October 22, 2014

Failed It: Pinterest Edition

So like many of you, I have become obsessed with Pinterest and make sure to browse it on a daily basis...mainly my homefeed to see what everyone's pinning, but sometimes I actually explore some of the different subjects and find some good ideas. It's a rare occasion that I actually get around to doing the things on my board. But eventually, at some point, I do and it's either a complete success or a complete failure. That is the way with pinterest, there is no in between.  I'm going to share today the failed pins that I've attempted that have just come out like complete garbage.

1. Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Don't let these cute gourds fool you. They make look cute. But they are little shits. That rot in less than two weeks.  I was moving around my back room and picked one of the ones I painted (an ikat version with the same colors above) and it was all moldy!! I had to throw it out, I was extremely upset. So don't even bother painting them. They won't last.

2. DIY Skin Smoother
This really seemed like a good idea when I was reading it. The definition of this project in less than four words: Big Oily Mess.  In this tutorial, the person used a mason jar but I decided to use a different tutorial that had a more tempting photo that lured me in. I took my butt right to walmart to buy the exact salad dressing container for it, and got to work making this concoction. I was excited for all of 5 minutes until I went to use it. I shook it with all my might and yeah, it mixed the oil and sugar up, but ultimately, the sugar sat at the bottom, and I was left with a handful of olive oil in my hands and no "scrub". Don't waste your time and patience on this (going to walmart [you know that if you aren't in an out before 8am, don't even bother] and actually trying to use this "scrub").

3. Really cute knotted grey tshirt

Just no. If you aren't at least 5'7 and have a LONG torso, this look is not for you. Even if you are thin. There is no way in hell to successfully tie a cute little knot like that on the side without it riding up your ENTIRE TORSO. I tried this, with the maxi skirt and it was a big mess. I don't know if I needed a longer shirt, or a thinner material shirt. Bleh. Same thing goes for the cute knotted maxi skirt bottom. N. O. NO.

4. Butter Baking Trick

I have no words for this one. I saw this one day a long time ago and said "Holy crap, why didn't I think of this".  So I needed butter for a recipe one day, and let it get un-frozen and well I guess it just got too room temperaturey and it was a gooey mess. I got so frustrated I threw the grater in the sink.  Just stick to shoving it in the micro on half power for 2 minutes. 


LOL.  While this icing ACTUALLY tasted good, it was soooooooo sooooo messy and goopy, and watery and had NO consistency to it.  You literally could do nothing with it.  You try to make it all cute and airy on top of a cupcake? FORGET IT.  It was worse than making your own icing (confectioners sugar + milk). It was flat on top of the cupcakes and very messy. But I still say, it did have a good taste to it.

Tell me I'm not the only one who has failed pinterest projects. Tell me below!


  1. lol i'm terrified of making anything pinteresty because i know it will turn out horrible. i always thought the pumpkin thing was weird, i thought they would rot, so turns out they do, lol. i painted a dresser and turned it into a tv stand (like everyone else on pinterest). the paint chipped (the cats would sit in the bottom 'shelf' and they didnt use their claws or anything, they just lay there and the paint came up. weird, right?) and the tv left a big black mark on it, so weird - not sure what i did wrong with that one!

  2. So I actually don't paint any of my pumpkins but use spray paint instead and they actually last much longer!! I think it might be the chemicals in the paint that make them rot!

  3. Hahaha, love this! I've actually had fairly good luck with the projects I've tried. I wish I could find the sugar scrub I tried which worked well, but I can't. Ugh. As for the maxi dress, I'm short, but I did something similar with a button down shirt that I knotted in the front, then put a wide belt over it (so you couldnt see the knot) and it was really cute!

  4. Pinterest is gonna be the death of me because I tried one DIY and stressed myself out doing it to the point of no return. Nope, no more for me lol.

  5. Oh no! I just painted two of my pumpkins gold, crap now I need to watch for the moldy mess...dang it!! This is actually a great idea for a post, I feel like I have some pinterest fails of my own I could share... gotta love pinterest

  6. I've had several pinterest fails myself. I've just been too embarrassed to show them. lol

  7. i tried one pinterest DIY which involved a wooden 2x4, fabric and a staple gun. the idea was to build an art mantel thing for kayla's art work. however, buying fabric isn't easy when you don't know what the hell you're doing or how to measure things or what a foot is in inches etc. then when you finally do figure that shit out and try to adhere the fabric to the wood via staple gun, you nearly staple your goddamn fingers to the board and have a hell of a time trying to even depress the damn gun to make the staple come out.

    that's when you call in the big guns - your husband who somehow has a knack for creativity and is handy and knows what the f*ck he's doing when it comes to DIY and measurements and the likes of that. it's also when you can take credit for his work when people ooo and ahhhh at your amazing DIY project LOL

  8. Bahahah you crack me up!
    Those painted pumpkins are so cute and one day, I WILL MAKE THEM LOOK THAT GOOD.