September 03, 2013

A few thoughts + September Goals

Why is blogging SO hard to do on your days off?  I woke up yesterday morning completely forgetting that it was Monday and for some ODD reason, the only thing on my mind was CLEANING.

Shocker right? Considering I'm the queen of messiness.

Although it was Labor Day, I did not partake in any LD festivities. Instead, Mike and I spent the entire day cleaning out our closets (we have two huge walk in closets; our room and the cats room <--- yes they have their own room).  Closets accumulate so much crap. I surely figured that out yesterday.  I'm excited because we got rid of a ton of clothes to make room for more hahah! to donate to Goodwill. It's always nice to know that somewhere, someone who truly needs them will be able to get them at little to no cost..instead of me, just having them waste away in my closet...especially when they are in good shape!

We also went through some our our old bills, but our shredder crapped out on us half way through.  It still had the power light on, but it stopped shredding. So strange.  I even opened it up and pushed all the paper down, and checked the inside and there didn't appear to be anything caught.  That was rather frustrating...which got me to thinking:


My goal for the month of September (besides getting back to the gym - - Amanda, are you starting the 30 in 30 link up again?) is to redo our 2nd Bedroom/Pretend office with no desk/Cat room/Waste of a good room.  It currently hosts our cat's potty area, ONE sports picture on the wall (not shown above), a "leather" futon, some hideous curtains (they matched the futon and were male/female friendly) and a standing lamp.  Yep.  Pretty bare, pretty ugly.

I'm giving myself $300 to put towards the room.  This does not include the purchase of a desk. I'm currently looking at this , this and this.  I've been pinning ideas like crazy.  Who here has good office inspiration? I'm looking for the girly, subtle theme.   The $300 will go towards: paint, curtains, a rug (if I can find one cheap), and any accessories.  I'm planning to DIY for a few different items.  I will check back in on the blog by October 1st.  That's a Tuesday, so there will be no excuses!   I'm going today to check our local thrift stores, the Dollar store, Christmas Tree Shoppe (Do you have this store by you?? P.S. They sell Mason Jars for under $1.00!!!) Homegoods and Marshalls.   I just love projects like this.

So I know I am on a "spending freeze" but this isn't EXACTLY ALL for me, right?  Mike needs to use the computer as much as I do. And that just means we need an actual place to sit at and do our work... because I read that having your laptop on your thighs is bad for men!!  Oh, which reminds me, I'm going to have to get a wireless mouse.  Does anyone know where I can find an Apple bluetooth mouse for really cheap? Ha. Guess my budget will now be $350.

Let's see how I do! I'm excited :)

So remember I told you all about my trip to AC? Ha, I didn't wear the dress that I bought..  it was so darn hot out on Friday!  I'm just going to return it.  I really love it, its a form fitting plain black dress, with an open back and some kind of twist or something.  I might kick myself for returning it, but if I go to AC again, I can just wear another black dress I already own.  It was $20, which is cheap but I mean, do I REALLY need it? Probably not.  And I can't return the shoes, well you know why because I didn't have a tag made up for them, I'm okay with that because they really are so adorable.  And we didn't even take pictures!?!!? Who does that? We even spent the night in Wildwood the following day.  The beach was RIDICULOUS.  Not a great place for someone who is two weeks post-LASIK.  I figured it would be on the "windier" side, but not like tornado winds!!! No joke, my towel kept blowing over, the chairs were flying all over the place, a little girl came running out of nowhere for her ball which blew away...the towel was COVERED in sand within 15 minutes of me cleaning it out. It ultimately resulted in me wrapping my head in a towel shaped like a turban and me saying numerous times "I'm miserable!"

Another  big thing I'm EXCITED about is TODAY!  Today is the day I'm guest posting on Kali's blog!!!  Click HERE to see what I think are 5 items for you to try to do before the end of Summer! And don't tell me Summer is over yet -- because it is NOT!  Summer will be over in exactly 19 days!


  1. ooh, good luck & have fun with the room makeover!!

  2. check out
    she's amazing at decor (and everything!) she was the first blog i ever started to follow, years ago. i love her decor so much. if you go to her MY HOME tab, she has all the different rooms to her old house and new house :)

  3. I can't wait to see your after! I need to makeover my guest room!

  4. I can't wait to see the afters. I just redid my 2nd bedroom "office" into a guest room, bc I never used it as an actual office. lol. And yes, I'm restarting 30 in 30 for September!

  5. Sounds like a fun project! Can't wait to see how it turns out, especially with the DIYs! And I loved your 5 things- the other great thing about kayaking/tubing is that because it's so late in the season, the water is much warmer!!

  6. Can't wait to see how the office turns out!!

  7. Such a great post and so funny! I can't wait to see your office makeover! (I'll hold you to it haha) I need to get rid of clothes tooo but I might sell them, to buy more fall ones ( I know you're in denial about fall )... Haha. Anyway, can't wait to see it!