June 25, 2014

Confessions of a Pee-a-holic

I recently bought new undies from Target (shockingly) and I love them.  I got the Xhilaration and Gilligan & O'Malley brands.  Some of the Xhilaration ones are total garbage, and then some, like these are just awesome. They are so soft and I give them snaps for being way better than any of that Victoria's Secret over priced shit (that falls apart after two washes).  Anyway, so right now I'm wearing the so-called "Hipsters" but they are one size too big, and just giving me a major wedgie. And the cotton isn't really pairing too well with the dress I'm wearing right now. So I'm rather frustrated but at least they are soft on my bum and that's what counts, right?

---what a nice way to start a blog post, talking about UNDERWEAR---

I seriously have issues when it comes to hair.  I think my hair has changed in about 5 different ways in the last year alone.  I'm currently in the phase of re-growing my hair out again, because I really miss the easiness of a pony tail. Don't get too worried though, I'm keeping it around shoulder length. I've come to the conclusion, and I know I've def said it on here before, I will never have that pinterest, celebrity, beautiful wavy long hair. Right now I'm really reallllly tempted to try the ombre (I still love it), but I'm worried it will look stupid on short hair. What do you think? Please answer in the comments below!! I value everyone's opinion.
short hair ombre
All pictures have been found via Pinterest.
I didn't go to the gym Monday or yesterday. I'm upset with myself but my legs were sore as hell from my run Sunday night and doing the TIU bikini series workouts. I will work out today.

I have two watches (gold and tortoise shell) that are no-namers, and completely broken, but I still wear them anyway because they look good.

I have a $200 gift card to a mall burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas. Any suggestions on what to get? I also may have been putting off going to said-mall because A) I have to pay a toll to get there, B) it's only convenient to go straight from work and C) someone was MURDERED there during Christmas time. Thanks boss. #imsuchawhineybitch

Why is it that some days when I have a 16oz coffee I don't have to pee and other day's I go every hour on the hour? Small bladder problems. Wah. If you haven't guessed, today is one of those days I'm getting great exercise walking across the damn building to get to the LR.

It's only been 5 days since a beautiful little peanut was born and I already miss her and need to see her.  I know I need to give her mommy & daddy space and time to enjoy these moments but I want to snuggle and pinch her cheeks! Oh, and I also have appointed myself as Isabella's Fairy Godmother.  I did after all learn to perform magic with Sabrina the Teenage Witch's Magic handbook.

Okay, now that I've gotten my funnies out of the way, here is a confession that I also want to hear everyone's thoughts, opinions and stories.

Like no joke, me and Michael are legit an old, married couple (after 2 years).  I'm so annoyed lately because we come home, sometimes eat together, and then he goes and watches TV in one room, and I, in the other (I can't help that my current obsession is Drop Dead Diva and I happen to love my living room set up).  So that goes on for 2 hours or so (we eat dinner by 7 because we both work far from home) and we are literally exhausted. I go to bed between 9-930 and he stays up late, or goes to the gym.

I'm pissed off that marriage isn't like a fairy tale, or a movie. But am I wrong for constantly wishing I had a movie-like marriage?  Deep down I know that it's wrong to expect your marriage to be like a movie, I know this doesn't exist, but is it wrong to want it to?  For the record, Michael is my best friend, and we NEVER fight.  I know this is hard to believe, but with a smile like his, it's really hard to get angry, or stay mad at him! I try to pick fights because I'm a little snot like that and he just listens and smiles back at me, and it ultimately ends up becoming laughs. It's quite comical and frustrating all at the same time. But basically I just want to know that we aren't the only couple who ends up hanging out by ourselves during the week night.

Today I'm linking up with two favorites, Kathy and Liz! Thank you ladies, you both give us a reason to blog on Wednesdays :)

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  1. I think every girl wants their marriage to be like a fairy tale. Damn movies giving us high expectations!

    I'm totally loving the hair styles you picked out. I'm itching to do something again myself.

    And I'm the same way. I wear watches with dead batteries bc they are cute. Then completely forget they are dead until someone asks what time it is.

  2. Hey Lauren!! I find myself wishing my relationship was like a fairy tale sometimes too. Unfortunately, reality gives me a wake up call and its not. I am best friends with my boyfriend but sometimes I think us as women need more sometimes. Its ok and completely natural I think! :) An escape into a good comedy/romance movie does the trick for me sometimes. XOXO ;)


  3. If I looked as good as you with short hair, I would chop all of mine off! But I don't, I look like a chubby boy with short hair! I feel your pain with the small bladder! Same problem.

