the cheapest shit candy I can find because I hate this holiday and these brats and that's that".  It was a crummy Halloween. I had ZERO KIDS.
Me on November 1st with all my candy left over that I don't eat.

The next year after that, Hurricane Sandy came and Halloween was non existent.

The year I decided to become a grinch.  I felt horrible. However, I made sure to notify families that I would not be participating in Halloween with a single symbol. No porch light. People, you know of this rule right? No light = no candy. But that didn't stop those little punks from knocking, ringing, and peeking in my damn door and side window! I had to HIDE in my backroom. I ate pizza with Michael in the dark. He had to come through our house through the back entrance. It was terrible.

So why do I do it you ask? Well, call me old fashioned, but a little "thank you" goes a long way and honestly, i'm just not seeing it in kids these days. They aren't thankful for this holiday. They just see it as free candy. I guess I am asking too much because November is the "Be Thankful" month if we want to get all technical. Ugh.


October 28, 2014

DIY Ariel Costume: The result

So you all know I had a Halloween Party Saturday night. I apologize for the crazy amount of instagram uploads...what can I say, I was really excited to share pictures! Most of these the majority of you have seen, but if you are not following me on instagram, here are some below!

Let's just take a moment to look at how perfectly that tank top blends into my body. Where the hell did my tan go? If it isn't obvious, I clearly hibernate from September through June. Isn't Rachel's Minnie costume perfect? Her mom MADE IT (the skirt and mouse ears). I think I need to hit up her crafting skills to get a pair of ears prior to my trip in November! Do people actually wear the mouse ears around the parks all day long?!?

First time ever wearing false eyelashes. I actually put them on myself. Holy moly they are amazing! But I don't know how people wear these everyday?? These were from Target, ELF brand, and only ONE DOLLAR. Wow, my teeth are looking pretty white! Must be that new toothpaste regimen that blogger sucked me into.


This photo comes along with the caption, "Do something mermaidy!" Really?!?! They wanted me to do this in a picture, but I settled for pretend fins on my ottoman.

I'm honestly so so thrilled with the outcome of my DIY costume.  This is by far my best work. I didn't know if I'd look silly without fins, but those $3.00 leggings from Target were perfect. I couldn't have imagined this costume any better than this.  Well, I should have had Sebastian on my other side, but I didn't feel like digging through my Christmas ornaments to find him (I have the Sebastian ornament from McDonald's from the 90s).  Isn't that Flounder SO adorable!!?!? AHH I LOVE THIS COSTUME!.  My wig was a big pain in my ass. It was too big for my head and kept slipping backwards, which is why my bangs look so odd in my "mermaidy" photo. Ah whatever. It was an $11 dollar wig. Who cares!

And bad blogger of me, I didn't take one single photo of my decor. Maybe I'll have to take some later on because I had some cute things out!

Verdict on these: You need an icing bag and you need an icing tip.  Ziploc and a hole at the bottom doesn't cut it. Also, 1 cup sugar to 4 egg whites = TOO SWEET. Either make it 1/2 cup sugar, or add more egg whites.  Even though they don't look like those from the recipe, they still look adorable!

The party turned out to be a real success.  Everyone had a good time, and that is all I was really hoping would happen.  I kept referring it as a "gathering" because let's be real, I'm not one for parties too much anyway! We played Guesstures, Disney Scene It!, and Apples to Apples.  It was a quarter to one by the time everyone left! I actually wasn't even tired. But I'll tell you, I had a wicked hangover the next morning.  The sign of a great night.

October 24, 2014

diy costume: Ariel

I've been waiting to share my tutorial (if you can even call it that) until my Halloween Party had passed so I could show you the Before (what you need), During (how to make it) and after (all dressed up) pictures...but I'm really anxious to share it so I'll just show the after pictures on Monday! Read on below to see what my Halloween Costume is and how I made it. I hope the finished product turns out how I want it to when I put it all on :)

