September 03, 2014

Fall WISH know because I took an oath.

It has come to my attention that the Fall 2014 season is really cute this year. Lots of neutrals, lots of booties, and cute lounge pants. I love how I decided in August that as of September 1st I wouldn't be shopping for myself, you know since I went a little crazy during the summer. I think mainly I'm just a sucker for everything, because honestly what else would make me cave so hard every time I go shopping?

So even though on August 27, 2014 I initialed my coworkers calendar that I was saving every damn penny I own, I did secretly buy a few of the items below prior to Monday, the first.  But here is my wish list for Fall 2014, regardless of what I do/do not have:
 Wish List for Fall 2014


Ok, blush pink infinity scarf?? YES! I may get this. It's only $12.00 seriously. Give me the okay!

We all know I have the purse already.

I bought the grey and white plaid button down in Old Navy and I'm still undecided about it.  It's so cute in person but they only had a size small and usually I'm an XS. It fits me, loosely.  Is that the style or should it be more fitted?

The blush pink soft 3/4 sleeve tee? SO FREAKING SOFT. Yes I have this. I got it when I bought the plaid button down.

I love this cardigan, and if I was rich, I would get it.  But since I'm not and I'm on a budget, I found something very similar in my good old pal Marshall's closet. I believe it was Lucky Brand and wool material.

Those riding boots.  I saw those last season on and I'm seeing them again this year.  I really really like the combo of black and brown leather.  I do actually wear black and brown together often, and don't believe that this is against "clothing rules" to match them.  These are really cute and I like the little straps at the bottom.

Target Booties. MUST HAVE THESE.  I never had a short heel bootie before and these would be so cute with my sweaters and skinny jeans!

Tan infinity scarf.  I don't know when I jumped on the infinity bandwagon but I have.  At first, I was so seriously confused how to style these scarves but now I just think they are so easy and I wear scarves usually every day once the weather gets cooler. I like this color because it's so versatile.

The slim jogging pants from Target.  I think these pants will be the next "Philip Lim 2.0 for Target bag" mad rush to have.  Yup, I jumped on the bandwagon train again and snagged myself the Heather Blue and Heather Grey. They are really soft.  Time will tell how long they last with washing!

And lastly, Citizen of Humanity skinny jeans.  I've been in the market for a new, good quality pair of jeans.  I just tossed a few that were not looking the greatest anymore.  I have a gift card to a high end shopping mall in Jersey that I can most likely find these at. So technically I wouldn't be spending any money on them :)

What's on your fall wish list?  (<--yes I just went there and ended my post with a stupid Question).


  1. I just bought a new plaid 3/4 sleeve shirt yesterday, though the colors are more "fall"- like hunter green. Are those DSW boots only $70?! I thought they were way more! I actually have a gift card for there- might have to check them out! I love that chunky cardigan- looks so cozy. I don't have a wishlist, but if I did, it would have new boots because my ones from last year are basically falling apart. Is it bad to end with a question? I almost always do!

  2. great minds think alike - my post on this is going up tomorrow haha!! But I totally forgot about lounge pants!! They look so comfortable and I really want to wear this trend - but not sure I could pull it off lol!! Also those Mossimo booties are amazing!! I'm probably going to buy now!

  3. I love all of these. I am happy that the trend is cozy attire because I'd be dressing cozy no matter what :) I am a huge scarf fan and only have a few infinity scarves but would like to get more. Also really digging those lounge pants but have no idea on how to wear them outside the house.

  4. I need booties so bad. I have riding boots, and I was looking into maybe some comfy fake ugg boots lol (cause I can't bring myself to buy real ones), because my old ones broke :/ I love that cardigan! x

  5. All of those are a yes! I love that scarf... it can be put in the "need" section, as opposed as "want", so I think you're ok!

  6. Yup, I love it all. I'm all about my scarves, I wear them in summer and winter, the perfect accessory. Great picks!

  7. I'm obsessed with infinity scarves too!

  8. I love all of these! Especially that bag and the scarves. I can't wait for scarf weather!!!

  9. Put those Target booties on my wish list too, please :)

  10. I'm a bad influence and all I'm going to say is I give you the green light to purchase these items :)
    Don't you just love me?

  11. ok, i need it all. the booties, the scarf and that cardi. love! i am not shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc this month. Books do not count! lol. but yeah i went crazy as well so needed to calm down!

  12. Ummmmmmm I absolutely love all your picks and they are affordable thanks so much for rounding these up! That blush scarf is amazing!

  13. LOVEEE that fall is here and that I get to bring out my boots and scarves!

    Showered With Design

  14. a cozy sweater vest and some combat boots!

  15. I agree. This is all super cute. Girl, get the scarf. Seriously. I need to be on a freeze soon. I just ordered $68 worth of Old Navy stuff this morning. BEFORE coffee. But seriously, fall stuff is beyond adorable, how do you resist?! Plus, if it's coming from Marshall's or TJM, it's a steal. (just in case I came up no reply)