June 06, 2014

i will stay by you

It's Fridayyyy!!! I'm so so excited because this weekend I'm going to the Cape May Zoo so I can test out my semi-new Nikon D3200 dslr camera. I know I had practice in St. Lucia, but I can't wait to see some beautiful lions and tigers and bears, oh my! So since it's Friday that means it's time to link up with Amanda for:
Meet At The Barre

Friday Favorites <3

Friday Favorites <3 by klutzinhh

One. This bead necklace from Forever 21. I absolutely love it! It has little copper beads scattered randomly throughout the aqua ones (my favorite color) and brown accent balls (ha!) on the part where it clasps. So cute! Perfect to pair with a white cotton eyelet dress :)

Two. Loreal Magic BB cream in medium. OH MY GOD this is SO perfect for summer. Great coverage but light at the same time! And I'm pleased at the fact it actively feeds my face nutrients such as Vitamin C & E. Thank you Lindsey and Amanda for suggesting this makeup miracle to me!

Three: Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Tomato Soup.  I think I may have mentioned this on here before but oh. my. gosh. It tastes so good!! I love adding some Goldfish into it, or good old Keebler crackers. haha 

Four: The most perfect nude-ish color. Essie's "Natural Cotton". You need to be patient with this color though, you'll definitely need 2 coats, but I prefer three to get that perfect look. And it is streaky. So strikes against that but I have a pretty steady hand as you all have seen before, so I have no issues.  I'm open to similar suggestions though!

Five: FRUITS! It's almost summer and I can't stop eating nectarines!! 

Six: This song....TyDi featuring Dia Frampton "Stay". It's electronic-y with a countryish twist to it.  If you listen to it, I may be describing it wrong.  Maybe it's got a folky tune to it? Either way, this song rocks and thank you to BPM for playing it all the time!


  1. Love the necklace. IDK why but "FRUITS!" made my giggle. Althouh I do agre. Summer food is the best!

  2. Does Forever 21 not have the best, most affordable pieces?! Cute!!!

  3. I have Essie's Topless and Barefoot, and it's the same way! I love the color, but I feel like it should work better for the hefty price tag they put on it!

  4. Hey Lauren!!! OMG I saw that F21 Necklace and fell in love with it!! I think I may get it now lol! And I will definitely be looking into that BB Cream for sure!! Iv'e been on the hunt for one and I loved the foundation version!! Im sure I will love this one too!! And I want to try that Essie Polish too!! SO pretty! Great picks Lauren and Happy Friday my dear!! ;D XO


  5. Totally had that song for this linkup and then changed it at the last second! Great minds ;-)

    That necklace is from F21?? So pretty! I am always looking for the perfect nude nail and that one looks great! Thanks for linking up girl!

  6. I LOVE anything from Trader Joe's! I can't step near the place when I'm hungry haha. Added that song to my playlist too! :)

  7. F21 has the funnest accessories for cheap! that's such a great necklace :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Glad you like the BB cream!!!!!! (And thanks for the shout-out, too!) My favorite thing about it is that you don't FEEL like you're wearing makeup... a lot of other bb creams aren't like that - and to me, that's the point of a bb cream... to look good but not have a shit ton of stuff on your face! So light!

  9. I seriously need to get my butt to F21- they always have such cute accessories! And I think I may need to try that BB Cream. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm kinda over my current foundation routine and want to try something lightweight. Thanks for sharing!