Every year (okay so the past three years) I've been invited to some kind of Halloween extravaganza and need to wear a costume, or I wouldn't be allowed in.... rules set by my best friend Colleen! Two years ago I was a pinata (shared on Sophistifunk's blog), last year I was 50 Shades of Grey. I will be the first to admit that I found these ideas from Pinterest and I did not come up with them on my own.  It's hard figuring out Halloween costumes... I never really was one for dressing up, but with the demand of having to have a costume, I kind of just dealt with it.  I refuse to purchase a costume from a store. Back in the 80's and 90's when I was wearing them, it was a different story. They were inexpensive, and somewhat high-quality.  Nowadays, you go to Target looking for a Skeleton Costume and you get a piece of shit fabric that is not only see-through, but makes you worry if it will rip and you'll have your buns exposed.  Not to mention, the screen print on some of this fabric is complete crap. Seriously though, I went to Target and found a YOUTH skeleton COSTUME (so it should be more affordable vs adult) and I opened it up to be literally shocked. Just complete crap quality. Ever since I was a young one and saw the Karate Kid, I've wanted this costume so badly:

Buttttt, if you get the legitimate authentic (and what I hope is good quality) version of it, it will cost you anywhere from $50-$85 bones. hehehe pun intended. But it's borderline a boy costume (okay it is) and just not really that cool and creative.

So anyway, let's move on to my costume. I thought it would be fitting to be a Disney Princess since my trip is less than ONE MONTH AWAY OMG.  But let me back track for a minute, I originally had pinned a "Bubble Gum Machine" costume, to my SECRET board. Rachel comes over one weekend and we ran out to the store and I told her "oh I'm so excited, I got the main part for my costume in Forever 21." She replied, "Oh yeah? What did you buy there?"  I said, "A red skirt and nude tank top." She quickly responded, "Um, what are you being?" And right then and there, I knew it. We had the same costume in mind.  I told her a gumball machine and she literally jumped out of the car, we both started our high pitch screaming and yelling "oh my god! no way! you too! I pinned this on my secret board! no! I did too! look!" and yup, right there is a sign that we are best friends.  She had ordered her skirt from Amazon and since I bought in the store, I knew I could easily exchange mine for something else.  In came Disney trip, and I then remembered that Forever 21 had a Teal Skirt. I went back and that's just what I got.  So here's the tutorial:

DIY Ariel Costume (Modified Version aka no fins)

Teal or Green Skirt (Forever 21 has for $5.90)
Seashell Bra (here)
Nude Colored Tank Top (Forever 21 $1.80) (unless you are okay wearing just shells!!)
Red Wig (here)
Purple Paint (Michael's under $1.00)
Purple Glitter (here or in craft store)
Two Shades of Teal Ribbon (preferably sparkley) (here and similar here but with sparkle)
Glue Gun
Optional: Teal leggings (i'm always cold so I wore a pair from Target for $3.00 on clearance)

1. Heat up your glue gun

2. Start painting your seashell bra purple, Let Dry

3. While glue gun heating up and seashells drying, start cutting ribbon 3 inches each piece. I used two spools of the 1st lighter color, and 1 (larger) spool of the darker. (approximately 65 dark pieces and roughly the same for the lighter pieces). {This is based on my size, XS/SM} 

4. Start gluing each piece into a droplet form to make "scales" for your skirt. This will take a long time...but it's worth it!

5. Go back and paint a second coat of the purple paint on the seashell bra and let dry.

6. Start placing scales on skirt (do not glue yet) to get an idea of how many you will need across. (I had 12 scales across, and only did the front to avoid awkward sitting and less work)

7. Once you have the amount that you need, start hot gluing them on. Alternate each row so they are staggered. Eventually they end up lining up towards the top but that's okay! Tip: I glued the scales on from BOTTOM to TOP and glued the top row of scales on first.

8. When you are done gluing the scales, and you believe that your seashell bra's second coat of paint is dry, time to get out a brush or foam applicator and get that modge podge on.  Apply liberally. Then the fun part, start shaking that glitter on! I wanted the entire thing covered so really shake it on there. Obviously you'll want to have a piece of newspaper underneath to catch the extra, and to re-use.

9. Let everything sit and dry really well.

10. That's it!

Can't wait to share pictures from my party this weekend. I hope to grab some good photos! P.S. Peanut and Linus will be dressed up too!

October 22, 2014

Failed It: Pinterest Edition

So like many of you, I have become obsessed with Pinterest and make sure to browse it on a daily basis...mainly my homefeed to see what everyone's pinning, but sometimes I actually explore some of the different subjects and find some good ideas. It's a rare occasion that I actually get around to doing the things on my board. But eventually, at some point, I do and it's either a complete success or a complete failure. That is the way with pinterest, there is no in between.  I'm going to share today the failed pins that I've attempted that have just come out like complete garbage.

1. Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Don't let these cute gourds fool you. They make look cute. But they are little shits. That rot in less than two weeks.  I was moving around my back room and picked one of the ones I painted (an ikat version with the same colors above) and it was all moldy!! I had to throw it out, I was extremely upset. So don't even bother painting them. They won't last.

2. DIY Skin Smoother
This really seemed like a good idea when I was reading it. The definition of this project in less than four words: Big Oily Mess.  In this tutorial, the person used a mason jar but I decided to use a different tutorial that had a more tempting photo that lured me in. I took my butt right to walmart to buy the exact salad dressing container for it, and got to work making this concoction. I was excited for all of 5 minutes until I went to use it. I shook it with all my might and yeah, it mixed the oil and sugar up, but ultimately, the sugar sat at the bottom, and I was left with a handful of olive oil in my hands and no "scrub". Don't waste your time and patience on this (going to walmart [you know that if you aren't in an out before 8am, don't even bother] and actually trying to use this "scrub").

3. Really cute knotted grey tshirt

Just no. If you aren't at least 5'7 and have a LONG torso, this look is not for you. Even if you are thin. There is no way in hell to successfully tie a cute little knot like that on the side without it riding up your ENTIRE TORSO. I tried this, with the maxi skirt and it was a big mess. I don't know if I needed a longer shirt, or a thinner material shirt. Bleh. Same thing goes for the cute knotted maxi skirt bottom. N. O. NO.

4. Butter Baking Trick

I have no words for this one. I saw this one day a long time ago and said "Holy crap, why didn't I think of this".  So I needed butter for a recipe one day, and let it get un-frozen and well I guess it just got too room temperaturey and it was a gooey mess. I got so frustrated I threw the grater in the sink.  Just stick to shoving it in the micro on half power for 2 minutes. 


LOL.  While this icing ACTUALLY tasted good, it was soooooooo sooooo messy and goopy, and watery and had NO consistency to it.  You literally could do nothing with it.  You try to make it all cute and airy on top of a cupcake? FORGET IT.  It was worse than making your own icing (confectioners sugar + milk). It was flat on top of the cupcakes and very messy. But I still say, it did have a good taste to it.

Tell me I'm not the only one who has failed pinterest projects. Tell me below!

October 17, 2014

A rant + Life Update

I wanted to let you know that I'm kind of giving up on this place.  If that wasn't evident from my lack of posts, I'm here telling you now.  Now I'm not going to go on pointing fingers, but I feel like blogger is the same shit day after day, week after week.  And don't get me wrong, while I like reading that "shit" (really, that's harsh) it get's old after a while.

When I first started blogging in 2012, it was different.  Some of the "big name" bloggers that I read daily shared actual stories of their lives, and well when you think of that, it's kinda creepy that we even tell the internet of crazies our personal lives... but they were real stories.  They weren't sharing clothing items that you need to buy yesterday, or recipes off of pinterest, or work outs. Or how they styled their homes.  It was real-life stories that people could often relate to.

Nowadays, I feel like I'm just reading the same stuff, over, and over... and I'm kind of sick of it.  Hey, look at this purse I got, look at my beautifully decorated home office, look at this shopping haul I just did, come join me on youtube, check out this girl, she's so awesome! It's all the same.  We are all the same person really.  Again, I'm not pointing fingers at anyone but I include myself here.  I've turned into the "typical blogger" that people think of when they hear the word "blogger".  I'm just tired of it all.  Aren't you guys sick of reading the same thing everyday?  There is no real content.  Sure, they can be lengthy posts, and probably extremely time consuming to put together. But what good is a "lifestyle" blog, if we are sharing things that aren't even our own ideas/stories? It's no good, that's what.

I'm not saying that I'm deleting this site, I really don't want to do that. Because when the mood strikes me, I find that this is the first place I come to.  I really have formed some "friends" and will continue to keep in touch with them with different resources.  I guess what i'm saying is, if and when I do update, expect the real me, and not the "online" version of me that I want you to see.

