November 13, 2013

personalized license plates?

This is not my car.  But I was sitting behind it at a traffic light on my way into work this morning.

But let's step back a minute...You know the drill: Wake up (usually on the wrong side of the bed), slump into the bathroom to fix that rat's nest of hair on your head, brush your teeth, slap on some face paint, pack your lunch and run out the door.

Well, that's the way for me at least.

A lot of times I wake up grouchy because I don't feel like leaving my cozy bed (especially being it's so cold outside!), driving an hour to work only to walk in dealing with stupid shit like changing my boss' printer cartridge or find that my computer doesn't want to load Microsoft Office properly.  Why am I (most of us) like that?  I mean, what is so damn hard in waking up and saying "Thank you, I get to spend another day on this [lovely <--yeah rite] earth" instead of  "OMFG LEAVE ME ALONE".  

This simple little personalized license plate shed some light in my life this morning.

I should be thankful that I wake up each morning as a healthy individual.  I am living. I have a husband. Two cats that LOVE ME (or I love them more), I have a job, and a means of transportation everyday, I can paint my nails any color I want (lol really, did I write that?), dress how I want, friends & family who are there for me... you know the list goes on and on.

In the words of Ferris Bueller:

Seriously, isn't that true though?

I really need to start living and less complaining. After all, LIFE IS GOOD.


  1. I LOVE this post! I especially love your reference to Ferris Bueller!

  2. And here I was writing a "Things That Piss Me Off" list. Oops. Definitely a great reminder to appreciate the good things!

  3. This is so true!! I need to try to remember this every morning...I HATE getting out of bed.

  4. Love is good and sometimes we just need to sit back and think of it like that. It's that easy! =)