June 03, 2014

lean, mean cardio machine!

Oh hi friends, remember me? I have been pretty busy as of late, but nothing note worthy... hence my lack of posts! Seriously, what makes someone's jog around the neighborhood, or what they had for dinner, or what they bought at the store blog-post worthy anyway?  I don't know, I surely don't have the answer. But what I do know is us bloggers slurp those posts up like a cherry slush puppie and we keep coming back for more every time!

Maybe we all live vicariously through each other's online lives. I say "online lives" because we all know what we post is generally 75% fluff, 25% real.  (girl you know its true [milli vanilli song singing in my head!])

Sure we see that Sally went shopping and got this OH SO AMAZING price on this maxi dress, but what she failed to tell us was that she got the coupons in her email for $10 off of $50, and tried to print them at work, but the printer was broken so she resorted going to Staples to print something out. Followed by getting to the actual store and they didn't have the correct size so she went to the next closest Old Navy and the line was so freaking ridiculous so she put it back hoping to get it later on in the night.  She went back and it was sold out. So THEN she went to ANOTHER one JUST TO GET THIS DRESS because its OMIGOD SO CUTE and finally instagrammed the pic for all to see :)

Anyway, I really am not sure where I'm going with that one but I think the point I was trying to make was my life hasn't been all that fab lately, nothing bad, yet nothing spectacular so I didn't feel it was completely necessary to rope you into my blog with an alluring blog post title for nothing but fluff.

Speaking of blog post titles, I tried to come up with something creative....basically to let you all know that I've been a work-out-a-holic as of late and I'm not hating it.  I joined Planet Fitness mid-last week because they were having a sale through the 30th that only cost $10 for the join fee.  I don't really know the word exactly, but really they shouldn't be charging me anything at all...whatever, I really could careless about the $10. And as you know their membership fee per month is only $10 and it's just really super easy to get to from my house (where I live down the shore), I could ride my bike there but I don't have a bike chain lock so that probably wouldn't be a good idea.  Then again I have a beach cruiser with a basket, who in their right mind would steal that anyway.
So I know what you're thinking. Joining another gym? What happened to RWJ Fitness? Oh.. I'll answer that for you. I'm still a member.  And I'm finding it SO hard to get motivated to go there. They have a pool, classes included with membership, and just an all-around awesome facility. What the heck is wrong with me? Well, it's in my hometown where I stay with my parents. But I've been so anti-staying there lately because I just want to be in my own damn house, you know? Whatever, I'll go eventually.

In other news, my best friend always and forever is due with her baby in just a few short weeks! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by and I'm really excited for her and to meet her little babe. Look how cute she is, really...!  I would NEVER have the patience to update those chalk boards week-by-week with creative sayings.

So now that I've filled you in on all but two details in my life, how is your Tuesday so far?


  1. $10 to join a gym? HELL YES. our friend opened up a gym right around the corner from our house and it's only $25/month. even with that price, i'm tempted to sign up.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Planet Fitness is my fav. Maybe I will upgrade to blackcard so I can come work out with you this summer!!

  3. We need to live closer!!!! First of all, you had me at Milli Vanilli and then this... "Then again I have a beach cruiser with a basket, who in their right mind would steal that anyway." ME TOOOO!!!! Although I'm afraid someone will steal it... since I don't have a lock yet.

  4. How cute are those weekly pictures I love it! Totally looking fierce in that gym pic girl dang that is a great selfie mirror ;)

  5. Hey Lauren!! Oh my gosh you look fantastic!! :D I looove planet fitness! As you mentioned they are only $10 a month and you cant go wrong with that right?! I really need to go there more though, hello summer body lol! I love how you can ride your bike there too!! Keep up the amazing work Lauren!! XOXOXO


  6. bahahaha that whole dress thing -just to instagram it!- so true hahaha

    are you doing tone it up workouts? i go to Crunch and on the days i don't go, i do the TIU stuff at home. i've been a work-out-a-holic lately too, i work out 5-6 days a week. finally, a routine!

  7. I joined PF when they had a $10 special, too... only lasted one visit and then I cancelled - out of pure laziness! haha

  8. You are too cute even at the gym. Seriously...that's not fair. I look like a hot mess...always. lol