August 29, 2013

TBT, a note from "aka Ghetto booty"

June 14
hey! this year was the best. I'm so happy that we had classes 2gether and that we were as clsoe as we were last year. I had so much fun in Algebra class making fun of - "eh eh ehh" LOL. and Marielle (even though we are friends now) Don't forget Greg (how could you go out with him?!)  Marielle's greasy hair, Chelsea's laugh "eh eh ehhehh" (really, i repeated myself here!) and especially, "And one time at band camp." LOL! Never 4get that. I think I am a curse when I am at your house on Friday & Saturday nights while we were doing guard. LoL. I finally got that one part with the stick at my house! Dude. why is Samanatha always so busy? we have to call her like a week in advance if we want to hang out with her! hey. if shes to busy for us we could always call Diana! I love eating Fudge Bars! (great subject change Lauren) Yey. God-damn tennis sucked so much with you know who (2 people) grr. they really really suck! well I gotta get going now. Have a fun time at BAND CAMP. I'm looking forward to hearing the tales of Band Camp. LOL. Well thats about it for me talk to ya later. 
BFF +Always,
LYLAS,  (hahah YUPP LYLAS!!)
KIT: 123-4567- duh (house line hahahaha)
               821858585 - beeper LOL (hahahaha I made that up!)

and omg youre fucking hair looks fine! it's only a godamn gym class!
<3 ya
aka Ghetto booty.

"I Can Serve!" - most likely something we yelled during that tennis class.
p 88 - ski
p 84 - scott
p 85 - eric
p 35 - chris
p 73 - Abe - ooo with a heart. i don't even remember who the hell Abe was.
pg - 100 Bodak <3 <3 LOL bodak. hahahahaha
I <3 Bodak!

don't you just love reminiscing old high school yearbook notes? I'm not even sure what's the best part about this note. The made up beeper number consisting of my birthdate, or the 800 names of guys I had a crush on with the page numbers they were located on :)


  1. This is great! It reminds me of all the random notes in all my yearbooks & makes me want to go back and read them! :)

  2. haha "I love eating fudge bars!" omg I love this!! I was thinking of pulling out my yearbooks one day soon and seeing the hilarious stuff I am sure is inside!

  3. hilarious!!! when i go home to MA i'm gonna totally do this too. (all my yearbooks are back home)

  4. Haha! I love that you did this!!! I need to go check mine out!

  5. Too funny! I found mine last weekend along with note from friends stuck inside and was laughing so hard at some of the things we used to say/do.