June 04, 2014

Men, hold the door for a lady

Since it's already after lunchtime, it's highly likely that most have you have done your blogging for the day, so I'm already late to the confessions game that Kathy hosts...let's just jump in shall we.

I confess, that I get so so MAD, AGGRAVATED, PISSED, in a HUFFY puffy mood when a MAN doesn't hold a door for a WOMAN. It's common courtesy. What the F?

Story: Yesterday, I had my cross body bag on me, my travel bag (the black one seen here) stuffed to the brim, a tupperware container with my cell phone on top of it in my left hand, and in my right, juggling my water bottle, sunglasses and ID badge. This RUDE man was standing exactly to the right where I have to badge in...except he moved over to the left in front of the doors as soon as I swiped. So he moved to the left side of the doors, I had assumed he would of helped me but he stood there pretending to play on his phone till I literally STRUGGLED to open the doors...he then said "You got that?" and I had to kind of maneuver my way through the door, and I guess my big black bag socked him in the stomach, so much that he made an "oomph" noise. OOPS SERVES YOU RIGHT! I was so pissed I just yelled back "Sorry!" with that snotty girl attitude attached to it. Rude.

 I confess, that I think I'm cancelling my RWJ Fitness membership, even though I just told you yesterday I would keep it.  The devil inside me is saying "Keep it, it has an olympic pool! When will you ever get to swim in that again! You bought those bathing suits for that! And goggles, and a swim cap! They have yoga classes! It's only 1 tank of gas a month!" but The angel inside is reminding me that it's $37 a month which amounts to approximately $480 a year which can be put towards other things.

I confess that sometimes it's really hard to come up with these confessions!! How do you people have so many secrets to tell!

Oh, I got one.... our work is taking away our desk side garbage cans and giving us this mini-size garbage with lids that are no bigger than a freaking container of lysol wipes.  It's in an effort to save money. So with that said, I confess that if my boss tells me to empty her garbage I will quit on the spot.

The countdown to Vegas is on (52 days!) and I'm for once, happy and seeing some results in my legs from all the running and walking I've been doing. Oh, and I've been eating healthy too. What the hell has gotten into me! I only caved once and got Applebee's....let's get serious, a girl has got to have some snacks.

The red notification number in my apps on the iphone makes me crazy and it can never be there.  It's so taunting. I get really pissed when numbers I don't know call me and I refuse to answer, and it will stay there until I open up my phone just to view it to remove it. It's so frustrating.  Why do I get frustrated at something like that? I have issues, what can I say.

I recently read Stephanie's post about her trip to the Bahamas {Staniel Cay}, and now I want to go swim with pigs!

I confess, that I really don't think Ryan Gossling is all that hot.  I think we need a new stud on the confessions link up for the second half 2014, don't you think so Kathy!?

Vodka and Soda


  1. Hey Lauren!! Omg what douchebag!! How could he have not helped?? Loser much!! And do what feels right to you! If you really want to put that hard earned cash to other things than I say go for it!! Today my confessions was a snore fest but cant help but link up!! Love linking up lol! Great post Lauren! :D XO


  2. i only used ryans face because it seemed (at the time) that everyone loved him. i'm not a fan of him either; i prefer guys like ian somerhalder, antony starr or joe manginello. woof. maybe i'll change it if i find a good picture of either one of those.

    also - if your boss tells you to empty her garbage, tell her to do it herself! ain't nobody got time fo' dat!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. That is SUPER rude! What a jerk! And I am with you on saving and those damn notifications- so annoying!

  4. ughhhhh I am telling you Chivalry is dead and I can't stand it! Mark opens my car door every time we get in even if its like to the grocery store! I would have given that guy a piece of my mind!

  5. I would have hated that guy even if it was a woman. ANYONE should have helped you. WTF is wrong with people these days?!

  6. It's def hard to come up w/ confessions sometimes! Especially b/c I like mine to be super juicy! haha

  7. Wow that guy was so rude!! and ahh those red numbers drive me bananas!

  8. I'm with you on the door thing! Even if you were a guy, or it were another girl being the jerk, if someone sees a person juggling that much stuff, it's just common courtesy to help out with the door. That kind of stuff bugs me SO much.

    1. it makes me crazy. i wish i had the balls to say something to his face but instead i walked away mumbling down the hallway like an idiot!

  9. Omgggg what an a-hole for not helping you! Karma though! Haha. And I'm sooo jealous that you're going to Vegas!!! It seems like I'm the only person ever to have never been there lol.

  10. Ugh, some people are such assholes!!

    So jealous you are going to Vegas. I have been trying to plan a trip forever!

  11. a) VEGAS!!!!! I've never been so I'm super excited for you.
    b) Doors should be held. 'Nuff said. I hold the door for ANYONE behind, IDC if it's a guy or girl.
    c) Ryan Gosling is sooooooo NOT hot.
    d) I hate the notifications on the iPhone, yay Team Android. :)