September 05, 2014

calling all makeup gurus!

Hello friends + happy friday!  we made it through our week back to work after Labor Day.  Just wait till next week, a full 5 days. UGH. Anyway, I know it's still summer and all but I'm fixing to change up my make up routine for the upcoming season. A few months ago, I asked for your help on summer make up and primers... now I'm looking for help with the Fall routine!

So let's look at my current routine.
Summer Make Up

So there you have it. Very simple, but it's time to move on! I'm almost done with my BB cream and want to finish it up before the Fall hits us. Lately, I've been all flakes galore so I'm hesitant to wear foundation but I need coverage! I only use a tad of the Bare Minerals foundation to fill in what the BB cream missed, but sometimes, perhaps I'm going to overboard, or it's the brush, or maybe it's just really me. But it's leaving residue on my forehead and I'm getting pissed. I don't really know how to use the different types of brushes, and I definately don't follow the 'less is more' rule. I need to change this. So yesterday, Amanda suggested the Bare Minerals Exfoliating cleanser to help with the flakes. But Valerie, over the summer, had suggested the Philosphy brand Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. Ahh, decisions, decisions!  What kind of exfoliator do you use?  Do you use it on the daily or only a few times a week?

So, I've been using ELF tone-correcting primer (the green one) but I'm finding that I'm running out QUICK.  It's only $6.99 so there really probably isn't that much in it to begin with.  I love that it's so cheap, and it works pretty decently.  I have tried Magiclumi Primer but I'm not totally digging the shimmery finish it leaves on my skin. So help me out.  Primers, what is your go-to primer? I have to move on from Elf.  They did me well but I'm just not completely satisfied.

Foundation: Obviously I've been VERY satisfied with the Magic BB Cream. It really works great! But I'm getting pale now, my tan is non-existent. I need some more coverage.  Any suggestions?

How about this. Can someone just do a blog post on Fall Make up? That'd be great! But really, can someone please answer my questions in bold?? I have a coupon and points at Ulta to use that expire tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. i'm a junkie for youtube videos. all the gurus do fall makeup videos :)

  2. oh girl i have no idea, wish i could help. i was gonna try bb cream next - i used to use this maybelline tinted moisturiser stuff that they stopped making but of course it was the perfect coverage for me, boo. but yeah i second youtube videos, although it doesnt help the shopping addiction because i literally buy everything they tell me to haha

  3. I'm glad you asked this! Because I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, "Damn. I need to get a fall make up routine. I look a mess!"

  4. is that the Nars double pack bronzer blush, I love that stuff. I've actually never tried a BB cream, it's on my list though

  5. So my secret "scrub"/ exfoliator if you will is St. Ives - used it for years and use it every day and it's not harsh on the skin at all - love it!! As for primer - I'm actually really bad about using it, but when I do I use the Makeup forever primer - (sorry for the long link) but it's really light and airy as well!

  6. my routine doesn't change weather it's fall or summer....except i'm loving my tanned looks so i'll continue to spray the crap out of myself!

    i've heard a ton about makeup forever primer and how amazing it is.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I LOOOVE the elf primer. Elf doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.

  8. Soooo I'm a bit late on this but I thought I would share anyways :) I love all things Philosophy I use their mircoderm wash 2 times a week. I also use their primer and love it! My fav drugstore brand for foundation is Revlon nearly naked. It is a light coverage but does the trick! Not a makeup guru at all but wanted to share.

  9. I need a good primer Im going to check the Elf primer out!

  10. tell me more about your skin type, coverage level you want, any skin issues (you mentioned flaking) and I can help!