October 30, 2013

it's long but I need your help!

You know when you just get so bored with something? That's how I felt with my hair, especially after I hadn't been 100% happy with the highlights my second time getting them.  I don't know if it was because it was highlights on top of existing highlights, the fact that she did them with more of a reddish undertone to them (NOT MY original girl) and the fact they turned brassy on the rather quick side, how quickly they grow out, I don't know, I just wasn't happy.  Wow was that totally a run-on sentence.  Anyway, I had an appointment set with my girl for the 30th (today) however after this past weekend I was this close (put your thumb and index finger really close together) to going to Target to get my hands on a box of hair dye.  I held out and didn't do it - - she would have strangled me.

I happened to be perusing on facebook (a daily morning ritual in bed on my cell phone), and saw she uploaded a status "back to work! excited!" and people were commenting.  So I [nonchalantly] added "are you booked solid today?? :) :)" and well what do you know I got a response saying that she had cancellations and to call the shop...so that is JUST WHAT I DID.  She was able to take me in a couple of hours and that was perfect because I  had just settled down to my cup of coffee.

I went in and told her I wanted to get rid of the highlights and she could tell they had turned brassy which I don't understand how it happened since they used the same colors as the first time, but whatever that doesn't matter any longer because I am a brunette again!  At first it was a shocker going from really light back to REALLY DARK (but isn't that always the way with brown hair dye?) and now I'm used to it again like I am me.  I do plan on going back in a couple of weeks to add some highlights (HA?) but they are a "different" type kind called "Balayage" sounds so fancy right? Who knows, we'll see. 

So of course I gave you all a pic on my instagram but here it is again, and I'm adding a new picture so you can see me today. Ha. Obviously my hair doesn't look as good as that freshly blown out look from the salon!

Damn I wish I knew how to give myself a salon blow out.

(i'm about to link to a LOT of products, but this is not a review - - I just need everyone's help!)

So another thing that's been bothering me  -- my makeup.  Fall is always that time of year when my skin gets all funky on me.  Speaking of funky, this spacing is totally funky. How did that happen? I copied the word "balayage" from the internet because I couldn't remember how to spell it so I guess that's what happened. Oh well - um yeah, so my skin.  Well, I tend to have a lot of blonde baby peach fuzz on my skin (i mean, who doesn't really).  And my skin sucks so badly.  It's either super dry or super oily. Totally a fail in my book. So I've been using the Simple moisturizer on my face and I feel like it just isn't cutting it.  I was using Olay Regenerist (in a circular container for like $25 a container) but that was making me feel too oily. So there's my first issue.  My second issue is my f ace primer.  I was using Bare Minerals - but I ran out.  So I looked on the internet for those make up bloggers/vloggers and watched a few tutorials. This one girl SWORE by the  Loreal Magic Lumi face primer (in "illuminator") so what did I do ? I went out and bought it. Um. It sucks.  It's SO GREASY, and my make up is still creasing at least 3-4 hours after applying it! Like at first I think I was lying to myself that I liked it because this girl looked so fabulous on her skin in the video but I'm trying to not lie to myself and I have come to the conclusion that it really is suck ass primer.  I mean, am I really going to have to go back to shelling out $30 for the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer? It was really that good.  Maybe if I stop getting chips and cheesesteak wraps at work for a month I can go get it. Maybe I will. 

Now that's the face moisturizing and priming issue. Onto the make up which I said I was going to talk about before.  I bought (about 2 years ago and have been using since) the Bare Minerals Get Started kit. For the past two years I've really enjoyed this kit- I did have to replace all of the items obviously except the brushes, and I got a different bronzer, the READY bronzer in color Skinny Dip  Well anyway, I've just been finding that my face is looking SO ORANGE lately and honestly what is up with that? Did I suddenly forget how to apply face makeup and bronzer? are my brushes too used? I mean help me people! are the shades too dark for my face? I honestly tried doing what this girl was doing on her vlog but I ended up looking crazy weird and I had this INSANE issue of make up neck. You know when you get a line across your neck and it isn't blended in properly? I can NOT get my make up to stay on my neck for the life of me.

So help me out here.  I have very pale skin but I can't rock the pale look like some girls can.  I feel like my pores are on the big(ger) side, my make up doesn't look right on me.  I am always feeling like I look like an oompa loompa...give me suggestions on moisturizers, primers, face make up (powder, pressed or liquid, i'm willing to try all!), types of brushes.... HELP!


