September 26, 2014


It has been WAY too long that I've linked up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

I haven't had many "favorites" lately, but I'm in a particularly good mood today so let's see what I have lined up here.

Current Favorite Song: Walk The Moon "Shut Up and Dance"

Favorite Recipe:

Easy Oven Fajitas via Budget Bytes

Favorite Workout

Ha, does shopping count??? How about carrying my huge ass purse in and out of the van? Or maybe eating sour cream and onion potato chips on the couch watching Beverly Hills, 90210?

Favorite Purchase: This H&M Shirt and Jeans

Favorite Funnies:

Because every time I go to the food store, there is always THAT PERSON that just hangs in the middle of the aisle and leaves their cart...and they are nowhere to be found.  Or that person that doesn't know what they want and they stand and hmm and haw over the eleventy billion tomato sauce options. We need these. 


  1. Oh my gosh I was obsessed with watching 90210 - such a great show!! I wish I still had the channel that it comes on - or maybe netflix has your new shirt!! happy friday dear!

  2. that H&M shirt is so freaking cute, stop being so adorable and put together. and yes please can we make supermarket aisles like that?! although by judging how some people drive, it probably wouldnt help

  3. bitches who hog the entire aisle? if they don't respond after i say "excuse me", i ram their shit out of the way #notevensorry.

  4. That shirt is awesome. Love me some elbow patches! And they really do need to make some lanes in supermarkets- people parking their carts in the middle of the damn aisle and reaching all over the place- drives me nuts! Also, Budget Bytes has not failed me once- love her stuff!

  5. That fajita recipe looks amazing! Also I hate when people park their carts in front of things I need (like where all the lettuce is) and then just abandon their cart, or worse stand in front of the think that I need forever while they take their sweet time picking something out!

    Also I'm currently "working out" by watching the new 90210. Just started season 3.

  6. Dude... don't even get me STARTED on grocery store etiquette! OR LACK THEREOF!

  7. We should somehow be funding this grocery store thing, it would be golden, and save me from going to jail from becoming irate because all I wanted was a can of corn but you decided to park your cart in the middle of the isle. I want that shirt, I need it!

  8. i love the way you styled that shirt. adorable! shopping is allllways a great workout. especially if you're using a basket versus a cart. hey, biceps!

  9. ha! i love your ideas for a workout. i could def watch 90210 on a binge!

  10. That shit is the cutest!! Also, just yes to the funny!

  11. YES! All supermarkets should have designated lanes. People get crazy in there sometimes!

  12. Girl you crack me up!!!! I have both hand raised over here to yes for grocery store lanes!!!!!

    1. p.s they got rid of the soap network at my house.....booooo no more reruns of 90210!

  13. That outfit....dying! Love it! Need it!!

    And I must try that recipe!