September 08, 2014

H&M Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul?  What?  I thought I was on a spending freeze? You are probably shaking your head at this very moment muttering the words "Ok, this girl is totally ridiculous, how many times is she going to show us what she bought and keep saying she's done spending?" Yes, I know, because I'm muttering those same words in my head. But I promise you, I really only spent $15 of my own money, and the rest was covered by none other than Ms. Bossypants!

Remember I told you all she got me a gift card for Christmas last year? And it was to the mall that was completely out of my way, that I would have to pay a toll for?  Well, I still didn't want to travel up north to go shopping in a snooty mall - - you literally have to DRESS UP to go shopping there, I don't have time for that.

So anyway, here is my haul, I'm so excited!

H&M Shopping Trip

NINE pieces for a grand total of: $215.00, and I only paid $15 out of pocket! WOO-HOO!!!

I finally bought clothes for hanging out versus for work. Well, actually I can wear all to work but the basic cottons in the middle.  Mike is always yelling at me saying that I buy for work way too often and I always complain how I don't have "hanging out clothes". Well, now, I have them! I have a cute pair of Target Booties (or these) from last year that I got for just under $10 when the season was over, so I'm really going to be sporting that California Style from now on! I was SO CLOSE to buying a black leather jacket but of course, I am not supposed to shop so I put it back! Yay!

HOWEVER, I did wander into DSW and found these adorable Tahari Carly Ballet Flats. I REALLY need new black flats (my other Ninewest ones, thesoles unattached from the shoe! So it had a mouth my my toes!).

Retail: $98.00, DSW: $50;00 Actual Paid: $13.88.

THIRTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY EIGHT CENTS PEOPLE.  They were in the clearance section, for 80% off!!!! Really, how could I not get them.  They were there for me to buy! Haha, oh my god, I really feel like I need to go to Shopaholics Anonymous. 

We got our last piece of our bedroom set Sunday afternoon! I'm so thrilled that we finally have so much storage space, and our closet will not look so cluttered anymore!  My bedroom will be a post soon. My hopes are to take photos this upcoming weekend, with the natural light so you all can see the coloring as I see it, and it gives me time to get some things organized. 

So here's my dilemma.  Regardless of my shopping freeze, I need to purchase a pair of brown (cognac) boots.  Two winters ago, I bought these really cute Call It Spring riding boots from JCPenney's for a good deal, but after the winters we've had, they haven't held up.  They also were not "real" leather, so the material didn't exactly mesh well with my feet (if you know what I mean. ew). I actually did toss these after this past winter was over.  I have a pair of dark brown riding boots from Target, that I got on clearance the same time I bought the ones I linked up to above.  I've gone to the stores and for some reason I am just not seeing a major selection of cognac riding boots, AT ALL. To me it's looking like dark brown, and black (obviously) are this season's new thing.  So, where can I get some boots? I have already checked Target, Nordstroms, and DSW as well as Marshall's.  My second issue that a lot of these boots are VERY loose near my ankles.  I'm not thinking that I have an exceptionally small ankle, but I think these boots are just exceptionally larger than normal. Frustrating.

So, do I keep the (dark) brown riding boots, and get cognac booties (more of a selection). Or wait it out and see if any more are released in the stores?  Also, fashionistas, do people wear booties in the winter or is this more of a Fall thing only?

Happy FIVE day work week! 
Is this too much to ask?!?!
Oh, P.S. I'm boycotting Old Navy. I'm so sick of their stupid shenanigans.  Remember the cute blush pink infinity scarf I shared in my collage the other day? Seriously online it is ten dollars. In the store, (i returned that gray plaid shirt) I went to get it and they wanted $16.94. HELL NO.  This is not the first or second item that I've seen online, went to the store to get and it was higher priced either! Stupid Old Navy!


  1. hmm I'm not sure about the booties - they do strike me as a more fall item, but i would totally wear them in the winter, just not when it was snowing, just me personally. i am going to buy some new boots from justfab, but maybe next month or November lol. you got some really great pieces from h&m!

  2. Old Navy has a lot of online only deals, which i don't like because I like to try things on (especially with them, they're sizes are so wack). I need cognac boots too, I'm thinking of checking TJ Maxx and Forever 21 maybe? H&M didn't have any? That's disappointing. I love your haul, especially the blazer!

  3. Girl keep on spending the way you are because you're hauls are obsessed!! As for booties you know how I feel about the target ones you posted about last week - love them! I imagine you can wear them when it's fallish and not snowing like Kristen said. I personally think you can never have too many pairs of boots - so get a new pair!

  4. I love EVERYTHING you got from H&M and awesome score on the flats! I hear you on the boot dilemma. I say go with cognac bc it goes with everything.

  5. I just love your style. Plus I love how much you got for $215!! Amazing!

  6. AMAZING H&M haul! Nice work. And I totally hear you on that mall, the parking lot is one of the most intimidating places in the world. It's like.. Beemer, Lexus, Audi, Benz.... and then my little Ford looking like the weird kid in class. Anyway for boots/shoes in general, I love MJM. There aren't a lot of them, but there are two up by me (one in Montville, one in East Hanover) and another in I think Hazlet? Or Holmdel maybe? I've gotten some great deals on amazing shoes there. Worth checking out if you're ever near one!

  7. OMG you get the best deals!! And I love Old Navy but hate hate hate how their prices online are different from in store.. Target does that sometimes too and I'm like DUDE why?!

  8. nice haul! i esp love the checked shirt.

    if you really want a pair of cognac boots, hold out and save up for a NICE pair. that's what i did with my brown boots - i held out and went for one that i LOVED and because of that, i took care of that shizz as in polished and protected them after trudging through each snowfall.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Oh man I am jealous of your luck at H&M. Glad to hear I am not alone in my hate for Old Navy I just don't like it. I want to and they have cute things but they just never hold up. I bought a pair of riding boots at Nordstrom last fall when they had a winter sale and I love them! I looked for over a year at tjmaxx and never found a pair. No idea on the booties vs boots for winter. Still on the search for a pair of booties.

  10. Great haul! Loving that blazer I can totes wear it to work!

  11. i want just about everything you got! and i LOVE a good deal!

  12. Ugh you are making me want to go shopping so badly!!

  13. This is making me want to have a shopping trip so badly!

  14. You and I both need to go to shopaholics anonymous! We are soooo bad!!! :)
    BUT I DON'T CARE!!!!

  15. Wow, those are seriously some fantastic deals! And I hear you on Old Navy - I don't understand why their prices fluctuate so much between locations (though since it's still relatively cheap, they keep sucking me back in with their sales)!