October 08, 2013

No words.

Hi. Just checking in here.

So you are all expecting my office remodel on the blog as of Tuesday, October 1st.

It's now a week later and I have YET to take pictures.  Ok, I really have an excuse though.  We didn't exactly get a load of sunshine this weekend and I pretty much finished everything up Sunday morning.  I'm waiting on a print I ordered from Etsy to arrive, as well as this piece of furniture that is going to hide my kitty litter box.  Who wants to photograph  a beautiful room with a big ass kitty box in it? I know I could easily remove it, but let's be real, that just isn't realistic! So anyway, I ordered this fun piece that I think is going to fit in perfectly with the room and decor.  P.S. that was not included in my budget ;)

In other news, I've been officially notified that I STILL HAVE A JOB.  I'm not going to get into much detail other than the next two weeks are going to be purely miserable for me as my two co-workers have been "let go".  Their last day is the 21st.  It's very upsetting on all ends.

From their point: I'm new one, and I keep the job. (How is that fair?) And they have more experience. They no longer are working (aka are unemployed and have no source of income...but they really do [package]).

From my point: I worked my @$$ off for the last 2 years for my boss and have constantly excellent reviews & bonuses.  I know they were let go (via gossip) but they have not told me yet -- I think they assume I knew because I work for the boss (totally not the case), and let's just say they aren't exactly taking the high rode and are ignoring me (like I made this decision) and also yelling things like "I'm so pissed off about this" loud enough for me to hear.

From a business point of view, I am costing the company less money than they do. Fact.

It's a really awkward situation all around, but I can say that I am truly thankful that I still remain employed with good benefits.

I hope to be able to take office pics this weekend (but follow me on instagram @elemoh as I constantly upload "sneak peeks")

Oh, and in case you were dying to know, Linus is excellent at sleeping in a complete ball like this for hours.

See you guys soon :)


  1. I am glad you got to keep your job, but that sucks the other co-workers are acting like that. Keep your head up girl!

  2. yayy i'm glad they're keeping you!! and those reactions of those cry babies, way to be mature about it. welcome to reality ladies, shit happens.
    hi linus!!

  3. I'm so happy you still have your job! So crazy that they are being such drama queens about it though. There are much better ways to handle that situation!

  4. I hate that your coworkers are being bitches, but I'm so glad that you're still ok! They could have taken the high road and haven't. That's probably amongst the many reasons they decided to keep you on as well. People really do look at that stuff!

  5. Aww glad you still have a job but hate that they are acting that way!!

  6. so glad you still have a joberoo! Still sucks that the environment is the way it is. On another note - that kitty box thingy is cute and Mia would be content sleeping in a ball like that for hours too - though she is probably smaller than Linus.

  7. How awkward. I'm really happy for you that you got to keep your job, but your coworkers shouldn't be taking their job-loss out on you! You worked hard and you earned your spot there. Not cool for them to try to cut you down because of that!

  8. you're too funny. love how real you are!!! congrats on still having the big job. happy for you! and also still excited to see the future pics...! eeee! :) :)


  9. Ugh, that's rough. I hate to see people losing jobs and having a hard time, but like you said you have no control over the situation, and I'm very glad that you are able to keep your job!

    Oh, and I love that kitty litter box! I definitely want something like that someday- it looks so much nicer than a litter box!

  10. I know it's hard to see them go. I am happy for you that you will still have your job. Hope your having a great Wednesday!

  11. Looking forward to the office reveal!

    And you can't let the job situation stress you out. You didn't do anything but work your ass off and while it is super sad for them, you need to think about you sometimes!

  12. office drama is so dumb! Good things happen to those who WORK for it!! Good for you!