May 21, 2014

humpday confessional

I know I just posted my recap from St. Lucia, but you know I have to link up for Humpday Confessions. It's really the best kind of link up!

Vodka and Soda

+I am somewhat ashamed that having my nails perfectly painted at all times is one of my biggest priorities. And how upset I get when I get the slightest smudge, chip, or piece of cat hair on them when they are still wet. It really can ruin my day!

+I get really pissed when I hear new songs that are rip offs of old ones. Even I though I like this song, it still annoys me. There are others too but I'm too lazy to find/think of them.

+Speaking of music, I can't understand how I don't know all the lyrics to the most iconic party song ever, Livin' on a Prayer, but I memorized the entire lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire in just a couple days. Sorry Jon, I know you are shaking your head. I really do respect you as we both graduated from the same HS! (<-- true story!)  P.S. Billy, I'd be a perfect back up singer for you. Call me maybe?

+I think that I was born to be a nail salon painter. I really can paint a great french on both hands. See proof here:

+I get mildly frustrated when I have a major itch on my face after I just put on makeup + bronzer and it looks good.  I use a comb to take care of this problem. Ew.

+Peanut sleeps on my pillow every night. I love it but she takes up so much damn room.  But I'd rather have a sleepless night or a sore neck just to have her there. #crazycatlady

+When I see something whack as hell on FB or Instagram, I screen shot it and send it to my best friend questioning peoples' lives.

+I am so happy that it's spring but g-ddamn that freaking pollen makes me CRAZY. I just washed my car yesterday (stupid move) and this morning it looks like I drove through a forest of trees.

+I finished watching the 90210 series yesterday on Netflix. I cried like a friggen baby that it ended (and the ending wasn't even that great but I am glad Liam and Annie got engaged). Why must I cry so much when shows end?  You should have seen me at the end of HSM3....seriously. wow.

These are the things I just had to get out of my system. I feel so much better now! What are you confessing on this lovely humpday? Link up with Kathy so we can find out!


  1. please send me messages about crazy instagram posts. PLEASE. haha.
    Come paint my nails too! The second my manicure starts peeling off to the Mani place I go - you see I don't have time or patience to do them myself. Well wait...I have time. NOT patience.

  2. omfg i see that jazz on FB all the time and i laugh my ass off. why are people so dumb?!

    thanks for linking up :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Dang, I can't believe you did your nails yourself! They look AWESOME!

  4. Hey Lauren!!! Omg your nails looks amazing, wish I could do a french like that, lol! It drives me NUTS when I just do my makeup and I have an itch on my face, I thought I was the only one who had that problem, lol! I scratch gently but am always so worried about screwing it all up! And omg your cat Peanut is so cute!!! My cat Sabrina does the same thing and I swear to god I am the exact same way! I rather be sore or tired than not have her on my pillow! And don't even get me started with this pollen! IT IS INSANE!! Great post Lauren! ;D XO


  5. Will you come do my nails? Seriously!

  6. You are officially hired to be my personal manicurist. Seriously. I'm pretty good at a regular paint job but French? That's skill!