August 14, 2013

How to dress for an interview!

So I'm going on my dreaded interview tomorrow.  I'm nervous, but I'm not.  I'm nervous, because any interview is intimidating. I'm not in the sense that I'm kind of just going with the attitude, "Whatever happens, will happen".  So there really is no point in stressing myself out over this. So, while that calm, cool, collected part of me is ready to take this on, the "eek!" part of me is worried about the stupid questions they are going to toss my way.  "Why should we hire you?", "Where do you see yourself in five years", these are ALL trick questions.  They always say there is no "wrong" answer, but let me tell you something.  There is always a right answer.  It's the answer that they are looking for.  And I'm not a mind reader, so I'm not really sure what that is.  I'm just hoping that I can go into them tomorrow, and have a conversation with the people. There's nothing worse than the spit-fire questions they throw at you.  And why is it so frowned upon to have your resume in front of you? Last time I checked, I don't *remember* all the tasks I did 7 years ago at that other job.  Whatever. Moving on.

So I just really love polyvore collages... [who doesn't?] so I decided to make one up for:

What to Wear to an Interview.

Interview by peanutprogram featuring button up shirts

So, at quick glance, pretty standard right?  You'd be surprised what some people wear to interviews.  I've had the pleasure of escorting DOCTORS to/from their interviews in my company and some of them show up just so sloppy, it's unreal.  This is basically a snap shot of my exact outfit for tomorrow.

[one] A suit. Obviously!  I bought mine back in 2010, from The Limited in a charcoal grey color.  It's quite beautiful, and I wish I had more reasons to wear it! (*the one pictured above is not my suit)

[two] A crisp, white, button down shirt.  If it was winter, there would be a long sleeved shirt, but it's hot, and I'm going to be walking from the parking lot to the building, I don't need any unidentified stenches coming from my underarms when I move my hands around while I talk.  I like this button down pictured above, mine is very similar.  I bought mine in New York and Company for a whopping $15.00 (super sale!). It's plain, but just has a hint of girlyness to it.

[three] Black pumps. Simple, not too flashy, and you can walk in them.  Ladies, do NOT wear heels that you can't walk in, to an interview! Even if you have to wear ugly kitten heels, you'd rather be safe, than sorry. I personally love these Nine West heels. High, but not too high, and like I mentioned before...I can walk comfortably in them!

[four] a Watch.  The beloved Michael Kors Parker Glitz watch.  I have different links on my watch, however this one is another beaut.  You would like to keep a "watch" (hardy har) on the timing of the interview....I would suggest a watch rather than your cell phone!

[five] a purse/tote. I have a very similar all leather Michael Kors tote I got around two years ago.  It was on sale for an awesome deal in Marshall's (I do very well in that store). It was the perfect bag.  I was able to have my personal belongings along with extra copies of my resume and a notepad for during the interview.

[six] a simple necklace.  I can NOT not wear a necklace.  This wishbone is the perfect hint of sparkle, yet doing it in a subtle way.  Also recommend a simple diamond stud necklace as well.  As much as I love my costume jewelry necklaces, interviews are not the place to be sporting them. Hopefully this little wishbone will bring me luck tomorrow!  The one I got was from Nordstroms, Nadri brand.  I believe it is sold out though.

What do you think of my selections? Anything you would change/add?  Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Love the look you put together.

  2. perfect! post a pic of your whole get up tomorrow :) :)
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks great! Good luck tomorrow! Just be yourself & they'll love you!

  4. It is so shocking what some people wear to interviews. I work in HR so I see some crazy outfits daily! One lady the other day showed up in a HOT pink suit. No lie.

    Best of luck!!!!!

  5. Love the MK! Gook luck with the interview tomorrow!

  6. Ah! I hope it went well! I know you nailed it!

  7. That outfit is classy and so perfect. Cute but converstive. Universally acceptable. But I have to ask... doctors? Dressing sloppy? Really?! Too bad an education can't provide common sense.