November 12, 2013

No title necessary for a fabulous weekend

You know when you have one of those weekends where you never want it to end?  That was this weekend for me.  It started off with me cancelling on going out for drinks Friday night, but I had a good reason, I had a car appointment at the dealership which is 40 minutes away from where I currently live, at SEVEN THIRTY AM. What in sam's hell was I thinking when I made that appointment? Anyway, Friday was awesome because I watched the Hunger Games (for the 500th time) in preparation for November 22nd when Catching Fire comes out.

Am I the only one who is insanely excited for the movie?  I just loved Katniss and Peeta's relationship in the first book and I'm excited how they bring to life the hardships they deal with from the 2nd.  I'm excited for the costumes, especially during the chariot ride into the stadium.  I am about 3/4 of the way through the book (for the 2nd time as a refresher) and there are so many good parts that I completely forgot about.  I'm totally pumped.

So, with waking up at 6:30am, to be out the door by 6:45 for a stupid car appointment, comes great attitudes. ESPECIALLY when you hit every. single. traffic light on route 9 in Lakewood.  For those of you who are familiar with NJ and Lakewood, you know my frustrations.  There are no rules on this route 9, and it's not even like a highway in that town.  It's just annoying. And you are sure to hit every traffic light, especially when you're rushing.  So anyway, I made my way to the dealership, to get caught behind an extremely slow moving truck and non-volkswagen car going into the place.  I was extremely annoyed because they were pulling in the Mercedes driveway (which connects with the VW dealership) and so I swired around them and barreled into the parking lot Cruella DeVille style.

Of course this woman in the non-VW car is coming to the dealership for an appointment at 7:30am just like me.  I mean, what was she doing there anyway? Go home, you don't own a VW. So of course, me being all frazzled and huffy puffy that I was 3 minutes late caught behind grand-mama & the truck, I had an attitude. And it didn't help that the attendant at the front desk was like Mr. Egg from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.  I mean honestly, the man must of had like five expressos, he was way to peppy for that hour in the morning on a Saturday.  So me with my jerky attitude and Miss Caroline Sunshine waiting behind me, I was embarrassed as hell walking out after dropping off the car (and I'm sure they snickered about me saying something like "what a bad attitude! hardy har har!").

What do you do when you have a bad attitude and no coffee to lift your spirits? Go the the reservoir for a five mile run, that's what! OK, I totally had it planned because it's on the way to the I wish I could say I just up and decided to run, but I had gone ready in my gear.

I know you all saw and loved this pic on instagram :)  I'm totally excited that it took us 56 minutes to do the course. That's an 11 minute and some odd seconds mile.  For it being REALLY cold, and having not ran outside in ages, I'm totally impressed. But boy was I paying for it on Sunday!!! I could barely walk around the house, and going up and down the stairs? um. wasn't happening. I felt like I was ran over by a mac truck.

So Sunday, what do you think me and Mike did?? We went to another reservoir (more local to us) and walked/jogged/ran AGAIN. Except I could only last a little over 2 1/2 miles. But I was really excited because I wanted to show off my new outdoor running outfit. Bahaha so pathetic.  But I got these really cute fuzzy wuzzy was a bear leggings and an outerwear shirt/jacket half zip up thing and a cute little polkadot head band and let's just say I was looking and feeling the part.

We ended the weekend on a great note with a beef stew that I made Sunday after coming home from our run.  It wasn't as great as last time I made it and I think it's because I used "beef chuck" / stew meat vs actual steak pieces.  Next time I make it again I'll use the steak pieces because it really makes it so much tastier. Regardless, it was a simple and easy dinner and that's just what I love.

What wasn't so great was our Comcast cable box blew out (Mike insists on blaming me but I didn't touch it!) and we still have no cable on our good TV so I refused to watch Revenge and Sleepy Hollow.


  1. TOTALLY excited for Catching Fire! I keep saying I'm going to go back and re-read the book again but I'm running out of time. Good for you on your runs!

  2. Big fan of Mike's shirt!! Can't wait for Catching Fire!!

  3. I cannot wait for the movie! I plan on rereading the book as well. And you are totally inspiring me on your runs! I've been sick for the past few days but plan on hitting the pavement as soon as I'm better!

  4. I'll admit, I haven't read any of the Hunger Games series or seen the first movie. I'm way behind the times.

    I'm loving that you're kicking ass on your runs!!

    PS: I totally drive Cruella DeVille style when I'm made too! lol

  5. can not waaaaaaiiiittttttttt for Catching Fire!!!

  6. i wish i could run that much. running is so hard for me! i must be doing it wrong...
    also, this post rules because you brought in don't tell mom the babysitter's dead and you said fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. hahahaha

  7. Man I am hating this temperature drop and running outside it is killing me!! Your headband is cute though!! I need more big ones to keep my ears warm!! Also, so excited for catching fire!!

  8. Two runs on the same weekend, wow

  9. I am so excited for catching fire and I am reading the second book right now too!

  10. Miss Caroline Sunshine! hahahah!

    I am totally excited for Catching Fire too!!

    PS - tell Mike it's never the girl's fault.

  11. I can't wait for Catching Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1