So with that ridiculous introduction of a post, I will let you know that I've been completely crazy at work.  I'm finding as the days go by, my bossypants is going back to her old ways.  She has been out of the office a lot lately, and when the boss is away, this mouse doesn't play. Isn't that sad? Well I goof off here and there, but I do that when she's in too but get my work done.  When she isn't in, it is legitimately a nightmare for me.  All I do for 8 straight hours is print emails. She gets hundreds per day.  It's so freaking time consuming. "All you do is print all day? That's so easy!" UM. No. It's REALLY not.  I had an excel spreadsheet to print yesterday that had 25 embedded word docs inside it. Pain in my ass. I had so many "color" presentations to print, and the color printer was broken half the day.  I had a word document that needed to be formatted from size A4 to Letter size.  It's not just CTRL + P and done with.  This task is so freaking frustrating that I'd rather go get her laundry than do this. I have grown to loathe printing, because of her.  Guess what I'm doing today? I won't even answer as I'm sure you already know!

What else has been going on with me?  I've got a very busy year and next ahead of me.  I recently was asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my friends wedding.  Tonight, I'm going out with my sister in law, and I have a feeling today is the day she's going to ask me to be in her wedding as well.  Two weddings within 6 months of each other and I'm already freaking.  How do you people that have a zillion weddings go to so many and not freak! So needless to say, my future life plans are put on the back burner (starting a family) until mid next year.  I really don't want to be pregnant in a bridesmaid dress.  If I had to be in one, I would be in my sister in law's.  Remember she is the one with a very expensive taste? Maybe I'd get out of that bachelorette bash to Vegas.  Who does that when you're from Jersey? No one. We have Atlantic City for those shenanigans.  Anyway, so with that said, Michael and I have been dying to go to Walt Disney World, FOREVER... well 5 years forever. But unfortunately (fortunately?) the Caribbean ALWAYS has won.  There's just something about at tropical island that screams "RELAXING VACATION" and not "GO GO GO!" to me.  But I finally bit the bullet and planned a long weekend there.  We are going mid-November of this year for 4 days. To say I'm excited is an understatement.  If I didn't just book the trip, I wouldn't have ever done it.

30 days till I visit the most Magical Place on Earth.  This will be Michael's first time...I went in High School. I can't wait to see how he takes it in. Any tips and tricks for visiting, let me know!

October 07, 2014

blogger made me do it.

Remember in middle school we went to D.A.R.E. programs? You know, Drug Abuse Resistance Education? And the words "Just Say No" were instilled in us from the time we were in 5th grade? And then in High School, "Just Say No" was slightly immature for a 15 year old, so they talked about "peer pressure"*.   Well today, I'm here to talk about Blogger-pressure, for lack of better words. I really tried to come up with some witty phrase but my mind is kind of in 80 different places right now! So yes, here are a list of things that BLOGGER MADE ME DO. SO THANKS. And you're welcome.  Enjoy.

1. Let's go back to that time when all-white-everything was really cool to have? Yeah, I mean I basically remodeled my entire "cat room" turned into office/vanity room after I saw it being the rage all over blog land.  If someone asked me if I wanted white furniture prior to 2012, I would have looked at you with disgust and said "What am I, 7 years old again? Hell no." Welp, blogger made me do it.

2. Give me all the crispy perfect pictures I could ever take in my life.  That's right, My Nikon D3200. Before blogger, I was super fine with my canon point and shoot digital camera.  But somehow, after reading all these fantastically photographed posts, I thought to myself, I need this camera too!!!  Ok, this is slightly a lie. I've wanted a DSLR ever since my brother and sister in law had one and were taking these amazing photos of my niece (who is turning SEVEN next month!!) when she was a baby/toddler.  An example of my great photog skills: St Lucia Recap.

3. A Kate Spade Fanatic.  Between all the fashion posts, the Nordstrom Anniversary sales, the Kate Spade Surprise sales... and all you people SHARING these items with me in your posts, how could you expect me not to become a lover?  Before blogger, I thought KS was hella expensive. Now, dropping $150 on a purse doesn't even make me blink an eye, because you know it's totally normal in blogland. OyVey! Just because it's the norm in blogger, doesn't mean it's normal for you! Must resist future purchases. 

4. A chameleon. I mean, just alone in the past 2 years, my hair has changed about 7 times. I'm not even joking. From regular highlights, to short hair, to red highlights, to long and layered, back to brown and most recently OMBRE'D. Yup, thanks blogger. My hair now has more dead ends than a rat in a maze. What happened to the time I was happy with my mouse-brown hair and didn't know how to style it? Sometimes I miss those days.  #NOT.
this is my first ombre.  i have changed it to darker for the fall, i just haven't taken a good pic!

