August 30, 2013

i already broke my promise

I'm such a bad wife!

So Mike and I decided that I would be on a shopping/spending "freeze" per say, for the next few months. The reason being we have a few expenses coming up: new tires, 40,000 mile car check up, plumber, saving for a vacation in April, Christmas shopping, car insurance. So clearly I don't need to be going out and buying new clothes and nail polishes here and there. Why is this so difficult for me to adhere to?

 It all started with an upcoming trip to Atlantic City and Wildwood (THIS WEEKEND YA!). I was fully going on the intention of wearing something I already owned in my closet, for BOTH places. But of course, I've been staying at my parents since Sunday night and haven't been home. We are leaving tonight. After work. Which means, I will have ZERO time to pack. Grrrreat. Well, of course NOW I had a reason to stroll into Marhsall's. So, besides finding a dress for Atlantic City, I decided that it was necessary for me to have a "boardwalk strolling outfit" for Saturday. It was only $15.99 so I'm telling myself this is okay. I also came across the shoe aisle, I mean come on..its RIGHT THERE when you walk in the store. How could I not look? I found a pair of fancy schmancy black loafers with sparkles all over them. Edgy, but girlie. Cute but sophisticated. I NEEDED them! They will be perfect for fall, and unfortunately, they didn't have a price tag on them so now I'm just stuck with them. **cough: the girl asked me if i wanted a price tag, cough cough**

So there you have it. I made up excuses not once, or twice, but three times to go shopping.

I think I officially have a problem.

Can't wait to show you my looks next week. I'm really excited because my dress tonight is a plain black dress, with sleeves that go to above my elbow. But it's sort of out of my comfort zone, and I'm hoping I can pull it off.

What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? I don't think the weather's going to be all that great in New Jersey, so we'll probably just be hanging around and getting things done in the house. I decided to take off Tuesday to spend some time with Mike. I miss him (and Peanut & Linus too!).

Hope you all have a fabulous extended weekend! Next week (Tuesday the 3rd!) I'll be guest posting for Kali while she is gallivanting in the ocean in CANCUN! (jealous much?? yeah!). Be sure to be on the look out!!


  1. Those shoes are too cute! Have fun this weekend!!

  2. I LOVE those shoes! Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Those are awesome! Great find! Can't wait to see the new looks!