November 15, 2013

Fridays - Fives & Favorites

[one]  Zedd Radio station on Pandora. One word: Amazing.  I haven't fast forwarded through any songs yet. Unlike what I do every time I play "Today's Hits".  They literally have 20 (sucky) songs that are on repeat. I found a few new tunes that I really like and even paid to download :)

Armin van Burren - Alone
Krewella - Lights and Thunder
Zedd - Lost at Sea
Porter Robinson - Language
Tegan and Sara - Closer (this isn't new to me but I just love the song)
One Republic - If I Lose Myself

[two]  I've finally hit that point where I've formed a habit....a habit of going to the gym.  Studies show that it can take three weeks to form a habit (really, there have been no clinical studies, but rather empirical evidence [based on experience]). Well, based on my experience, I have broken my habit of napping after work, and replaced it by going straight to the gym.  Overall, I feel much healthier, not because I am getting in shape by running, but I am sleeping much better, and eating less garbage (and have less of a desire to).  I am the queen of potato chips (Lay's Lightly Salted).  I got a turkey wrap with a side of chips at work, and I was full about 3/4 of the way through the wrap, and had no room for chips. What?! That's insane...there's ALWAYS room for jello chips. So basically, my body is rejecting any kind of shit I'm putting into it.  I'm okay with that.

[three] This video of how to eat a pomegranate.  I just bought one at the farmer's market and I'm excited to give this a go.   Seems fairly easy

[four]  My Aveeno positively radiant face wash and lotion. I am loving this stuff. It smells great and is making my skin much smoother (I really can see improvement with using it for about 2 weeks). In fact, I'm going to Target after work to buy the face scrub. Oh the signs you are getting old, when you get excited to buy face wash.

[five] My sister in law's twin sister had her baby yesterday. Baby Olivia (so cute). So, they are niece is already 1 year old (Natalie) and Olivia was just born two days ago. Look how SIMILAR they look as infants!!!  It will be really interesting to see how alike they look as Olivia grows up. I can't wait.

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  1. She is precious! I want to form a "GYM" habit so badly...not any habit...a gym or workout habit. hahaha enjoy your weekend!

  2. Awww they are so so adorable! Love your new design!

  3. ummm your playlist rocks my socks off. I had no idea you liked electronic?!?!

  4. Yay for getting back into the gym groove! I'm going to have try that face stuff. Mama needs something new before I start looking almost 80 instead of almost 30. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. Those babies are TOO CUTE! Love your new blog layout and that pic of you is so gorgeous. I'll have to try that Aveeno lotion because my face is so dry and patchy right now, I need a good moisturizer!

  6. i really need to jump on the wagon of your #2!
    also... I spy a new blog design!! love it! love that picture of you!!!

  7. love the blog design lady! i totally get excited about facewash too :)

    no room for chips? blasphemy!

  8. Love all of it. I need to start working out again. I swim every day in the summer and then the cold comes and I can't find a workout I enjoy as much.

  9. I need new gym music badly! I have been so bored with my pop/latino station lately. I may have to give this one a try! Also, I LOVE aveeno facewash!

  10. Your nieces are adorable! :)

    I get excited about face wash too ;)!!