September 17, 2014

finger wraps

It's been a loooong time since I've linked up for confessions. I just haven't had anything good to confess.  Life has been pretty bland lately (and I'm okay with that!). I have a couple things to confess, although they aren't the juiciest, it feels good to get it off of my chest.


-My finger has been healing really good. But it's a freaking bitch typing at work. I wrap my finger up with a bandaid, and this cute (pink) self-adhesive wrap.  It gets pretty grimey by mid-day so I end up taking it off and regretting every minute of it.  I've even dug in the garbage to put it back on. #Gross

-My coworker and her missing snake. Read the story on Tracey's WTF Wednesday post here. (It really is still missing. My guess is its hard as a rock curled up in the back of some closet, or maybe it slithered out of the house).

-Missing the van on Monday. My morning routine SUCKS SO BAD.  I'm in this funk where I have to make sure I have make up on before I leave the house because I'm going on the van.  I don't want to show them my hideousness prior to makeup. I don't even know the van people that long yet! It's only normal to make sure I look decent for complete strangers, right? Putting on make up takes SO MUCH TIME OUT OF MY MORNING ROUTINE. UGHHH. (P.S. prior to the van I would just bring my small makeup bag and do it at work 5 minutes before I'd start working. That 5 minutes in the morning now is a matter of me missing/making the van)

-My ex-boyfriend texted me last night at 2:30am. This requires a story.
So the story is: we met when we were 15 while I was working at a pizzeria and he was a cart boy for the food store in the same complex.  He would always come to the pizzeria for his lunch.  I stalked AOL profiles for "cart boy" and "shop rite" in the occupation section, obviously the town as well, and had two results. I imed this person (LeSsThAnJaKe16) and asked if he knew any cartboys that worked at shoprite and he said "I am one, haha" lol and the rest is history. So basically we've been friends since we've been 15 and dated on and off throughout highschool, had a short stint during college and after. It just didn't work (obviously I'm married to Michael now!). But anyway, we kind of fell apart in terms of friends after I started dating Michael but kept in touch every so often via Facebook and Text.  The other day he uploaded a song album cover on Instagram and it threw back SOOOO many memories of HS that I couldn't NOT text him. So I did and basically a couple exchanges just seeing how our families were doing (were close with both families) and that was the end of it.
had to post a picture of AOL profiles, i mean because really. look at our life from the 90's and early 00's!
So there's the back story, and honestly I don't really want to share the text he sent me (it was along the lines of him missing me) but I half wondered if he even meant to send it to me, or his girlfriend? Or what? Obviously he was drunk texting because it made NO sense, and at 2:30am, hello who does that when we are 29 years old on a work night?!?!  I don't know. I'm just like "WTF" about that one that it needed to be included in this confession. 

My macbook crashed (it's from 2009) and now I have no computer to use at home. I ordered a Macbook Air.  There went the shopping freeze out the window.


+I need to get some serious claps for my cooking skills lately (and the fact I've actually cooked dinners for the most part on a daily basis! except that time we had to have subs...). These two are my favorites (images from individual websites in links btw)  and will absolutely be put in my "rotation" of meals.  I was getting SO sick of Chicken Quesidillas and Beef Tacos!

     +This Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup made in the crockpot. Holy Deliciousness!!

     +This Korean Beef Bowl recipe.  I'm currently waiting to heat up left overs for lunch!!

+The van pool.  I know, I know how many times can I talk about this stupid van pool.  It has changed my lifffeeeee.  It's so amazing not driving to work.  And I totally don't feel guilty at all that there is no spot for a woman who just started (who was rehired/ and used to be on my old van) and there is a van that is coming from my hometown, but I chose this one instead. Sorry, but not sorry!! P.S. there are no other vans coming from that area. Ha ha. suckerrrr

+Being approached by a project manager to apply for a Clinical Development Scientist position in work.  A) that's good because she things I can handle the work B) i really need to not be an admin anymore.

+This really didn't turn out to be a confessions post so I will let Kathy be the judge if she allows me to link up :)

Happy Wednesday.

Vodka and Soda


  1. The korean beef bowl is one of my new favorites - I made it a few weeks ago and ate left overs for two days - i never do that!! Glad to hear your finger is healing - but i really love the nail polish you're wearing! whats the brand/color!

  2. I hope your finger gets better soon! And woo hoo for the job approach! Those recipes look too yummy btw. Might have to try those!

  3. I'm going to file away that chicken soup recipe, omg. Looks so good. And what if you just did like your basic makeup at home (concealer, foundation?) and then brought the rest with you do do in the van (if you have those skills) or at work? I totally get the feeling of wanting to put your best face forward! :)

  4. Exes always pop up at the absolute weirdest times. Also, I would not be able to sleep with a python LOOSE in my home. Just no.

  5. Dear god a missing snake?? A freaking python at that? And everyone is all normal about this???? haha sorry Im flummoxed! I hope your finger heals soon!

  6. my only ex that i've remained friends with sometimes pops up on FB to catch up on my life and then will disappear for another year. I refuse to ask him about his baby. I will talk about his wife, but I feel like he wants me to ask and I'm not really interested, so I just don't. #sorrynotsorry

  7. finger wraps is the name of my new fictional band! hehe.
    i am so hungry reading this post!!

  8. when i started dating my now husband, he showed me his pet king scorpion. i told him: THAT MOFO BETTER NOT ESCAPE his aquarium otherwise i'm outta here!

    thanks for linking up! [you can linkup with anything, darling :) ]
    Vodka and Soda

  9. Exes are so weird...they show up at the most random times ever! Like, what are you thinking, sir??

  10. i say rock some hella huge sunglasses in the morning and do your makeup like you used to!
    and how weird is that about your ex? super creepy and odd. i had a dream about my ex the other night (teenage ex) and it was so awkward and weird, i would have told him but he's not on FB or anything.
    also I can't read about the snake. no thankyouverymuch.
    that korean beef - yum. it looks amazing and i want it now.

  11. I still cannot believe what you did to your finger, I have nightmares about that picture, no joke. And a missing snake! Yuck! That totally happened to me when I was a kid, we found a snake put it in a jar and somehow that little shit escaped in the middle of the night! never to be seen again!

  12. This van pool thing sounds cool! Also major jeals of your finger wrap. I had a white one from the hospital and it got all brown and nasty...oh god the worst, is when you think it's ready to come off and the air reaches the skin and just the air makes it hurt. UGH!!