October 06, 2014


This weekend was such a busy one! Friends/Family events on both days! To say I'm tired is an understatement. But I didn't want to be dramatic so "tired" it is.

Saturday was the weirdest weather. It was pouring all morning and early afternoon and I really thought I'd be spending the afternoon/evening camping with my rainboots.  I went to my husband's family party (campgrounds) and it actually dried up by the time we got there, and thankfully wasn't too wet, so rainboots were NOT needed.  I think I changed outfits about 3 times before settling on boyfriend jeans, a striped tank and (gag) running sneakers. I really was NOT dressed to impressed this time around.  Let's be real, when I go to these campfire parties, I like to look the part.  This weekend just wasn't having it.  It was rainy, then muggy, and then COOL.  I'm talking scarf at night cool. It was a long night.

Then on Sunday I celebrated baby Bella's blessing/welcoming party.  Her mother (my best friend, you know this so, Rachel) looked amazing. See below.  Of course I was badgered by her father that Bella needs a friend #embarassing! But I'm so used to it so it's not a big deal.  The picture below this is Rachel's sister, Bella (obviously) and me. 

My hair was NOT cooperating that day.  I had showered after the campfire Saturday night because I didn't want my bed to smell like it, and actually blew dry my hair. So I had figured sleeping on it overnight would be perfect for me to try and curl it. Oh my awfulness, it was the worst curl job I've done on my hair in quite some time.  May even qualify to be part of this post from a long time ago. Oh, want to talk about how pale I am, and it's only October? I'm shuddering at the thought what I will look like come January.  Not cool.  My skin is seriously so pale. It's terrible! 

So really my weekend was the two parties and that was about it! I did buy Neighbors on DVD so I watched that as well as the Other Woman with Mike Friday night.  Both funny movies and I love the relationship between Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. I'm happy that they became friends through their mutual cheater of a husband/boyfriend.  Very cute. I recommend it! Even Mike was laughing in it too, and I guess we can just go ahead and categorize that in "Chick Flick" movies. 

Yep, pretty boring in terms of blog material, but I got to show you how adorable Bella is, and my cute dress I got from Target! P.S. This was bought prior to my October 1st agreement to not spend any money :) I got myself covered. 

Ok, that's wrapping up the most lame blogpost I've ever written in awhile.

Weekending with B Loved Boston


  1. I love the dress you wore to the baby shower and I think your hair is totally cooperating!! I love the other woman as well - actually might need to re-watch it soon!! Happy Monday!

  2. I can't with Bella! She is so freaking cute!!

  3. a) hush up...you looked gorgeous Sunday! b) Bella is SO cute!

    I'm definitely going to be checking out those movies soon!

  4. Girl, you're trippin'. Your hair looks great in those photos. And I love your dress!

  5. Gorgeous dress!

  6. i saw The Other Woman as well and i was surprised that it wasn't bad!

  7. I still haven't seen the other woman. girl your hair looks fabulous, what you talkin about!! and your dress is amazing!