October 24, 2014

diy costume: Ariel

I've been waiting to share my tutorial (if you can even call it that) until my Halloween Party had passed so I could show you the Before (what you need), During (how to make it) and after (all dressed up) pictures...but I'm really anxious to share it so I'll just show the after pictures on Monday! Read on below to see what my Halloween Costume is and how I made it. I hope the finished product turns out how I want it to when I put it all on :)

Every year (okay so the past three years) I've been invited to some kind of Halloween extravaganza and need to wear a costume, or I wouldn't be allowed in.... rules set by my best friend Colleen! Two years ago I was a pinata (shared on Sophistifunk's blog), last year I was 50 Shades of Grey. I will be the first to admit that I found these ideas from Pinterest and I did not come up with them on my own.  It's hard figuring out Halloween costumes... I never really was one for dressing up, but with the demand of having to have a costume, I kind of just dealt with it.  I refuse to purchase a costume from a store. Back in the 80's and 90's when I was wearing them, it was a different story. They were inexpensive, and somewhat high-quality.  Nowadays, you go to Target looking for a Skeleton Costume and you get a piece of shit fabric that is not only see-through, but makes you worry if it will rip and you'll have your buns exposed.  Not to mention, the screen print on some of this fabric is complete crap. Seriously though, I went to Target and found a YOUTH skeleton COSTUME (so it should be more affordable vs adult) and I opened it up to be literally shocked. Just complete crap quality. Ever since I was a young one and saw the Karate Kid, I've wanted this costume so badly:

Buttttt, if you get the legitimate authentic (and what I hope is good quality) version of it, it will cost you anywhere from $50-$85 bones. hehehe pun intended. But it's borderline a boy costume (okay it is) and just not really that cool and creative.

So anyway, let's move on to my costume. I thought it would be fitting to be a Disney Princess since my trip is less than ONE MONTH AWAY OMG.  But let me back track for a minute, I originally had pinned a "Bubble Gum Machine" costume, to my SECRET board. Rachel comes over one weekend and we ran out to the store and I told her "oh I'm so excited, I got the main part for my costume in Forever 21." She replied, "Oh yeah? What did you buy there?"  I said, "A red skirt and nude tank top." She quickly responded, "Um, what are you being?" And right then and there, I knew it. We had the same costume in mind.  I told her a gumball machine and she literally jumped out of the car, we both started our high pitch screaming and yelling "oh my god! no way! you too! I pinned this on my secret board! no! I did too! look!" and yup, right there is a sign that we are best friends.  She had ordered her skirt from Amazon and since I bought in the store, I knew I could easily exchange mine for something else.  In came Disney trip, and I then remembered that Forever 21 had a Teal Skirt. I went back and that's just what I got.  So here's the tutorial:

DIY Ariel Costume (Modified Version aka no fins)

Teal or Green Skirt (Forever 21 has for $5.90)
Seashell Bra (here)
Nude Colored Tank Top (Forever 21 $1.80) (unless you are okay wearing just shells!!)
Red Wig (here)
Purple Paint (Michael's under $1.00)
Purple Glitter (here or in craft store)
Two Shades of Teal Ribbon (preferably sparkley) (here and similar here but with sparkle)
Glue Gun
Optional: Teal leggings (i'm always cold so I wore a pair from Target for $3.00 on clearance)

1. Heat up your glue gun

2. Start painting your seashell bra purple, Let Dry

3. While glue gun heating up and seashells drying, start cutting ribbon 3 inches each piece. I used two spools of the 1st lighter color, and 1 (larger) spool of the darker. (approximately 65 dark pieces and roughly the same for the lighter pieces). {This is based on my size, XS/SM} 

4. Start gluing each piece into a droplet form to make "scales" for your skirt. This will take a long time...but it's worth it!

5. Go back and paint a second coat of the purple paint on the seashell bra and let dry.

6. Start placing scales on skirt (do not glue yet) to get an idea of how many you will need across. (I had 12 scales across, and only did the front to avoid awkward sitting and less work)

7. Once you have the amount that you need, start hot gluing them on. Alternate each row so they are staggered. Eventually they end up lining up towards the top but that's okay! Tip: I glued the scales on from BOTTOM to TOP and glued the top row of scales on first.

8. When you are done gluing the scales, and you believe that your seashell bra's second coat of paint is dry, time to get out a brush or foam applicator and get that modge podge on.  Apply liberally. Then the fun part, start shaking that glitter on! I wanted the entire thing covered so really shake it on there. Obviously you'll want to have a piece of newspaper underneath to catch the extra, and to re-use.

9. Let everything sit and dry really well.

10. That's it!

Can't wait to share pictures from my party this weekend. I hope to grab some good photos! P.S. Peanut and Linus will be dressed up too!


  1. I'm beyond impressed!! I can't wait to see what it looks like on you!! I couldn't make a costume to save my life and I seriously am dreading a party I have to dress up for next Friday - can i just skip it?!

  2. I can't wait to see the after pictures!!

  3. costumes are ridiculously expensive and SO NOT WORTH IT! when i used to dress up, i always made mine. now that kayla is all into it, i make hers or borrow from cousins because ain't nobody got time to spend that kind of money!

  4. oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see the after pictures! I am being a classic witch because I've never really dressed up before, so I'm excited! I was going to buy it, but after I looked around I saw a lot of shit for too much money. A witch is pretty simple, thankfully, but some of the costumes are so overpriced for the crap they are!

  5. You're so creative! I like putting together my own costume too vs. buying it, but I never go so far as actually crafting because a) I wait until the last minute to decide on a costume ALWAYS and b) hello, lazy. But this is amazing and dare I say a little inspiring! Maybe I'll step up my game this year...

  6. Wow, you make it sound so easy! I'll admit I'm a Pinterest costume stalker- that's where I found last year's and this years (if I decide to go to a party). You're going to look awesome! Have a great time!

  7. uhhh you are killing me! I wanted to see the costume on! Can't wait to see the photos!! So cute!

  8. Love this! And saw the finished product and love that, too!

  9. love how this turned out!!! so cute.