September 19, 2014

Things I am Not:

Copying VAL today, my FORMER friend. She told everyone she wasn't a cat person. Like really? How could you not like them. Okay, so a lot of people don't like cats, but how could you not like THESE TWO FREAKING CUTE BALLS OF FUR:

You can't not like them. It's as simple as that. Oh my gosh, let's talk about #Throwbackthursday (editor's note: I started this on Thursday and it is now Friday) in that picture up there. They are so tiny, and that rug? Ew. That's when I had a "red and brown" theme throughout the house because it was gender neutral decor. Now I threw the "neutral" out the door and while it may be a tad on the feminine side, Mike isn't complaining, so yeah.

Anyway, moving on to things I'm NOT:

Organized: Oh I sure like to fool everyone with cute instagram photos of my desk, home office, and bedroom decor. I wish you could see it now, live. Ha. Not a pretty site. Although I will say since getting a real dresser, my clothes have been more organized than they usually are.
Left: Very cute desk accessories that just scream "Cute! Use me!" and on the Right: a bag of empty potato chips, scattered papers and pens all over my desk. Yup. 100% of the time my desk looks like this.

A Saver*: Need I rehash what went down the month of August and September? Crazy ass shopping hauls, that's what. *Although I feel inclined to tell you that I have a bi-weekly savings plan in place though. 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Lover: I swear if you ever mention anything PSL-related on this blog, you will be banned.

Football Fanatic, seriously give me Women's Olympic Gymnastic and Figure Skating and let's call it a day.

A  Hater of Dancing With The Stars from here on out referred to as DWTS.  Could "Mona", Janel Parrish be any cuter?

A Morning Person: I missed the van today. Ok, but I had a reason to, I'm going to a Yankee Game tonight. But I was late to work. AKA I'm not a morning person. I need this shirt:
source, only 23.99!
"Not grossed out" (which means I am) by my 6 layer deep cut on my finger. I can see the rings. Because my skin is dried out and all nasty.

Patient. I ordered my Macbook Air  on the 16th and it won't be ready for pick up till the 25th. A week and 2 days is WAY too long to make me wait. Another reason I am not patient. I am about to book my next vacation for NEXT SUMMER (in JUNE) right now.


Good at makeup. Can someone come be my makeup artist? I'll pay you. :)

Calm: My road rage was out of control yesterday driving into the city for the Yankee game (remember, it's Friday) and I wasn't even the driver!

Content: I love change. If I could, I would put together a collage of my hair over the last two years. I think it has changed about 10 times. But honestly, just scroll through my instagram because I am way too lazy.  My home decor has changed at least 3 times in the past couple of years.

And I think I'll end it there for now.  I really have to get around to linking up with Amanda and favorites, but I haven't gotten anything good lately!!!


I'm crossing my fingers that there will be sunshine on Saturday morning so I can take bedroom pictures! I need help with decor (so strange). 


  1. Man I am not a saver either! I am on a budget ut just spent $65 at Sephora and $108 at Ulta ahhh I can't help myself, I neeeeeed stuff

  2. It's posts like this that make me wish you lived closer to me!! You crack me up!

  3. I love this! I have a hard time saving too! Also I get road rage so bad now that I live in the city! It's bad. I drop mother f-er at least half a dozen times on the way into work!

  4. Yuck to ALL pumpkin flavored thangs! But, I do love the SMELL!

  5. ugh, you know how i feel about PSL (it's a piece of shit) but i'm going to try my hand at pumkin butter which i heard is the shizzat!

  6. Love this!! I am TERRIBLE at saving money too!

  7. I am so not a saver, but my husband is the ultimate saver. He has a spreadsheet and inputs every single receipt into it each month....and it has graphs!!

  8. how can people not be cat people?! gah. i am pretty bad at saving but i am getting better - and yay for getting rid of gender neutral decor haha :)

  9. I want to hear more about this bi-weekly savings plan. I suck at saving, especially when on vacation. And I'm not organized either- my room has looked like a tornado swept through it for over a week. It's this damn weather- can't make up its mind!

  10. GIRL, don't hate on us cat haters, errr I mean...... :)
    Umm, I want those cute clear containers you have in your office instagram photo. TELL ME NOWWWWW