October 07, 2014

blogger made me do it.

Remember in middle school we went to D.A.R.E. programs? You know, Drug Abuse Resistance Education? And the words "Just Say No" were instilled in us from the time we were in 5th grade? And then in High School, "Just Say No" was slightly immature for a 15 year old, so they talked about "peer pressure"*.   Well today, I'm here to talk about Blogger-pressure, for lack of better words. I really tried to come up with some witty phrase but my mind is kind of in 80 different places right now! So yes, here are a list of things that BLOGGER MADE ME DO. SO THANKS. And you're welcome.  Enjoy.

1. Let's go back to that time when all-white-everything was really cool to have? Yeah, I mean I basically remodeled my entire "cat room" turned into office/vanity room after I saw it being the rage all over blog land.  If someone asked me if I wanted white furniture prior to 2012, I would have looked at you with disgust and said "What am I, 7 years old again? Hell no." Welp, blogger made me do it.

2. Give me all the crispy perfect pictures I could ever take in my life.  That's right, My Nikon D3200. Before blogger, I was super fine with my canon point and shoot digital camera.  But somehow, after reading all these fantastically photographed posts, I thought to myself, I need this camera too!!!  Ok, this is slightly a lie. I've wanted a DSLR ever since my brother and sister in law had one and were taking these amazing photos of my niece (who is turning SEVEN next month!!) when she was a baby/toddler.  An example of my great photog skills: St Lucia Recap.

3. A Kate Spade Fanatic.  Between all the fashion posts, the Nordstrom Anniversary sales, the Kate Spade Surprise sales... and all you people SHARING these items with me in your posts, how could you expect me not to become a lover?  Before blogger, I thought KS was hella expensive. Now, dropping $150 on a purse doesn't even make me blink an eye, because you know it's totally normal in blogland. OyVey! Just because it's the norm in blogger, doesn't mean it's normal for you! Must resist future purchases. 

4. A chameleon. I mean, just alone in the past 2 years, my hair has changed about 7 times. I'm not even joking. From regular highlights, to short hair, to red highlights, to long and layered, back to brown and most recently OMBRE'D. Yup, thanks blogger. My hair now has more dead ends than a rat in a maze. What happened to the time I was happy with my mouse-brown hair and didn't know how to style it? Sometimes I miss those days.  #NOT.
this is my first ombre.  i have changed it to darker for the fall, i just haven't taken a good pic!

5. Shopaholic. Really, just look at my past 570 posts from August and September.

6. A Fur vest wearer. What??? WHAT?!?!? A FUR VEST? I have hated the "fake fur" look my entire single life.  But some how, pinterest "fall looks"and this cute "how to style a fur vest" blog post have turned me into a fur vest lover... don't worry Fashion Blogger #wannabe update coming soon with mine.

7. An over user of GIFS. I really love gifs. Who doesn't in blogger anyway.

8. A real comic.  Just check out this post on my future tattoo

9. A pumpkin.....lover.  I'm currently working on this pinterest craft. P.S. don't you dare for a minute think I was going to say pumpkin spice latte lover. NEVER. NEVER!! So, I could really generalize this statement and say "Crafter".. yes Pinterest could partially take the blame, but I'm putting it on blogger and "Saw It, Pinned It, Did It" Thursdays. Can this PLEASE come back?!! That was the best link up ever. 

10.  A LIST (with pictures) MAKER. Really, who even know what polyvore was prior to blogger??? One, Two, Three, .... I could go on forever!

11. A computer nerd.  That's right, if it weren't for blogger, I wouldn't know html coding, and what hex colors, and pixel sizes and all that crap meant.  Who wants an ugly blog? Certainly not me. P.S. I'm not a full blown geek, I had help with my layout from Elle, Ink. ;)

12. I bought this tooth paste and mouthwash just last night at target.  Thank you to "But First, Coffee" blog, she shared the best way to maintain your pearly white smile when you have coffee on the daily!! Yes, she was 100% right than Rembrandt toothpaste is pricey, and half filled with air! Those jerks! Again, blogger made me do it.
Picture from Kallie's blog, But First Coffee

13. A black legging, boot wearing, scarf lover.  I have managed to collect about 15-20 different scarves since I joined blogger.  I also have 4 different tall boots.  A black high heeled one, a black riding, a dark brown riding and a cognac. Really? I still haven't jumped on the "Chambray" trend but I feel like it's kinda so 2012, isn't it? Or is chambray still cool? I feel like it's all about stripes and plaid this fall. Don't worry, I've got that covered.

So there are 13 different things that blogger made me do.  I swear. I have self control, but that blog-pressure is serious business!   What are some things that "Blogger made you do" ?? 

*This is in no way meant to be a funny joke/comparison towards drug abuse to my shopping addiction.  I absolutely know drug abuse/addiction is a real thing but this is my personal blog so please do not take this the wrong way. Thank you.


  1. I love this! And I'm SO guilty of several of these offenses! lol. Darn blogger!

  2. If I don't get my hands on the perfect fur vest soon, there are going to be serious problems!

  3. LOL this is too funny - but in reality did blogger really make you do it or is it just bringing forth your real feelings?! :)

  4. gifs are my JAM. as in when i do a post without gifs, it feels naked :s

    Vodka and Soda

  5. This is too funny. I am so guilty of like 90% of these things!!

  6. Omg seriously these are all true! I don't know if I did all these things because of blogging or if I felt like i could be more myself because of it :/

  7. I am guilty of all of this as well!
    But I still love you!!

  8. i love this so much. i am still not a fan of fur vests, but i am feeling the need for some more boots and pretty hair (i havent dyed my hair in over a year! no....) i have a chambray shirt but i suck at styling it and i dont actually like it. now plaid, i need some plaid in my life.

  9. Good lord there is too much greatness in the post!! I feel the same way about blogging and all of the things I've done because of my new little blogger title. My bank account hates it but I love it! That plaid shirt of yours is too damn cute! I wasn't a fan of faux fur vests but I'm slowing getting on board...;)

  10. Blogger made me an extreme target enthusiast. I mean I liked target before, but after blogging, my liking for it has gotten HUGE. If someone mentions target, I go on and on about it now.

  11. Haha this is hilarious. Blogger has definitely turned me to even more of a shopaholic than I was before. yikes.
    xo Southern Style

  12. ha! you are cracking me up because you're totally right. it is true!! ps thanks for visiting my past posts and commenting and the emails. hope i helped!

  13. I did a post like this a while back. It's crazy how many things we suddenly get into because we're bombarded it with thanks to the interwebz. Some stuff I just can't accept. All gold everything - yuck! All white everything - yuck, although your desk space looks pretty, love the chair.


  14. This post made me laugh, and go check out what miss Spade is up to these days. My wallet is going to hate you for that ;-).