May 02, 2014

Left Lane Drivers

I'm one of them.  It's actually a habit for me.  I hate the middle lanes on highways because I feel like cars from both sides are always hugging the line (when they may not even be), and the far right (slow lane) you have to deal with slow drivers (obviously) and oncoming merging traffic.

So the left lane always feels the safest to me.  Until yesterday that is.

I was driving along on my way home and going the normal 65-70 mph with the flow of traffic.  All of a sudden the parkway comes to a complete stop. I'm talking people slamming on their breaks in every lane. I'm so thankful I had enough room in front of me that when I slammed (so hard) down on my breaks, I didn't hit the person in front of me...but I was literally an inch away. Unfortunately the person behind me wasn't so lucky.  I never felt such a jolt in my life.  He came at me so hard, he just was going too fast to stop in time. So there I was on the left lane during rush hour traffic in an accident, no where to go.  My car has the bluetooth over the radio system so I was so flustered I couldn't even figure out how to dial 911, so I was frantically searching for my phone in my purse.  I couldn't find it so I figured I'd get out and check on the guy if he was okay.  His airbag came out and his whole front end was completely smashed, probably it was totaled.  The fender was off, it was smoking, there was liquid coming out and the horn was blowing for about 15 minutes. I asked him if he was okay and all he could say to me was "What happened!" with this idiotic tone.  Now I fully and completely understand he was probably half dazed from being hit in the face with an airbag.  I've never gone through that so I cannot say that he wasn't okay or he was.  I'm sure if that happened to me it would knock me out, but that kind of answer just pissed me off and made me even more upset than I already was.  He was holding his head, slugging his feet walking around and personally it looked to be a little more dramatic than it should have been. 

Finally the fire department, EMS, and the State Troopers came. EMS cleared him and he didn't need to be taken away via ambulance. They took my statement and then his.  He looked pissed when he was telling the trooper what was going on, I saw his arms flailing all around. (I was watching this through my rear view window and side windows). I was just getting more and more upset because I felt personally neglected the entire time.  Only 1 man came over to me (fire fighter) to see how I was. I was fine, today I'm slightly sore but it's nothing to document.  Three separate people looked at my car and told me it was driveable.  FYI, it wasn't.  The muffler, exhaust, and pipes were all bent underneath and dragging on the ground.  I didn't get a tow at the scene but about 75 minutes later about 5 miles south of where the accident was.  It was such a horrible experience. 

So now, to make this wordy post shorter, I am without car, don't know the damage to the car (will find out Monday) and so upset. I've had my new car for a total of just shy of 2 months. I am thankful I was driving the SUV vs my old would have been completely smashed in the back if I was in it.

Life lesson: Slow down and don't be in a rush (although I wasn't necessarily in a rush)...and always leave extra room in front of you for situations like these. I'm glad I did. 

And remember, a car can always be fixed.

Happy Friday and thank god it's the weekend. 


  1. So glad you're okay!!!!!!!!
    And I would've been irritated at "What happened?!" too!!!!

  2. omfg that totally sucks! i'm so glad that you and everyone else was ok.

    being hit in the face with the airbag can be dangerous and it really does hut; it's comes out at a certain velocity while you're going towards it at the speed in which you were driving so he was likely disoriented because that thing probably hit him straight on and he wasn't expecting it. that shizz can actually break your nose! people act weird when they're stressed and it likely wasn't a knock at you when he shouted or was explaining things to the cop. some people freak the hell out during accidents; some people are calm.

    you are totally right - cars can be fixed! it's good that everyone walked away from the accident.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. OMG!! WOW!! Happy your OK and what an idiot! My b/f drives and I don't (too scared) Time after time we see these people who drive crazy and have no regard for others on the road. They speed, they leave no space front or back, and then THEY get mad at everyone else. Unbelievable! What a way to start the weekend. Anyways, again glad everyone's OK and hopefully you get your car back. What a disaster.. literally! :( Try to have a good weekend! Xx


  4. That's crazy! That stuff happens ALL the time here. It's kinda sad how everyone is always in such a hurry. So glad you're ok, though.

  5. That is crazy. You really never know what each day will bring. Such a sucky thing to go through! I would have been so irritated too, but at least you were able to put it into perspective - you are safe and a car can be fixed!

  6. Ahh, omg! I know exactly what you are talking about on the parkway. I am always afraid someone is going to rear end when the traffic randomly stops like that. I am glad you are okay though!!!

  7. Girl I am so glad to hear that you are okay!!!! My blood was boiling for you as I was reading this post! I got rear ended about a year ago. I was at a complete stop waiting for someone to cross a cross walk and a truck hit me going full speed. I'm sure he was looking down texting and looked up and was in my trunk before he knew it. He had the audacity to get out and yell at me asking me why I was stopped?!?!? Mark is a lawyer and deals with those kinds of accidents. That guy better thank his lucky stars I wasn't hurt and my car was fixed because if the tables were turned you know he would be trying to sue me for all his "injuries". You are 100% right cars are fixable but definitely aggravating! Glad to hear you're safe!

  8. He will likely be more at fault for not leaving enough room. I have between in this exact type of accident, only mine ended with lawyers. I'm glad you are okay and didn't hit anyone yourself!