  1. I'm interested to see what people suggest, bc I have the same problem!

  2. Alright I don't use bronzer, I can't figure it out, also my cheeks always have a tint of 'pink' to them don't know how they just do. Anyways I use right now Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm, I used to use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless as well and once I ran out of that I switched to Urban Decay just to try something different. I use that each morning except weekends unless I go out and I love it.

    I use Bare Minerals for my face make up as well, I have tried others but they get too cakey or it just looks BAD. I have stuck with Bare Minerals for face make up cause it doesn't look fake, or make my skin feel gross. For the brushes, have you cleaned them? Usually when my make up isn't going on like it should it means I have to clean them. I don't use a special cleaner, I use baby shampoo the one in the yellow bottle and warm water. I let them soak in that than rinse them off and dry them over night the face brushes usually take longer.

    That's all I think I can help you with, I don't ever use bronzer so I don't know how to solve that problem.♥

  3. I need a hair change too! I'm wanting a darker look, like yours. But I feel SO PALE and I feel like it would just wash me out.

  4. Omg I love your hair!! I need all the help I can get in the makeup department too...I think I am missing some kind of genetic coding.

  5. Okay here are my two cents. I'm way low key when it comes to makeup and I tend to have normal to drier skin, but I am extremely sensitive and therefore can't use a lot of products. I swear my Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion - morning & night. I happen to use redness reducing because of my mild rosacea but I am sure the regular stuff is the same. It's light enough it doesn't weigh my face down at all, but it definitely packs some moisture in there. The only all over primer I have ever used is ELF, which I bought purely because it was cheap (I think $3). Minus the fact my pump broke, I like it. Light weight but kept me from getting creases if I put on a full face of makeup, but not something I wear daily. Their eye primer is my favorite - $1 for a tube, I mean if you hate it you can't go wrong.

    I use Bare Minerals bronzer too, maybe a different tint could help? Go up to the lighter one for winter? I wash my brushes like once a month and it definitely makes a difference in them, so much "brown" water comes out of them. I just use shampoo to clean them then let them air dry. And my new favorite is Elf HD powder applied with a Bare Minerals brush. It sets my makeup in, and makes it look finished (like BM finishing veil) but for WAY less. And personally, I think it does a better job sticking around. But again, I am not super oil so it may be an entire different story for you.

    Also, loving the darkness again. I've had balayage before in my hair. If i am thinking of the correct time, it grew out super nicely without me having to worry about my roots or damaging my hair. Now I just have to figure out waht I want to do to my blah hair, lol I have my appointment in like 2 weeks.

  6. this awesome beauty youtuber has pale skin also, this is her foundation routine http://youtu.be/Co5wmbZPXqg

    and this is her full make up routine. http://youtu.be/mQ0K4iWZgaU


  7. Your hair looks so great- now I'm inspired!
    I am obsessed with my pale skin. Do not use a BB or CC cream (they made my skin break out big time)!
    I use Aveeno for cleanser and moisturizer and just started once a week Queen Helene's mint julep mask (super for tightening pores) and a toner (also to tighten pores). I just switched back to Bare Minerals for makeup.
    Physicians formula has some nice bronzers that work well with bare minerals IMO!

  8. I love your hair girl!! Looks awesome!

    I am super oily right now, and it is annoying the crap outta me! #girlprobs

  9. You are such a doll! Your post cracked me up. I am a brunette and constantly struggling with what color to do my hair (I have to cover gray!!!). I am a beauty blogger. But not here to promote my site. Let me know if you want to talk further about makeup ;)

  10. I LOVEEEE the hair! It looks wonderful!



  11. The hair looks great!!
    I have 0 experience with primer, though I should probably look into using it. However, I've been using a mixture of 1/2 pump Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer, which has SPF and says it evens out skin tone, with Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation (because I have a hard time finding a decent shade), and I don't use a brush, I just use my hand. I've been doing this for a while and really like the results- not greasy, and light coverage. I don't use bronzer either, but I've heard Rimmel and CoverGirl make a good one. I do use blush. I love Mac, as it lasts a long time, gives me a little shimmer, and stays put! Hope that helps!