June 11, 2014

Humpty-Dumpty Confessions

So one thing I failed to mention in my weekend recap yesterday was that I read and finished The Fault in our Stars.  I bought it Friday afternoon and just finished it last night (Monday night).

Since it's Humpday confessions. . .

Vodka and Soda

I know this one is gonna get an uproar put on some people's shit lists but i just don't care...

but, I confess that I didn't think "The Fault in our Stars" was in the 'OH MY GOD, STOP WHAT YOUR DOING RIGHT NOW AND READ THIS BOOK' category. I'm sorry. It just wasn't.  I have read WAY better books.  With that said, I think the movie is going to be better.  Once it comes out in Redbox I will absolutely be renting it.  Because publicly crying is just not my thing.

P.S. I didn't cry reading the book.  But one of the major parts where I would have expected to, I was cycling at the gym so possibly I didn't want to look like an idiot.  Call me the devil but yeah, it just didn't wow me.

I confess that eating healthy sucks.  I miss my lay's potato chips and extra buttery popcorn. [editor's note: i ate lays potato chips last night]

I confess, that I really miss my long hair.  This humidity and short hair just isn't cutting it. And I really have some nerve to be complaining about humidity after the winter we had.  But confessions are for complaints right? For the most part?

Something I don't understand....why Essie's Bikini So Teeny is BLOWING up this summer? Wasn't it from like 2012? (p.s. i had to google that to pretend to be a know-it-all)

I'm getting really frustrated with people Craigslist. Because you know, I've been searching for a mountain bike and I've found so many good ones, at great prices, and by the time I email the owner, they are sold already. I emailed this man last night at 8pm and I still haven't received a response. HELLO, Is the bike available OR NOT? [editor's note again: apparently its sold because the ad is GONE]

Speaking of craigslist...I really liked the movie Craigslist Killer.  I know this was based on a true story, shame on me, but I love those Lifetime movies. You know what other one was good? The Perfect Husband (Starring former Clark Kent from Lois & Clark), and The Wrong Woman (starring Winnie Cooper).

I confess that I'd really like to kick Mother Nature's ass for blessing my face with 278 pimples...I don't know what's worst. Cystic acne on the chin that feels like a volcano ready to burst at any moment, or those stupid little shit pimps that can NEVER be popped because they are on weird meaty parts of your body (cheek, upper side above lip, your NECK, WHAT GIVES?!?!). Anyways, I'm hating her right now because again, pimples galore.

So, what else? I can't really think of anything at the moment. So this will have to do!



  1. Hey Lauren!! I HATE eating healthy!!! Its the worst!! And I saw that craiglists movie and ever since then I've never looked at human beings the same way again lol!! And I've been seeing that book pop up everywhere, but had a feeling it may have been alot of hype lol!! Great post Lauren!! XOXO


  2. You know me and Lifetime movies. I've seen all those!

    And I miss my long hair too, only because it's at this weird in between length and I'm not sure whether to grow it out or cut it again.

  3. I, too, read TFIOS (lazy FTW) at the gym. There were parts that I might have teared up at (or maybe the random levels were killing me?) but I didn't cry like everyone said I would. Maybe I just have a heart of stone, which is acceptable. I will watch the movie. I'm also planning on reading Finding Alaska by John Green. I like young adult books because they are easy to read and I don't have to think or decipher. I can just get lost and do my thang.

    AND cystic acne is of the devil.. I totally understand your pain.

  4. I am loving your editor's notes! Cracked me up.

    I started The Fault in Our Stars and have yet to finish it but I have a feeling I am going to fall into the same, non crying, category as you.

  5. OMG Craigslist Killer = so good!!!

    Also, I used to suffer my cystic acne and it is seriously the biggest pain in the ass and so painful! I feel your pain, sista.

  6. Love Lifetime movies? What is your favorite book? The Fault in Our Stars isn't my FAVORITE but its in the top ten I think for the moment anyways.

  7. I loved the book but Id never say it was my favourite. I didnt cry either but I cant lie I loved it!

  8. i'm with you - that book sucked. sorry everyone who is now unfollowing me, but that was a terrible book. i didn't even get past chapter 3 because it was bad. not even sorry i said that either; i've read WAY better books!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. eating healthy is hard, i mean there are so many yummy yummy treats so why would i choose healthy when i can choose yummy

  10. Is Bikini So Teeny a blue or green one??? I feel like I've been seeing it a lot lately, too!

  11. Mother Nature has been killing my face too, and the ones you can't get to to pop drive me insane! I think your short hair is adorable and it looks way more comfortable in this summer heat than mine!

  12. I purposely have not read The Fault in Our Stars because everyone said it was a tearjerker and I'm not a fan of books that make you cry, in general. So maybe now that you said you didn't cry, I will give it a try. Also, love the new button you made for Kathy!

  13. Totally agree with you on TFIOS! I think because it was so hyped up, I just expected too much. I did get a little misty but no full on crying and definitely not one of the best books I've read.

  14. I was going to type something but it's inspired a confession for tomorrow. Thanks.

    Cystic ance seems to only occur in the areas where you can do nothing about it (chin, under the nose, jaw line) and it hurts so freaking much.