October 28, 2014

DIY Ariel Costume: The result

So you all know I had a Halloween Party Saturday night. I apologize for the crazy amount of instagram uploads...what can I say, I was really excited to share pictures! Most of these the majority of you have seen, but if you are not following me on instagram, here are some below!

Let's just take a moment to look at how perfectly that tank top blends into my body. Where the hell did my tan go? If it isn't obvious, I clearly hibernate from September through June. Isn't Rachel's Minnie costume perfect? Her mom MADE IT (the skirt and mouse ears). I think I need to hit up her crafting skills to get a pair of ears prior to my trip in November! Do people actually wear the mouse ears around the parks all day long?!?

First time ever wearing false eyelashes. I actually put them on myself. Holy moly they are amazing! But I don't know how people wear these everyday?? These were from Target, ELF brand, and only ONE DOLLAR. Wow, my teeth are looking pretty white! Must be that new toothpaste regimen that blogger sucked me into.


This photo comes along with the caption, "Do something mermaidy!" Really?!?! They wanted me to do this in a picture, but I settled for pretend fins on my ottoman.

I'm honestly so so thrilled with the outcome of my DIY costume.  This is by far my best work. I didn't know if I'd look silly without fins, but those $3.00 leggings from Target were perfect. I couldn't have imagined this costume any better than this.  Well, I should have had Sebastian on my other side, but I didn't feel like digging through my Christmas ornaments to find him (I have the Sebastian ornament from McDonald's from the 90s).  Isn't that Flounder SO adorable!!?!? AHH I LOVE THIS COSTUME!.  My wig was a big pain in my ass. It was too big for my head and kept slipping backwards, which is why my bangs look so odd in my "mermaidy" photo. Ah whatever. It was an $11 dollar wig. Who cares!

And bad blogger of me, I didn't take one single photo of my decor. Maybe I'll have to take some later on because I had some cute things out!

Verdict on these: You need an icing bag and you need an icing tip.  Ziploc and a hole at the bottom doesn't cut it. Also, 1 cup sugar to 4 egg whites = TOO SWEET. Either make it 1/2 cup sugar, or add more egg whites.  Even though they don't look like those from the recipe, they still look adorable!

The party turned out to be a real success.  Everyone had a good time, and that is all I was really hoping would happen.  I kept referring it as a "gathering" because let's be real, I'm not one for parties too much anyway! We played Guesstures, Disney Scene It!, and Apples to Apples.  It was a quarter to one by the time everyone left! I actually wasn't even tired. But I'll tell you, I had a wicked hangover the next morning.  The sign of a great night.


  1. You nailed the cosutume!! It looks amazing and glad to hear your party was a success!

  2. Your costume looked AMAZING!!! Those little ghosts are so neat!

    And yes...they do wear those ears all day! Adults and kids alike!

  3. LOVE the costume, especially Flounder! Too cute! Looks like a great time!

  4. aw so glad your party turned out awesome - i am in love with your costume - i might do it one year! the flounder is adorable, and boo about your wig! that minnie costume is cute as well and yes people totally wear the mouse ears all day!! they gave me a headache though, i might have a big head :)

  5. You looked so freaking cute! I love the costume!

  6. Cutest costume ever! You completely nailed it!

    Michael @ CrazyTragic{almost}Magic

  7. You're a natural redhead! ;)
    You should wear that wig more often! hahaha

  8. Just saw your comment over at Katie's blog and popped over! So glad I did.... any Disney fan is a friend of mine! Your costume looks awesome and YES people wear ears in the parks all day long. No age limit ;)

  9. I am super impressed girl and you basically fulfilled my childhood fantasy of being Ariel :-)