June 05, 2014

If I were unattached

If I were unattached, what would I do?  More specifically, if I weren't married, had a mortgage, and two pets, what would I do?  I've thought about this so often lately.  And just because I think of this "often" doesn't mean I would change my life if I had a chance - - I would never.  I'm very happy with my husband, our home, and our two little fur-babies.

But anyway, I've thought about what I would do if I were unattached... here's my list.  I guess you could call this a bucket list, but an unobtainable bucket list since I am attached. Anyway, who cares? Here's my list!

1. Move to Tampa, FL. 
I've always wanted to live in Florida, and no not for Disneyworld.  I visited the University of Tampa in high school as my prospective college and fell in love at first sight. Is this not the most gorgeous Academic building ever? Anyway, I chickened out and went to a local university in NJ. 

2. Get a dog.
How could you not love a face like these?

3. Move to a Caribbean Island and become part of the Hotel Entertainment Staff.  Exercise and party all day long with people who are happy to be away from their lives?? Sign me up!! 

4. Buy any purses I wanted at any given time. Ok this sounds slightly ridiculous, but having a mortgage requires me not to frivolously buy things!  To have the ability to buy a $300 purse (i would never btw) would be great, if I didn't have to think about my cable bill, insurance, mortgage, water, gas, electric yadda yadda. So maybe I'll change purses to "ANYTHING". 

5. Try my hand at a random job I wish I could do now.  Photographer, Interior Designer.  You can't just up and quit your 9-5 to pursue a job career like these.  They are hard fields to get into, and stay in! and become known!  Props to anyone who has been able to follow their dreams and do this. I would never be able to in my current life.

6. Leave my job and work for a year with Habitat for Humanity.The Global Village volunteer program looks like such an amazing opportunity! I would be able to learn about the culture, and become part of the local community and participate in cultural activities. This particular trip would be one I'd look into.

7. I would visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

8. I would take surfing lessons in San Diego, CA. Who wouldn't want to have the skills [and body] of Kate Bosworth's character from Blue Crush?!

9. I would work at Google, Inc.
Seriously, I love Google.  It's my go to for everything.  I would love to be part of their company!

I'm going to end it there for now.  So what I gathered from this post, I need a career and location change! What are some things you would do if you were "unattached" i.e. single, without pets, without a mortgage, whatever!


  1. Yeah come to Tampa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pass that campus every day :)

  2. i'd travel all over the place and would probably move to a different city for a while. we travel a lot but it takes more planning when you have a family.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Hey Lauren!! Omg I think about that all the time! If I didn't have my 2 cats and/or boyfriend haha!! I swear this post could've been written by me I swear bc of all the reasons listed! Both my parents live in FL. and sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to live there. Also, I would probably make bold life choices.. changing a job, buying something, or just being able to up and leave as I please. That type of freedom is super exciting to thing about and I wish I could do that. I love taking planes and traveling so that's something I would looove to do too! I love this post!! HAGW girl!! ;D XO


  4. i agree with a lot of this. but #8, yessssssssssssss!!! i've been telling myself for the last 3 years i'm gonna take surfing lessons. here we are at summer again and i have no plans lined up to do so. hashtag lazy.

  5. OMG...can I come with you as you do all of these! (Other than maybe the dog one, Hemi's a handful as it is. LOL)