5. Shopaholic. Really, just look at my past 570 posts from August and September.

6. A Fur vest wearer. What??? WHAT?!?!? A FUR VEST? I have hated the "fake fur" look my entire single life.  But some how, pinterest "fall looks"and this cute "how to style a fur vest" blog post have turned me into a fur vest lover... don't worry Fashion Blogger #wannabe update coming soon with mine.

7. An over user of GIFS. I really love gifs. Who doesn't in blogger anyway.

8. A real comic.  Just check out this post on my future tattoo

9. A pumpkin.....lover.  I'm currently working on this pinterest craft. P.S. don't you dare for a minute think I was going to say pumpkin spice latte lover. NEVER. NEVER!! So, I could really generalize this statement and say "Crafter".. yes Pinterest could partially take the blame, but I'm putting it on blogger and "Saw It, Pinned It, Did It" Thursdays. Can this PLEASE come back?!! That was the best link up ever. 

10.  A LIST (with pictures) MAKER. Really, who even know what polyvore was prior to blogger??? One, Two, Three, .... I could go on forever!

11. A computer nerd.  That's right, if it weren't for blogger, I wouldn't know html coding, and what hex colors, and pixel sizes and all that crap meant.  Who wants an ugly blog? Certainly not me. P.S. I'm not a full blown geek, I had help with my layout from Elle, Ink. ;)

12. I bought this tooth paste and mouthwash just last night at target.  Thank you to "But First, Coffee" blog, she shared the best way to maintain your pearly white smile when you have coffee on the daily!! Yes, she was 100% right than Rembrandt toothpaste is pricey, and half filled with air! Those jerks! Again, blogger made me do it.
Picture from Kallie's blog, But First Coffee

13. A black legging, boot wearing, scarf lover.  I have managed to collect about 15-20 different scarves since I joined blogger.  I also have 4 different tall boots.  A black high heeled one, a black riding, a dark brown riding and a cognac. Really? I still haven't jumped on the "Chambray" trend but I feel like it's kinda so 2012, isn't it? Or is chambray still cool? I feel like it's all about stripes and plaid this fall. Don't worry, I've got that covered.

So there are 13 different things that blogger made me do.  I swear. I have self control, but that blog-pressure is serious business!   What are some things that "Blogger made you do" ?? 

*This is in no way meant to be a funny joke/comparison towards drug abuse to my shopping addiction.  I absolutely know drug abuse/addiction is a real thing but this is my personal blog so please do not take this the wrong way. Thank you.

October 06, 2014


This weekend was such a busy one! Friends/Family events on both days! To say I'm tired is an understatement. But I didn't want to be dramatic so "tired" it is.

Saturday was the weirdest weather. It was pouring all morning and early afternoon and I really thought I'd be spending the afternoon/evening camping with my rainboots.  I went to my husband's family party (campgrounds) and it actually dried up by the time we got there, and thankfully wasn't too wet, so rainboots were NOT needed.  I think I changed outfits about 3 times before settling on boyfriend jeans, a striped tank and (gag) running sneakers. I really was NOT dressed to impressed this time around.  Let's be real, when I go to these campfire parties, I like to look the part.  This weekend just wasn't having it.  It was rainy, then muggy, and then COOL.  I'm talking scarf at night cool. It was a long night.

Then on Sunday I celebrated baby Bella's blessing/welcoming party.  Her mother (my best friend, you know this so, Rachel) looked amazing. See below.  Of course I was badgered by her father that Bella needs a friend #embarassing! But I'm so used to it so it's not a big deal.  The picture below this is Rachel's sister, Bella (obviously) and me. 

My hair was NOT cooperating that day.  I had showered after the campfire Saturday night because I didn't want my bed to smell like it, and actually blew dry my hair. So I had figured sleeping on it overnight would be perfect for me to try and curl it. Oh my awfulness, it was the worst curl job I've done on my hair in quite some time.  May even qualify to be part of this post from a long time ago. Oh, want to talk about how pale I am, and it's only October? I'm shuddering at the thought what I will look like come January.  Not cool.  My skin is seriously so pale. It's terrible! 