  4. I think you'd look crazy good with that first one far left!! Well I say you do some online shopping and use that gift card!! That way no mall and no toll! I think we all have that same notion of marriage...and during the week life just gets in the way...We commute half way to work together and try to go to the gym at the same time (not same gym) so if he wants to go in the AM, I will too so that we'll both be home for dinner! He also travels for work - so I try to squeeze other things in when he's out of town...I dont know if that made any sense lol!

  5. I've read some great relationship advice articles, and one of my favorite tips from them is to make regular dates. So, sure, there'll be plenty of nights that you're each tired and want to do your own thing, but if you have a "date night" planned then you both know you have to do something you both enjoy and you can have more of that together time. Or find shows that you want to watch together.

    I remember feeling the same way when my boyfriend and I settled into our current jobs and started getting more sedate. I actually like it now, though. Having time to myself keeps me sane!

  6. oh my gosh yes to the non fairytale marriage. my husband and i rarely eat dinner together because he gets up earlier than me and can't wait for me, which bugs the shit out of me, but whatever. most nights i'm on my laptop and he's on his computer, which are in the same room. i dont want the computer in the living room, but i know if i put it in the spare room we'd never see each other. but anyway. sometimes we watch a movie together or go for a walk, but our marriage is absolutely not like a movie. but that's ok. it only has to be like that sometimes, not all the time! date nights are a must :)
    oh, and you look amazing with short hair! it suits you really well, i think. i like how you have it in your instagram pic with the baby, so i take it that's recent! but the first two would look really cute too. but i can't blame you, i love a good ponytail!

  7. I just did ombre highlights on my short hair and it looks awesome! I say go for it!

  8. I figure if you are still sore from one workout its okay to be lax about the next!

  9. Love those haircuts! So adorable!! Also, I never really fight with my husband either...we just communicate with each other and talk it out rather than getting into a screaming match about things before it gets into a really nasty problem.

  10. My two favorites out of those hairstyles are the two on the right side. So cute, do it now! :)

    I agree with the above comment. A key point that I learned in pre-marital is to keep pursuing each other like you're still dating, meaning go no dates all the time...etc. It's normal to want your relationship to be like a fairytale, but in reality, it isn't, because Hollywood ruined our expectations. But having weekly date nights and intentional time together will hopefully change the way you feel :) BUT alone time is okay as well. I am currently training my husband to take my job at work, so I need all the alone time I can get since I'm with him all day! hahaha

  11. i think it's our expectations that kind of disappoint us when it comes to marriage. i remember when i was also about 2-3yrs into it, i was like why aren't we all hot and heavy and spontaneous and carting around the world doing worldly things?? shouldn't it be like that? but i think when you let go of a certain expectation of how you think it should be and sit back and understand it for what it really is, it's awesome. we've been married for nearly 10 years and there's a feeling of peace and comfort. it in no way means you're complacent, rather you understand that marriage is built on solid foundations of comfort, peace and love. that in itself is intimate which brings you closer as a couple.

    as for alone time, i need it once in a while. i'm like, get the hell out of my face and go do your thang! let me do my girl time in peace (which is obvs binge watching some show while doing my nails with a face mask)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Brian and I hang out around the house on the weeknights and weekends all the time! I love it :-)

  13. I will get kicked out of blogland for this but I don't really care for ombre. I just think it's something that's cute now but will look dated in photos. Then again, so will mint jeans and I still wear those :)

    It isn't wrong to wish for a more movie-like marriage but I think it stinks when you expect it. My husband and I carpool to work when possible and eat together and generally watch TV together in the evenings (or I blog or he reads or whatever). I don't wear a cute nightie and he doesn't sleep with a baseball bat to protect me in the night - we just do life together, and that's fine with me. Just know you aren't alone in your lack of picture perfection.

  14. I LOVE Drop Dead Diva, too. The top left is my favorite cut. In terms of marriage, I don't have the answer for you but I know it takes continual effort. Maybe surprise him one night with something sexy to bring back the spark or take turns planning a fun date night? XX


  15. I never stay mad at my fiance either! :)

    XO AJ
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