So really my weekend was the two parties and that was about it! I did buy Neighbors on DVD so I watched that as well as the Other Woman with Mike Friday night.  Both funny movies and I love the relationship between Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. I'm happy that they became friends through their mutual cheater of a husband/boyfriend.  Very cute. I recommend it! Even Mike was laughing in it too, and I guess we can just go ahead and categorize that in "Chick Flick" movies. 

Yep, pretty boring in terms of blog material, but I got to show you how adorable Bella is, and my cute dress I got from Target! P.S. This was bought prior to my October 1st agreement to not spend any money :) I got myself covered. 

Ok, that's wrapping up the most lame blogpost I've ever written in awhile.

Weekending with B Loved Boston

October 02, 2014

A new Facial Routine

So. It's been 2 solid weeks of my new daily facial regimen and I am so excited to say that I'm seeing results already. I know it may be a little premature of me to be praising these products only 2 weeks in but I'm just so excited that I have been able to see a difference in my skin - it's not even funny. I take my skin very seriously (well, at least I do now) but I've always had a battle with terrible chin acne.  I have these, what I like to call "undergrounders" which are pimples that are just deep in my skin that never fully surface to the skin, they just linger on my face for what seems like FOREVER and are big, but not noticeable unless I pick at them. I also have some weird funky red spots on my face as well, it's hard for me to explain.  They are these tiny red dots that look like they can be broken blood vessels? But I'm no expert. I'm really not sure.

After scouring the internet for products and reviews, asking you all, here is what I've come up with that is working:

Image Map
(P.S. the images should be clickable, I'm really excited that I created this and mapped the links lol)

1. Face Wash.  Thanks Val for suggesting Philosophy brand face wash, Purity in the made simple line.  This face wash is perfection. I was previously using Aveeno Positively Radiant but I just never felt "Radiant" like Jennifer Aniston told me I would feel.  AKA It wasn't working.  This wash however, I can use the tiniest bit (I am an over-user on products) and it cleans my face so extremely well.  It does give me a tingling sensation, but I happen to like that feeling. It smells, different, but clean I guess you could say. A+ product in my opinion.  A little on the pricier side, however I scored an 8oz and a 32oz at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale over the summer.  I'm still working through the 8oz bottle!

2. Acne spot treatment.  I was skeptical at first on this Neutrogena product, because it didn't work instantly (like why do we expect things to happen with the blink of an eye?).  But I kept up using this daily (am and pm) and what do you know I noticed my pimples fading away.  This is considered "on the spot" treatment, but I have pimples everyday of my damn life so I use this daily. A little goes a long way.

3. AM Moisturizer.  I was previously using Aveeno moisturizer as well, and it was leaving me feeling greasy.  I decided it was time to try something new.  After reading a few reviews online, I gravitated towards this CeraVe AM moisturizer because of the SPF 30, and it was supposed to help reduce redness. Score. This does just that.  I do find that it takes a little longer for it to settle into my skin but it really does feel nice for a morning moisturizer.

4. (Or should this be 3.b??) PM Moisturizer.  I was watching youtube video after video on girls that have bad acne scaring and products they suggest.  Tea Tree oil was a BIG suggestion. This blemish fade lotion means serious business.  Like I said, I've battled some pretty bad acne since I was in my teens and this has helped fade the pimple scarring I've had. I'm really excited to say that somehow this has miraculously helped my red dots on my face too! I have one to the side of my nose, before the apple of my cheeks start.  At one point it was seriously red, and very noticeable, even after concealer.  Now, I can barely see it after I was my face and have no makeup!! HALLELUJAH.  This product again is kind of pricey but I definitely plan to keep up with this.  The link to amazon has some sort of recurring ordering and it's a little cheaper, about $15.00.  I plan to do that when I run out of this.  It seems small, but I feel like I haven't even made a dent in the product yet.

5.  Biana suggested the St. Ive's Facial Scrub. I really like it!! You know how some days you feel like your make up just isn't coming off? (By the way I use Neutogena Make up Remover wipes... the best product out there to take it all off!!) Well this is where the scrub comes in.  I use it 3 x a week.  Also, I've been using these two facial masks on the days I don't use the St. Ives (mainly on the weekends though). 1. Freeman Acai Clay Mask and 2. Freeman Charcoal Black Sugar Face Mask  Both of these smell A M A Z I N G.